NordVPN Black Friday Deals 2024: Save 68% Off Now(Updated)

NordVPN Black Friday Deal is deserving of a place on our list of top VPN black Friday deals for various reasons, including its reputation as the VPN with the greatest value for your cash. 

You won’t find a VPN that will do more than NordVPN and do it as inexpensively as NordVPN can. 

Notwithstanding a security compromise in 2019, it isn’t easy to find another VPN provider to accomplish all NordVPN offers.

Let’s dive into the NordVPN Black Friday deals and why you should get it.

NordVPN Black Friday Deals 2024

Save up to 68% on this NordVPN black Friday Deals, plus enter for a chance to win a free plan for up to 2 years with NordVPN’s Cyber Deal.

At, you can save up to 58% on 1-year subscriptions, which include access to 5530+ ultra-fast VPN servers across the world and a no-logs policy for protection and anonymity.

Save up to 60% on NordLocker and NordVPN VPN plans at; for even more savings, combine NordLocker’s 10GB secure online hosting with NordVPN VPN subscriptions.

At, you can save up to 70% on NordPass and VPN subscriptions if you combine NordVPN VPN subscriptions with the NordPass encrypted master password.

NordVPN Features

A VPN can secure your internet traffic from ISP snooping while also making it far more difficult for spies and advertising to follow you online. 

On top of that fundamental protection, NordVPN, unlike many other VPN services, delivers a little bit of everything. 

It boasts a huge and diversified collection of servers, a formidable arsenal of seldom seen tools, and stringent privacy and security policies. It also makes use of the most up-to-date WireGuard technology.

Pros and Cons of NordVPN

Pros of NordVPN

Uses WireGuard technology

Numerous server locations

Strong customer privacy stance

Easy to use

Cons of NordVPN


Occasionally cramped interface

How Much Does NordVPN Cost?

NordVPN is priced at $11.95 per month or $119 per year. The yearly plan is listed at a reduced rate of $59, but when your membership is up for renewal, you’ll be charged $119. 

Other plans with various introductory pricing are occasionally available from NordVPN. 

For example, you can get an $89 two-year membership that will automatically renew at $119 a year when it expires. Always read the tiny print.

Credit cards, different anonymous cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and other online payment options are also accepted. VPN providers regularly run deals, so you could notice different pricing when you try to check out. 

As of this writing, the average monthly cost of a VPN service we’ve examined is $9.96, with a yearly cost of $73.02. As a result, NordVPN is on the expensive side.

Although it may be tempting, we advise avoiding committing to long-term goals right away. Instead, try the VPN in your home setting with a free version or a simple subscription. 

Unfortunately, NordVPN has stopped giving a free trial because fraudsters were taking full advantage of it.

You can get a good VPN service at a lower price. Mullvad VPN, for example, is only €5 a month, while the top choice ProtonVPN is under $10 a month and has most of the similar features (but fewer servers). 

In addition, Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN has the lowest yearly cost of any non-free VPN we’ve tested, at only $29.99 annually.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

You may use NordVPN on up to 6 devices at the same time for $11.95 a month. Most VPN providers also limit you to five simultaneous connections. However, this is changing.

Only one membership add-on is available from NordVPN: stable IP addresses for $5.83 per month ($69.96 per year). 

Plus, you can select a location in France, Hungary, Holland, the United Kingdom, or the USA. 

If you access the same location regularly, a static IP address may assist in preventing your VPN connection from being banned.

One of NordVPN’s best features is the number of extra tools it offers for enhancing your privacy. 

We’ve tested several, but only three VPNs allowed immediate access to the Tor asymmetric encryption network: NordVPN, ProtonVPN, and VPNArea. 

As a result, it makes it considerably more difficult to trace your connection and allows you to browse personal websites at far slower rates. Tor, on the other hand, is available for free.

Multihop connections are also supported by NordVPN, which it refers to as Double VPN. Instead of using just one VPN server, your connection is routed via two. 

In that manner, even if one leg of the network is hacked, the rest of the connection will remain safe.

Split-tunneling is a special version for NordVPN. It allows you to choose which apps’ traffic is routed over the VPN connection and which is not. 

NordVPN takes an ingenious solution with this feature, allowing you to require or disallow VPN connections for applications. 

