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The VPN industry is challenging, and there’s a huge competition, but ExpressVPN understands how to shine out: it layers on the professional features, giving far more than almost everyone around.

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and other operating systems are compatible. 

It has modified firmware for various routers and extensive basic setup instructions for Apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation, Chromebooks, Kindle Fire, and other devices.

In this ExpressVPN black Friday Deals article, you will explore the ExpressVPN features and other in-depth details to buy ExpressVPM on this black Friday VPN deal.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deals 2023

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A powerful set of fundamental characteristics provides several levels of coverage. ExpressVPN, for example, safeguards private internet traffic using its DNS servers. 

Even some of the finest advanced hackers can’t snoop on user actions, thanks to high-end encryption technologies. 

If the VPN goes down, there’s no need to worry: a high-quality kill switch will automatically shut the internet connection and keep everyone protected.

Several useful add-ons, such as Lightway and web browsers, enable WebRTC leak blocking, geographical spoofing, and HTTPS everywhere.

The organization has a massive network of over 3,000 servers in 160 cities across 94 countries. 

The strongest coverage is in Europe and the United States, but ExpressVPN has many sites in Asia and a few nations that are hardly seen anywhere. 

For example, the Asia Pacific region has 27 nations, whereas TunnelBear’s whole network has only 34.

ExpressVPN’s terms of service are straightforward and unambiguous, stating that no confidential material is logged. 

And, unlike many competitors, this isn’t just a promotional claim; the website goes to length about what the organization collects and what it doesn’t. 

Additionally, ExpressVPN’s servers recently underwent auditing to ensure that the enterprise adhered to its privacy policy.

Nonetheless, ExpressVPN’s support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat. 

It isn’t the same kind of offshore, first-line help you’d get from other service providers: these are professionals who can help customers with almost any technological difficulty. 

If anyone encounters a problem, they will not have to wait a day for assistance. 

We’ve found that there are always people accessible on ExpressVPN’s live chat, and users can obtain competent assistance in a matter of minutes.

What’s new?

After our last inspection, the ioXt Alliance, a collection of top tech giants that comprises Amazon, Google, Facebook, Comcast, and others, has verified ExpressVPN’s Android app.

The Alliance is primarily concerned with developing IoT security measures, but it is also investigating VPN apps. 

And in more depth, with certifications taking into account encryption, cybersecurity, software updates, and even whether a flaw monitoring program is in place. 

In the Privacy section beneath, we’ll take a closer look at this. 

A new Android appearance has been added to the app, along with extra functionality such as a Security Summary that shows how much time you’ve spent using ExpressVPN in the last week.

Upgrading router firmware can be a complicated task, and we believe that many customers will avoid it as much as feasible. 

If that describes you, there’s great news: ExpressVPN’s router app can now auto-check for and install upgrades.

If you’re looking for the ultimate offer, we’ve saved the best for last: sign up for ExpressVPN’s annual deal here and get a free year of unlimited Backblaze cloud backup.

ExpressVPN Plans and Pricing

ExpressVPN has a relatively simple pricing model with only three categories, which start at $12.95 per month, as outlined in our special ExpressVPN price and promotions page.

That isn’t low, but CyberGhost, Hotspot Shield, and VyprVPN all price approximately $13 for monthly plans, which isn’t much more than most big-name VPNs charge, which is approximately $9-$10.

When you sign up for ExpressVPN’s 6-month plan, the monthly cost reduces to $9.99. It’s a good deal and allows users more freedom than many of our opponents, who don’t even offer a 6-month plan.

The yearly plan reduces overall expenditures even more to $8.32 per month, a substantial 35 percent savings over the monthly membership. 

However, it is still significantly more than some alternatives, notably if you sign up for extended periods. 

For example, Speedify’s three-year plan costs only $3 per month, while Ivacy’s two-year plan charges only $2.45 per month, less than a third of ExpressVPN’s annual pricing.

When examining overall costs, make sure to read the fine print, as ExpressVPN is closer to several companies than you would think. Many sellers, for example, offer modest pricing that rises with time. 

IPVanish appears to be a good deal at $3.75 a month for the first year, but the price jumps to $7.50 when you renew. NordVPN costs $4.92 per month and $9.92 per year to renew. 

The 10-device package from Norton Secure PN costs $5 per month, then $10 per month after that, for a product with far, much less capability.

Of course, a VPN is much more than its cost. 

Anyone can advertise inexpensive top rates; it’s providing a good service that’s the difficult part. There are other ways to save money as well. 

