ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals 2024:- Get Up to 50% off Now!

ProtonMail is a well-known and secure email provider, and ProtonVPN profits from its cooperation. 

Although the two firms are legally distinct for security reasons, ProtonVPN continues to rely largely on current email technology and infrastructure.

Fans of ProtonMail, on the other hand, will be pleased to learn that ProtonVPN has a similar emphasis on security, confidentiality, and absolute secrecy.

Let’s look more about ProtonVPN black Friday VPN deals and the details of its deal.

ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals

Save up to 50% off on a 2-year Plan.

Save $ 72 on a Visionary Plan. The plan starts at just $ 24 per month.

Save $ 24 on Plus Plan. The plan starts at just $8 per month.

Save $ 12 on Basic Plan. No Code needed. The plan starts at $ 4 per month.

Pros and Cons of ProtonVPN


Excellent unlimited free plan

Apps are open source and secure

Great streaming support on a paid plan

Mobile apps very useful


Plus, plan a little expensive

No WireGuard integration

No live chat

Plans and Cost

ProtonVPN provides one of the most appealing free offerings of any company we’ve encountered. 

You may receive an ad-free service with no data logging and no bandwidth limitations without paying any. 

The only downfall is that you can only choose between servers in 3 nations.

Pricing for premium programs is a little more complicated. A basic plan costs $5 per month if paid monthly. 

However, it costs $4 per month if paid yearly and $3.29 per month if paid for two years. 

It includes P2P functionality, two simultaneous links, and access to ProtonVPN servers in any region, but just not the ‘Plus’ servers, which are optimized for streaming.


ProtonVPN has an early edge over the competition in that it is headquartered in the security-conscious Swiss canton of Zug. 

Switzerland is not a member of any intelligence-sharing alliances such as the 5 or 14 Eyes, is not a member of the EU, and guards its data with zeal.

The only data kept is your very last time, which is instantly rewritten the next time you connect. 

ProtonVPN’s no-logging claim is thorough, and it shows in practice — the only information stored in your very last date and time, which is instantly erased the next time you access.

You may use the company’s private ProtonMail as your email address when you join up, and you can purchase with PayPal or a credit card. 


Aside from anonymity, one of the most crucial elements of any VPN is connection speed, which may make or break a service. 

On a UK connection susceptible to 1Gbps speeds and a 600Mbps connection, we put ProtonVPN to the test. We used services like Ookla’s SpeedTest and to measure speeds.

ProtonVPN recorded OpenVPN rates of 300 to 310Mbps in the United Kingdom, which is rather remarkable. 

The results were similar in the United States, with steady speeds of 280 to 290Mbps and some peaks of over 400Mbps.

They are quite usable in the big scope of things, and they’re on par with some of the greatest OpenVPN speeds we’ve seen, particularly in the United States.


ProtonVPN promises to be capable of unblocking geo-restricted streaming material in addition to being a super-private VPN.

For many, Netflix will be an essential feature, and ProtonVPN was available to access both US and UK Netflix in our tests. 

In contrast, some companies, like IPVanish, can only access US Netflix, while others can’t unblock it. Thus this is a significant victory for Proton.

The BBC iPlayer is frequently more difficult than Netflix, and the free streaming platform is a threat to the stability of many VPNs. 

ProtonVPN, on the other hand, unlocked iPlayer without a hitch, and we were able to watch without difficulty.

Desktop apps

ProtonVPN has desktop programs for Windows, Mac, and Linux and mobile versions for iOS and Android. 

The user interface is simple and modern, and it includes a map that shows all of the company’s active server locations. If you don’t like the map, you may turn it off and only view the server list.

It took approximately seven seconds to link, which is a bit slower than other VPNs we’ve tried, but not by much. 

We also liked how the list of accessible servers is color-coded to show latency and load, so users know what and how to anticipate when you join.

Mobile apps

It’s a little like brain freeze on Android, as it’s nearly similar to the Windows build. The map, Profiles system, and nation list will all be the same. 

You’ll also be able to establish split tunneling, a kill switch, NetShield, and a lot more – the only feature lacking is custom DNS servers, but IKEv2 is considerably easier to implement on Android than it is on PC.

The iOS version has a somewhat different look and feel, but it’s the same program. 

However, due to iOS’s restrictions, it’s a smaller version, with some functionality such as split tunneling missing. It’s pretty extensive, and it performs many of the same things as the Android and PC applications.


ProtonVPN’s customer service might be better since the firm only provides email help. 

Although there is an online knowledge base, it does not cover various topics, and the provided instructions are brief. 

Even so, you’ll most likely be able to discover solutions to typical concerns concerning network configuration or debugging.


If you value security and privacy, ProtonVPN is one of the finest VPNs we’ve encountered. 

Secure Core is a one-of-a-kind feature that makes it nearly difficult for even the most sophisticated attackers to capture your IP address. 

It’s also a great addition to be able to create network profiles for easy access.

ProtonVPN’s main drawback is that accessing the service’s most interesting features is a little pricey. 

Although we like ProtonVPN’s free service, there are cheaper alternatives if you want to upgrade to the Plus or Visionary plans. 

It does, however, give a unique blend of functions, so if it can deliver what you need, we’d say it’s well worth the money.