Also, Split-tunneling, connection to Tor through VPN server, and multihop connections are only available with NordVPN and ProtonVPN, which are the only solutions we’ve evaluated so far.

Many VPN providers, including NordVPN, have begun to expand their services beyond VPN protection. 

For example, you may safeguard your passwords using the NordPass master password for a charge. You may also use NordLocker to encrypt your files. A VPN, though beneficial, cannot protect you from all threats. 

Therefore, we strongly advise using two-factor verification wherever feasible, using a password manager to establish complex and unique passwords for each website and service, and using antivirus software.

What VPN Protocols Does NordVPN Offer?

NordVPN’s Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows applications all employ NordLynx (a WireGuard implementation) by configuration. 

As a backup, OpenVPN is accessible on all of those systems. IKEv2 is only accessible as an iOS and macOS app.

The foundational pillars for VPNs have long been OpenVPN and IKEv2, but WireGuard is becoming more popular. 

It’s simple to understand why: WireGuard is open source, much like OpenVPN, but it employs modern encryption methods and provides faster speeds.

NordVPN’s Servers and Server Locations

NordVPN has servers in 59 countries and offers a wide geographic range of servers. Other VPN providers, however, outperform it. ExpressVPN, for instance, has 94 countries covered.

The majority of NordVPN’s servers are located in the United States and the United Kingdom, which is typical of VPN providers. 

NordVPN, on the other hand, offers a diverse set of servers throughout the world, with several in Asia, South America, Europe, and a few in India and the Middle East. 

Currently, the firm only has one location in Africa (South Africa), which other VPN providers often overlook.

NordVPN, for example, has servers in Hong Kong, Turkey, and Vietnam, all of which have internet restrictions. 

However, because the risks of getting it wrong are too high, we don’t give a particular suggestion for a VPN to avoid government restrictions.

NordVPN has a total of 5,600 servers in its network. Only CyberGhost’s network of 6,800 servers has more servers. 

More servers may not always imply greater service, but having a variety of alternatives is always beneficial. 

You’ll be more likely to locate one near you, but the one you do locate will be less likely to be overcrowded.

In terms of hardware, NordVPN recently installed many 10Gbps servers to its network, which replaced several 1Gbps units. 

According to the firm, this initiative will assist handle the surge in data that will occur when the 5G service becomes more widely available. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Cloud providers and virtual locations are a common issue while calculating VPN fleets. 

Virtual servers are software-defined servers that they may host on a single computer in many configurations. A virtual server is configured to appear in a location other than its physical location. 

Both aren’t intrinsically bad, but we’d rather firms be open about their infrastructure. 

For example, according to a NordVPN official, all of the company’s servers are dedicated, and there are no virtual sites. 

That indicates the servers are physically situated where they say they are, which we’re looking for.

NordVPN plans to co-locate all of its servers, implying that it will ultimately control all of its physical infrastructures. In Finland, the first of its completely owned server clusters just went up. 

Other businesses have servers of their own, but none are as vast as NordVPN. In addition, the firm just completed a migration to diskless servers. 

It is a tamper-resistant mechanism; nothing is written to the disc, thus seizing the servers will yield nothing. ExpressVPN and a few other firms also use this method.

Your Privacy With NordVPN

A VPN firm could analyze every item of data going through its system if it so wished. 

We talked to the firm about its attempts to preserve customer privacy and looked over its privacy policy. We didn’t come across anything alarming.

NordVPN is based in Panama and operates there (the business also has operations overseas), where no regulations require the firm to keep data for any amount of time. 

If it is questioned, the corporation claims it would only comply with a court order or summons delivered by a Panamanian court.

On its website, NordVPN makes it difficult to obtain information about its parent business or corporate leadership. NordVPN s.a owns it., according to a business spokesman (formerly Tefincom S.A.). 

NordVPN does not publish transparency statements on law enforcement demands for information. 

Still, it does keep a warrant canary that shows whether or not it has gotten any National Security threats, gag orders, or government-issued subpoenas.

According to NordVPN’s privacy policy, connecting time stamps, session information, utilized bandwidth, traffic records, IP addresses, and browsing data are not logged. 

However, NordVPN saves your previous session’s name and time, but only for 15 minutes after you exit from the VPN. That’s excellent. A third-party audit has confirmed this, as detailed below. 

