How To Get Unbanned From YouNow in 2023 {Updated on September}

If you are in the age range of 14-25 years, you have probably heard about YouNow. 

YouNow is one of the biggest broadcasting applications competing with YouTube. 

But we are going to talk about the YouNow ban in this article. 

Did you receive a pop-up message when you open your YouNow app saying, “ has banned your account?” 

If yes, you don’t have to pack. We are here to help you solve this problem. 

Read this article thoroughly to learn how to get yourself unbanned from YouNow and also how you can prevent these bans from occurring again.

How to Get Unbanned from YouNow

Unbanning your YouNow account depends on whether it’s a temporary ban or a permanent one. 

Temporary bans can be uplifted from a week to a month, but your account is blocked forever if you are banned permanently. However, there are some cheeky methods to get your account back.

1. Using a VPN

This method is most likely to work. By using a VPN, you can bypass a geo-block and fool the YouNow app. It will work like an incognito. To learn how to use a VPN, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN app (We recommend ExpressVPN)
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  • Take a subscription and install the app
Download expressvpn
  • Now login into the app and set the server to a nearby region and Click on connect
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Why we are suggesting expressvpn? Because Expressvpn is one of the best VPN to unblock Younow and also it can able to unban PS5 or PS4, Unban Omegle, Unban twitch, unban offerup, and unban tinder etc.

2. Clearing all the cookies and cache

This method is not guaranteed to work, but it is worth a try. Follow the following steps to remove cache and cookies from a browser.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on browser settings.
  3. Click on clear browsing data.
  4. Then checkmark all the boxes, which includes cookies and cache options.
  5. Then click on clear data.
  6. Now close and start the browser and see if it works.

3. Create a completely new account

The last option is to create a new YouNow account. You might lose some information on your previous account, but you can access YouNow with the new account. 

Just be careful before doing something different on YouNow. We recommend reading all the rules and regulations mentioned in this article or even on their official page.

About YouNow

YouNow is a live broadcasting application in America where users broadcast their content or live chat with other users? This application is available on its official website, Android, and iOS platforms.

Numerous teenagers use applications to show their expertise skills, such as dance and music, which are quite common displays. 

In conjunction, teenagers use the platform for the guidance and pose questions; there’s even a #bored slogan prominent with teens. 

Individuals use some oddly common buzzwords like #sleepingsquad to show themselves asleep.

Several of the trends we’ve learned about youth material is that many of them stream via their homes, and we’re still cautioned to be vigilant regarding posting private info publicly.

Compared to several similar live broadcasting applications, such as Facebook Live or YouTube, where people prefer to catch instances from incidents or snapshots from personal lifestyles, participants tended to stream lengthy clips over some time.

Features of YouNow

1. Excited among the teenagers

This one has been saying for ages that ‘Children are our future’ and because YouNow is all the trend among teenagers these days, advertisers must get to know each other! 

Per an article posted by BusinessInsider, You Now’s developer, Adi Sideman, reported that 70 percent of YouNow consumers are under age 24. 

The application has 100 million user sessions per month with around 150,000 streams per day. That’s a lot of kids using this browser for engagement!

2. A most intimate way to connect with friends

Maybe the primary reason why more and more younger people are enamored with YouNow is that it enables them to get a rare, close connection with several of their favorite artists who are up-and-coming artists, tv personalities, and YouTube stars. They can sound like they’re talking clips for their favorite internet star, and there!

3. A new Q&A method

‘YouNow’ is rapidly becoming the favored Q&A tool for both presenter and Q&A attendees. 

Participants in the YouNow Q&A program profit from providing a personal, authentic, off-the-cuff contact with the presenter that other social media sites cannot offer. 

Presenters profit as they already have enough advantage much on every other Q&A. 

Also, on the YouNow application, the show moderator receives a live video stream of questions in the discussion board, so they get to select which questions to speak out to the audience and add on with a response. 

The whole Q&A approach consumes much less time than most other common approaches like YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. 

It is because there is no need to have planning or editing. Only schedule a timeframe, deliver a link to let your followers understand that you’re on YouNow, and everyone joins in.

4. ‘YouNow’ getting paid by Users.

