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CyberGhost is one of the most secure VPNs on the marketplace, created in Romania in 2011. 

It is the first to issue a transparency report and is based in Bucharest, Romania. 

This VPN ensures online anonymity for all of its customers and actively promotes unfettered internet culture.

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Cyberghost VPN Black Friday Deals 

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Cyberghost VPN Pros and Cons


CyberGhost works outside of all monitoring agencies and government watchdogs since there are no data retention regulations in place.

They have access to a lot of servers all around the world because of their extensive worldwide network.

Customers praise CyberGhost’s customer support as being polite and helpful.

The lowest subscription costs $2.50 per month.

Kill switch: Your online traffic will be secured even if your VPN fails.


CyberGhost’s logging policy stores your Ip, the duration you used the VPN, the region you used it in, and other non-essential information.


If you’re willing to get a longer plan, CyberGhost is undoubtedly one of the cheapest VPNs, beginning at a good price of $2.25 a month, and you’ll get an industry-leading 45-day money-back policy. 

Monthly plans, on the other hand, are more expensive and only come with a 14-day assurance. 

You’ll gain access to over 6,700 VPN servers in 110+ locations across the world for your money, making it one of the most extensive server options accessible.

Latest updates

In recent months, we’ve seen a few noteworthy developments, the most interesting of which being the addition of WireGuard to all operating systems.

We’ve seen server swings, with high numbers of over 7,000 in October but average numbers of approximately 6,500.

You may now get a dedicated IP address for an additional $5 per month. It is ideal for business users since it eliminates the possibility of using an IP address that has been banned due to someone else’s misbehavior.


For the most part, price is a major consideration, so it’s only natural to start there.

Having to sign up for a sliding monthly plan may sound appealing in terms of flexibility, and you’ll be paying big bucks for it – $12.99, to be precise. 

With its present pricing structure (which is subject to change at any time), even committing for a year will bring the monthly price down to only $3.99.

It’ll cost you $3.49 per month if you sign up in two years, but the lengthier plans will save you the most money. 

Right now, you can buy three years for only $2.25 per month, plus three more months on top of that.


CyberGhost employs 256-bit AES encryption, which would be the benchmark because we’ve grown to accept all major providers. 

Nevertheless, we love how open its applications are about what data they gather about your consumption – you can be a good Samaritan and enable CyberGhost to gather anonymous data to enhance its apps, or you can opt-out. 

That’s a lot more than some service providers can claim.


We’d think that connection speeds are adequate, given that CyberGhost is ostensibly meant for individuals who want to watch loads of streaming video and increase their viewing options wherever they are.

We used average timings from several tests to assess the service’s dependability and speed. We examined it on our UK and US networks (both of which peak out at around 1Gbps).


One reason for joining up to CyberGhost will be to be used as a Netflix VPN – and CyberGhost provides for these customers by providing a tidy filtering mechanism to locate the best servers to access whatever they want to view.

When checking the location filters, you’ll find recommended servers for Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV. BBC iPlayer, as well as other international streaming providers.


Similar to CyberGhost’s filters for certain streaming services, it may also assist you in selecting a decent torrenting VPN server – which is great news since not every server is suited for P2P due to geographical limitations.

Once linked, the speeds are excellent, and one feature we particularly liked was the option to pick a CyberGhost location to link to when you start your client immediately. 

It is ideal for the thoughtless or sluggish (read: virtually all of us), and it ensures that you have sufficiently secured your pirate anytime

Desktop apps

On both Windows and Mac, CyberGhost’s pc applications have the same basic, helpful interfaces. 

You’ll see a list of servers, a large Connect option, and your location filtering choices from the far side.

To see the actual capacity or a load of each existing server is quite important – something that many competitors overlook – and may quickly indicate which server will deliver the fastest speeds. 

You’ll also receive a favorites system and a system tray icon that offers you easy access to everything you need.

Mobile apps

OpenVPN and WireGuard compatibility has now been added to both the iOS and Android applications, which is a very encouraging development.

Apple’s security architecture limits VPN programs for iOS devices, so they’re rarely as feature-rich as Android and computer counterparts. 

You will, however, receive a favorites list, smart server choice, and auto-connect on specified or insecure networks, as well as the option of using WireGuard or IKEv2, as well as a connection checker.

Customer support 

There are a few alternatives if you need assistance setting-up the CyberGhost or if you’re experiencing problems with it. 

You may start by looking through the knowledge base. 

There are several instructions for various operating systems, as well as many typical difficulties that users face.


CyberGhost has a straightforward user interface that anybody can understand and utilize. 

It emphasizes video streaming while still providing a robust feature set. 

CyberGhost VPN uses software that cannot be intercepted or hacked to encrypt the link between your machine and one of its servers.

With this, you can ensure that all of your online activities, including texting, viewing, downloading, and surfing, are fully secure and safe.