The firm does not make a profit from the selling of customer data, according to a NordVPN spokesman. Other than client subscriptions, the firm does not earn money.

Breach and Beyond

In October of this year, we discovered that an attacker had gained remote access to one of NordVPN’s servers. According to NordVPN, there is no proof that the attacker gained anything of value. 

In a comprehensive piece on the breach, we go into considerably more information about the attack and its implications. 

Since then, the firm has spent a lot of effort and money protecting its systems and procedures, including switching to its server clusters and diskless servers.

The VPN Trust Initiative is a trade association formed by NordVPN and many other VPN providers. 

The initiative’s goal, among other things, is to establish industry standards, giving some clarity to an otherwise darkened environment. 

We’re excited to see what this group does, but it’s been fairly silent so far. NordVPN has also been given its advisory board.

NordVPN has also launched a bug-bounty program, rewarding researchers who identify weaknesses in its system with cash. 

Instead of weaknesses being exploited, these initiatives seek to give a stronger incentive for identifying and resolving flaws. Since 2018, PriceWaterhouseCoopers has performed two audits of NordVPN. 

It included a thorough examination of NordVPN’s server infrastructure, concluding that the business adhered to its assurances of not logging user information and data. 

Of course, audits are flawed instruments, but they provide a level of accountability that we value.

Hands-On With NordVPN for Windows

We utilized an Intel NUC Kit running the newest version of Windows 10 to test NordVPN on Windows, although the software is good regardless of the system. 

With a monochromatic blue map as its focal point, the Windows client aesthetically matches the NordVPN mobile apps. 

It’s a little wacky, with boats and ships sailing across cartoon oceans, but it’s a quick method to find the server you want. 

For example, it’s more refined than TunnelBear, albeit the latter has a panache that NordVPN lacks.

NordVPN’s interface strikes a good balance between fine-grained management and set-and-forget convenience. 

If your geography abilities are as poor as mine, you may change servers by selecting a location on the map or using the search box at the top of the page. 

You have the option of connecting to the fastest server, the fastest server in a given country, or even a specific server. The software displays the load on each and directs you to the least loaded choice. 

It is useful for faking your location and allowing you to search for a server that has been banned. 

Our only quibble? A succession of little drop-down menus controls everything. To save our eyes, I’d like the app to take up some more real estate.

Should your computer get unplugged from the VPN, the NordVPN app Kill Switch disables internet access for specified programs. It is a good precaution.

Another useful tool is the ability to suspend your connection. It detaches you from the VPN and then reunites you after a specified time interval. 

In many cases, unplugging the VPN is the only choice, and the stop option saves you the effort of remembering to rejoin.

NordVPN also offers CyberSec, which is designed to stop fraudulent websites, advertising, and botnet control. 

According to NordVPN’s website, this amounts to a DNS blocklist; nevertheless, we have not verified the efficacy of these features.

Netflix is known for banning VPN access, but a new trend has arisen. The company does not ban VPN connection outright, instead of restricting visitors to Netflix Original programs. 

It is most likely because you may use a VPN to fake locations and access material in certain geographic areas. 

For example, we could only watch Netflix Originals while connecting to a US server when we tried NordVPN. 

That’s odd, given that in earlier testing, we watched licensed Netflix shows from Canada and the United Kingdom. 

However, the fight between Netflix and VPNs is still going on, and the outcomes might fluctuate today.

One issue to be concerned about is whether your VPN leaks your real IP address or DNS information. 

NordVPN successfully altered our IP address and obscured our ISP information throughout our testing. 

According to the DNS leak testing program, the server to which we were linked did not leak our DNS information.

Speed and Performance

When you use a VPN, it will slow down your online browsing. We used the Ookla Speedtest tool to run a series of performance tests to see how much of an impact a VPN had. 

In our article on How We Test VPNs, we describe our process. NordVPN scored admirably in our 2020 testing, ranking among the best ten fastest VPNs. 

Although it’s too early to determine where it will rank among all the other VPNs, this year has been the first VPN we’ve retested in 2021; it is the very first VPN we’ve retested in 2022. 

It’s a significant improvement above last year’s figures. We discovered that NordVPN decreased download speed testing results by 28.7% and upload speed test results by 24.2 % in 2021. 

It had no noticeable effect on latency, which is likely due to its huge number of servers.

In previous years, we tested VPNs in quick succession to determine which VPN was the quickest. 