To see the vocabulary of their beloved celebrity or internet star, consumers get the luxury of paying cash to have any message “pinned” to the pinnacle of the discussion forum for a limited period to ensure that the owner notices the response. 

To have their post shown, users ought to pay certain YouNow monetary system ‘notes’ or ‘chains.’ 

You will win all tokens and gold bars overtime by engaging and endorsing YouNow. Even so, you could obtain these types of YouNow cryptocurrency by clicking a switch.

If a well-known YouTube star or reality tv star hosts a show, dozens, even thousands of people view it because these discussion forums travel quickly. 

If the YouNow presenter has been well regarded, users could almost expect that all of the stations would offer to abandon the ‘gold bar’ to make sure certain views are available.

Besides coins and gold bars, consumers are also invited to “tip” visitors, give them personal messages, or even “souvenirs.”

5. ‘YouNow’ needs parental control.

As a collective, the software seems to be a spotless, sharp, enjoyable, and valuable platform. 

A few major points that mother and father need to be conscious of, mainly given the interface’s prominence between several teenagers. 

The major warning sign is the #truthordare caption. Upon immense use of the YouNow interface, people happened to come around the #truthordate stamp. 

Even though none of the transmissions includes sexual content or pornographic material, a few of the telecasts that have been seen would include sexually provocative functionality, such as dance which is sexual. 

If anyone youngster utilizes YouNow or who has buddies who use YouNow, make certain that one has a talk with them about the system’s appropriate use.

6. YouNow Ban Policies

YouNow utilizes a mixture of automation and systematic supervision to create a stable network on YouNow. 

Driven by established Group Guidelines & Site Guidelines and Privacy policy, they constantly monitor YouNow transmissions to notify, disable or bar any consumer who violates these guidelines.

To maintain the group’s reputation as a supplier, YouNow retains the authority to terminate or withdraw any profile for whatever activity is found to be improper or detrimental.

Consumers that contravene YouNow’s Policies & Group Standards can be entitled to a prohibition on a domain. 

Getting prohibited ensures that their profile is indefinitely excluded from engaging on the YouNow website. Clients won’t be authorized to transmit talk, send incentives or update on user accounts.

Why YouNow ban you?

  1. Bad behavior or self-harm is not acceptable.
  2. No nudity or sexually explicit content is allowed.
  3. Strict rules for minors under 18.
  4. Bullying or racial comments are not permitted.
  5. Must be 13 or above to use YouNow.
  6. Misleading contents or scams are not tolerable.
  7. Copyright protected.
  8. Impersonation is not allowed.

YouNow Suspension Policies

Whenever people obtain notification online that they are terminated or are momentarily restrained from taking part on the YouNow portal, they won’t be able to convey conversation, present, or publish on accounts due to an infringement of YouNow’s Rules & Community Guidelines. 

Based on the violation, the expulsion may last from 15 minutes to 48 hours.

Unless you’re an Associate or a Composer, you can get expelled from every ranking for a couple of weeks. Users are prohibited or disqualified for much more than 48 hours. 

Partners receive one special feature to be severely curtailed for the event’s duration, and people won’t be qualified for the Top Broadcasters leaderboard or related incentives. 

They’ll still obtain reimbursement and Partner Stars as customary only because a production company doesn’t qualify for the Top Fans leaderboard or related incentives. 

They’ll still be going to accrue production company crowns as customary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do you get paid on YouNow?

Yes, you get paid when you receive bars during your broadcast on YouNow.

  1. Is YouNow safe?

Unfortunately, YouNow is not a safe platform. If you are below 13, you must never visit the website. Even if you are above 13, you must be careful while watching or broadcasting your content.

  1. How do you contact YouNow?

You can email YouNow at if you need any help.


YouNow is a popular broadcasting platform which is growing immensely? 

If you have been banned on this platform, you must have broken its rules and regulations. 

Read the rules and regulations carefully mentioned in this blog and make sure you don’t commit a mistake.

As you have read in this article, the YouNow ban is of two types, temporary and permanent ban. 

You can easily get out of a temporary ban, but it is very difficult to get your account back if you have been banned permanently by

Try out the methods given in this article and see if any of them works. 

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