When you sign up with our special offer, you’ll get three extra months added to your annual ExpressVPN membership, giving you 15 months of service for just $6.67 a month.

If people end up signing up, they’ll be able to choose from different payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and a slew of other options.

If users are still not satisfied, download the Android or iOS app for a free 7-day trial. Even if you’ve paid cash, ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back assurance lets users test the service without risk.

It’s also quite simple to cancel if users change their minds. Users won’t be surprised by any fine print, and they won’t have to justify their choice to the corporation. 

People get 30 days to try the product out in full, and if they’re disappointed or merely change their decision, just let ExpressVPN know, and they’ll refund them their money. 

It has to be encouraging in terms of ExpressVPN’s confidence in its operation.


Every VPN promises to provide perfect anonymity, but when you dig further, you’ll find that there’s frequently little substance to back up this claim. 

ExpressVPN is refreshingly unusual in that it doesn’t simply tell you how fantastic it is; it also offers an extremely long list of features to back up its claims.

Take, for example, encryption. Most providers may state that they support OpenVPN or cite AES-256, but ExpressVPN goes above and beyond.

The company defines that it encrypts its control channel using a 4096-bit SHA-512 RSA certificate and employs HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code) to prevent ordinary data from being changed in real-time.

We checked ExpressVPN’s OpenVPN configuration files to corroborate this, and the contents were exactly as the business had indicated.

Perfect Forward Secrecy support provides an extra degree of security by automatically providing you a new secret key each time you connect and updating it every 60 minutes while the connection is ongoing. 

Even if a hacker manages to access your system, they’ll only acquire 1 hour of data at best.

An additional highlight is DNS support. ExpressVPN not only provides DNS leak prevention to keep information about your online activity from leaking out of the VPN tunnel, but it also operates its own secure, zero-knowledge, 256-bit encrypted DNS on each of its locations.

It is a significant benefit over certain less-reputable providers, who may, in the worst-case situation, reroute your DNS traffic to OpenDNS or another third-party service. 

Apart from the danger of logging at the DNS server, using encrypted DNS allows attackers to monitor, filter, block, or even change your requests – all risks that are eliminated when utilizing ExpressVPN’s technique.

We didn’t perform extensive testing on the DNS server. 

However, services like IPLeak, DNS Leak Test, and Browser Breaches verified that ExpressVPN servers were utilizing the IP address for DNS queries, and almost none of them had any DNS or traffic dumps.

The new ioXt Alliance accreditation from ExpressVPN gives even more privacy guarantees, and it’s interesting for a few reasons.

The organization is graded on various low-level technical design features, such as encryption, network security, software development, automated upgrades, and more, as part of the testing process. 

It verifies, for instance, that the app keeps its private keys in the secure operational Keystore rather than a proprietary scheme, indicative of a safe design that would require a lot of effort and knowledge to examine for oneself.

Even if you don’t have the necessary expertise to comprehend these subtleties (don’t worry, we do), it’s heartening to see the firm subject itself to such rigorous examination. 

Private Internet Access and NordVPN have also been approved, with other providers expected to follow suit soon.


When you visit a typical VPN website, you’ll see claims like ‘NO LOGGING!’ displayed prominently in bold print. 

But often hidden behind that is a privacy policy that provides you very little data about any specifics or reveals that the corporation does. Besides, log some of your data. 

ExpressVPN operates uniquely. 

For example, there is ‘no zero log’ boasting on the website’s home page, and you must go to a ‘What Is VPN’ page to receive a first glance at the company’s performance on its page that says, “Privacy is a basic human right. We don’t retain connection or activity records, and your information is never shared with anybody.”

If you want further information, the firm does not compel you to go through 2,000 words of jargon-filled fine print to get it. 

Simply clicking a link inside the ‘no log’ statement leads to a well-written ‘Policy towards logs’ website explaining what ExpressVPN collects, what it seems to not, why it functions the way it does, and what it implies to consumers.

According to the page, when you log in to ExpressVPN, the service does not track your IP address, the time you joined in. 

Also, not the VPN IP address you’re issued, any information about the websites or pages you’re accessing (even via DNS queries), or any of your traffic.

There’s still some logging to be done. The corporation keeps track of when you access the service and which server you use. 

However, because it doesn’t save the connection time or the IP address you’re assigned, no one can use this information to link an internet activity to an ExpressVPN account.

The corporation also keeps track of the client version numbers you’ve installed, as well as the overall quantity of data you’ve exchanged each day. 