Due to limited access to the Labs testing facility owing to the continuing COVID-19 outbreak, we’re adopting a rolling approach this year to offer more up-to-date findings. 

We’re all working at home more these days, just like many other individuals. Our section on the fastest VPNs has a detailed analysis of our speed test findings. 

However, speed should not be the sole consideration when selecting a VPN—more key criteria value, simplicity of use, and a dedication to privacy.

NordVPN for iPhone

Like the Windows version, NordVPN’s iPhone app features blue and green aesthetic elements as well as a funny globe map. 

When the VPN is offline, the app displays a dark header; when the VPN is reconnected, the app displays a brilliant green header. 

The iOS version of the program doesn’t allow you as much flexibility over which server you may use as the Windows version, but it eliminates the small drop-down choices. 

Instead, choose a country, and NordVPN will locate the quickest server for you. Choose your VPN protocol, locate auto-connect settings, and establish your VPN account from the Settings menu. 

There’s also a “Tools” menu via an ad and malware blocker, a “Dark Web Monitor” that notifies you if information linked to your email address has been leaked on the Dark Web and Siri shortcuts for connecting and disconnecting with your voice.

We checked for DNS leaks using two separate VPN servers, one in Denmark and another in the United States, and neither server-generated DNS leaks, as per 

Apart from needing a few seconds to identify a server, we found NordVPN’s speed decent. In addition, we watched YouTube videos without any pauses or latency when connecting to a server in Denmark.

Dark Web Monitor, a service that monitors dark web repositories that deal in stolen username and password, was released by NordVPN. 

Data monitoring tools like Google’s Password Checkup tool and Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor are comparable. 

If NordVPN detects a hit, you will be notified and given the option to reset your password on the impacted service. 

Dark Web Monitor is now only accessible on iOS, but we’ve been assured that it will be accessible on other platforms shortly. 

The Dark Web Monitor only searches for credentials linked to the email you used to register with NordVPN, limiting the extent of this security. 

However, when we put on the Dark Web Monitor, it did show us situations when hacked data dumps contained personal ids or passwords.

NordVPN for Android

When the VPN is offline, the NordVPN Android app displays a grey header, and when the VPN is connected, it displays a brilliant green header.

When it comes to functionality, NordVPN truly stands out. Split tunneling, a Kill Switch, tap jacking security, the Dark Web Monitor, and the ability to build a custom DNS setup are all included in the Android version of the program.

When it relates to servers, the Android app provides you with more flexibility than the iPhone app, though not as much as the Windows one. 

There is no list of servers to pick from, but you may pick the city where your VPN server is situated. NordVPN will link you to the town’s fastest server.

We used the DNS Leak Test Tool to check for DNS leaks on a Samsung A71 5G running Android 10 while connecting to a VPN server in Melbourne, Australia. 

The server did not leak our DNS information, and it properly hid our real IP address. We were able to view YouTube videos and stream live videos from Twitch when connecting to the Melbourne server. 

However, both sites took a few seconds to open, and the video was distorted and of poor quality. However, given the distances involved, this makes perfect sense.

NordVPN on Other Platforms

NordVPN also supports Linux. You can also set up some gateways to connect to NordVPN. 

It ensures that all equipment on your system, even smart home gadgets that can’t operate a VPN independently, are protected.

NordVPN also has Firefox and Chrome plug-ins. The NordVPN plug-ins, like other proxy browser plug-ins, solely protect the traffic of the individual browsers.

Dark Web Monitor, a service that monitors dark web repositories that deal in stolen login information, was released by NordVPN. 

If NordVPN detects a hit, you will be notified and given the option to reset your password on the affected service. 

Dark Web Monitor is now only accessible on iOS, but we’ve been assured that it will be accessible on other platforms shortly. 

The Dark Web Monitor only searches for credentials linked to the email you used to register with NordVPN, limiting the extent of this security. 

Nevertheless, we’re excited to put this functionality to the test in the long term.


NordVPN Black Friday is competing against some of the industry’s strongest rivals.

Surfshark and others do not impose limits on the number of concurrent connections, while CyberGhost has overtaken NordVPN in terms of server network size.

NordVPN has always had the benefit of combining all of the competition’s best features into one product. 

It operates a huge fleet of servers all around the world while keeping excellent customer service.