This information likewise poses no privacy concern, and we’re confident that other VPNs do the same thing: they don’t mention it.

The British Virgin Islands are home to ExpressVPN. Despite its tiny size, the BVI governs itself, and neither the UK nor the US has the authority to compel ExpressVPN to divulge any data.

The British Virgin Islands is not a member of ’14 Eyes,’ the intellectual ability alliance commonly known as SIGINT Seniors Europe (SSEUR). It is not a party to all its intelligence-sharing agreements.

In short, any would-be plaintiff would have to take their specific instance to the BVI High Court, demonstrate that the records were related to a criminal offense, and discuss how the documents would be useful evidence in that case. 

It isn’t easy to see how the ExpressVPN logs might be used as evidence of anything. There’s a lot to enjoy about this place. 

ExpressVPN recognizes the issues at hand and puts out significant effort to fully and accurately explain them to its clients. 

It is comforting in and of itself and a significant improvement over many VPNs’ vague privacy rules. However, you don’t have to take ExpressVPN’s claims at face value. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers assessed the company’s TrustedServer technology and backend infrastructure to ensure that it is living up to its privacy claims.


When it comes to picking a VPN, speed is critical, and we conduct extensive tests to determine how well a service works. The procedure began with a 1Gbps link at a US site. 

We connected to our nearest location using the basic ExpressVPN Windows 10 app, then evaluated the download speeds given by various speed test sites and services (including SpeedTest’s website and command-line software,, Netflix’s, and others). 

We got at least five results from each site, conducted the test three times using three different protocols (OpenVPN, IKEv2, and ExpressVPN’s proprietary Lightway), and performed the complete test set in both early and night sessions to see how the results changed over time.

ExpressVPN’s OpenVPN speeds were significantly above normal, at 270-280Mbps (HideMyAss! reached 300-330Mbps in the previous testing, while CyberGhost, IPVanish, VPN Unlimited, and several others didn’t make it above 200Mbps). 

That’s not far from the 200-220Mbps we saw in earlier testing or the 200-250Mbps we observed in the prior evaluation, indicating that these numbers are a credible reflection of ExpressVPN’s top speeds.

The IKEv2 performance of ExpressVPN was much better, reaching 300-310Mbps, the best we’ve observed.

However, ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol, which reached speeds of 490-630Mbps, is the true star. That outperformed Hotspot Shield (360-380Mbps) and NordVPN’s NordLynx (240-280Mbps), with StrongVPN’s regular WireGuard scores 590-600Mbps providing the only significant challenge.

While these statistics are encouraging, they only provide information on maximum speeds to US servers. 

That’s why we undertake independent speed tests from the United Kingdom to ExpressVPN’s most remote servers, looking for those that don’t deliver.

Long-distance connections usually result in a significant loss in speed. However, ExpressVPN and Lightway performed admirably. 

On a 75Mbps link, the UK to Malaysia links hit 68Mbps, which is about what we’d anticipate if we didn’t use a VPN at all. 

And, even though we moved to different areas, they were all pretty similar: Brazil got 69Mbps, Nepal got 64Mbps, and even Kenya, which was the slowest for us, got 42Mbps, which is fine for surfing and watching HD video.

Netflix and streaming

ExpressVPN, unlike most of its competitors, doesn’t just make broad promises about its unblocking skills; it explicitly lists which services are supported, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube. 

It’s refreshing to see a service provider be forthright about what it claims to do.

We did multiple tests to see if we could watch US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+ from various ExpressVPN servers to get a sense of the service’s unblocking capabilities.

Three out of 3 locations unblock Netflix, which was a fantastic outcome. ExpressVPN is unsurprisingly at the top of our list of the best Netflix VPNs.

The same thing happened with Amazon Prime Video. We made 3 ExpressVPN servers, and each time we were able to view US material. 

Many platforms lack VPN protection. However, the BBC iPlayer does. Getting access was more challenging, but two of the four ExpressVPN servers let us in and let us watch everything we wanted.

ExpressVPN also finished on a high note, evading Disney+ security with the first place we attempted.

These are excellent results, but a good VPN is about more than simply allowing you access immediately now; it should be about what happens if a platform bans a new range of IPs and your preferred server stops working.

Many VPNs would respond by saying, “We don’t ensure access to any streaming sites,” leaving you with your own.


At first sight, ExpressVPN does not appear to be extremely torrent-friendly, as its website makes no mention of the matter. 

Because torrent awareness is so low, if you write ‘p2p’ in the knowledge base search field, it guesses you’ve typed it incorrectly and searches for ‘pap’ instead.

There’s no need to be concerned; ExpressVPN isn’t trying to conceal anything. We searched through the FAQ, did a few tests, and ultimately figured out what was going on.

Not only does the service accept torrents, but it also avoids the headaches and annoyances that come with other carriers.

Torrent users, for example, are not obliged to use a restricted number of overburdened servers. You have access to the whole ExpressVPN network.

There are no restrictions on bandwidth or transmission. The firm claims it will never restrict your link and has no data restriction.

Client setup

It cannot be easy to get VPN software to install and run correctly. Still, the well-designed ExpressVPN website has been designed to limit difficulties to a bare minimum.

You won’t have to look for a Download link if you log in to your account dashboard, for example. 

The website recognizes your device type, shows a download link for that client, and allows you to obtain a copy with a single click.

If you require anything for a different platform, select ‘Set up on all your devices’ from the drop-down menu, including Windows, iOS, Amazon Fire, Mac, Android, Linux, and much more. 

You can find more download links and instructions by tapping any of these.

Even these are significantly more beneficial than you would think. When you click the ‘Android’ option on most VPNs, it’ll most likely take you to Google Play. 

ExpressVPN provides a Play Store link, as well as a QR code, a button to mail yourself a download link (great if you need to download it on another device), and an option for specialists to download the APK file straight.

Windows client

The ExpressVPN Windows client features a friendly and intuitive layout that makes you feel right at home. A large On/Off button activates the service when needed.

A clear status indicator displays the main server. A Choose Location button lets you select another server, and a menu icon on the top-left provides quick access to various services.

There are several options for selecting the optimal server. A Smart Location function selects the server that is nearest to you. 

You may double-click a nation to find its finest location, or you may manually explore all of the locations within a nation. 

You may discover places by keyword using a search box, add particular locations to a List of favorites, and your most recent location is always only a click away. 

The client also makes good use of the notification area icon. 

Right-clicking brings up a choice with your last three destinations; selecting one of them connects you right away without having to launch the entire client.

Android app

If you’re first to ExpressVPN, setting up the Android app is similar to setting up any other. Go to the Play Store, search for the app, download it as normal, and complete the registration procedure.

There are several simpler choices if you already have an ExpressVPN account. 

We went to the ExpressVPN online portal on our Windows PC, selected Setup > Android, read the QR code, and the app was instantly downloaded and installed.

iOS app

The ExpressVPN iOS app has the same clean and simple UI as the company’s other portals, a suggested location, a huge Connect button to get online, and a menu option to explore deeper.

The effective Location Picker allows you to search for specific cities or countries and keep track of recent connections and add frequently visited destinations to your Favorites.

The iOS version, like the Android version, allows you to swap servers without first ending the current connection. It saves you one tap, but it’ll be a pleasant convenience if you switch servers frequently.

Browser extensions

Although the ExpressVPN clients are typically well-designed and easy to use, they aren’t the only method to utilize the VPN. 

Additionally, the firm provides Chrome and Firefox extensions that allow you to operate the user and service remotely from your browser.

ExpressVPN’s browser extensions aren’t merely proxies, unlike almost every other VPN company. 

They are web browser interfaces for your Windows, Mac, or Linux client; they will not function until installed. Although this is cumbersome, there are some significant advantages.

When you use ExpressVPN’s plugin, it may connect with the desktop app and read its status. The default location would be the same as the user, and your plugin will reflect this if the user is continuously linked.


  1. Is ExpressVPN free?

ExpressVPN is well-known around the world for its speed, dependability, and security. ExpressVPN, unlike several other VPNs, does not provide a conventional free trial. 

It does, however, come with a 30-day money-back assurance. As a result, you may try out the VPN without danger.

  1. Is ExpressVPN reliable?

Yes, you can rely on ExpressVPN. To summarise, ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable VPN services you can use. 

It has zero-logging standards, no-compromise regulations, and a plethora of privacy and security options.

  1. Can I watch Netflix with ExpressVPN?

You, you can. ExpressVPN’s servers provide fast, throttling-free Netflix streaming.


ExpressVPN is a high-quality VPN that exceeds our standards in every way, from platform compatibility and privacy to simplicity of use, unblocking capabilities and customer service. 

It’s pricier than others, but it’s easy to understand why this is a sleek, powerful, and polished service.

So why don’t you pick a package plan for yourself now on this ExpressVPN black friday 2023? 

Get the right ExpressVPN play for you on Black Friday and get the most out of it at a very low price.