How to Get Unbanned from PSN? 2021{ Updated Tips}

We understand how annoying it can be when you’re banned from using your PlayStation Network. 

It’s a big dilemma associated with online gaming freaks like us.

The first thing you’ll notice when you’re banned is that you’re not going to be allowed to get your online account. 

You will get an error pop-up when you attempt to access the Playstation network. 

You can search the internet by entering the exact code, and you’ll be able to find out exactly whatever the issue is.

What could you do if you’re banned from the Playstation Network? Can you be unbanned shortly?

If you already have these queries in your mind, you have stumbled upon the right place on the internet. 

Keep on reading. You’ll learn all about the bans and the ways to get unbanned from the Playstation Network.

About PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network (PSN) is a streaming video media infrastructure operated by Sony Interactive Entertainment, released in November 2006. 

PSN was initially developed for PlayStation video game consoles but soon expanded to include smartphones, laptops, Blu-Ray players, and high-definition televisions.

More than 110 million accounts have been recorded as of April 2016, of which 113 million are active regularly as of June 2020. 

The PlayStation Network or PSN is an online play and delivery infrastructure for media content. Sony Company initially developed PSN to aid the PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming console. 

And over the years, the corporation has extended the offering to include PlayStation 4 (PS4), other Sony devices, plus distribution of video and music assets. 

The PlayStation Network is owned and run by Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI) and is competitive mostly with the Xbox Live network.

How to use PlayStation Network?

An internet user credentials ID is needed for the account to use the PSN. The user ID is essential to the PSN account, and the profile will be shown on the display as you play games online. 

During the year 2019, Sony allowed users to update their PSN ID online. Every season, Sony conducted a discount season for prospective players and customers to purchase the new PSNs such as PS2, PS3, and PS4. 

Presently, Sony Interactive Entertainment is active unveiling the widely awaited PlayStation 5.⠀

How did you Get Banned from PlayStation Network?

Whether you can get unbanned depends on what type of ban and what you’ve been forbidden to do. 

There are short-term bans that Playstation problems for less serious actions. In contrast, a sequence of bad behavior or serious violations of Playstation rules often will lead to a permanent ban on your profile or gamepad.

If your PlayStation has been banned permanently and you’ve already approached their customer support for a ban, and this has not helped, your console will sadly be permanently banned from the Playstation network.

Anybody who appears to be able to lift a ban on you is quite merely a fraudster who takes your money.

Types of bans on PlayStation Network

Generally, when it comes to PlayStation, there are two types of suspensions or bans.

  • Account ban or suspension
  • Console ban or suspension

A suspension is normally temporary, and you can regain access to the PlayStation Network just after the suspension has been pulled. 

Suspensions usually occur in non-payment of service charges or other minor violations of the regulations, such as using inappropriate language or calling people’s names.

Nevertheless, bans are usually permanent. Bans may be for a certain period or a permanent ban, but quite often, when Playstation bans your profile or console, it is a forever situation.

The ban on the profile is when just your account is prohibited, but the system still allows network access through the use of other profiles.

A ban on your system means that you will end up losing all of your advancement or subscriptions to that profile, but at least your PlayStation is still capable of being used.

That being said, a system ban will not allow users to access the online service from your module at all, and you’ll never be able to use your PlayStation to access anything at all on the Playstation Network in the coming years, either.

Nevertheless, you can connect your account from some other system or online if you have a ban on the PlayStation but not a ban on the profile.

Sometimes you’re going to get a ban on PlayStation and a ban on your account at once. 

Console bans and double bands such as these are generally reserved for the most severe rules violations, as Playstation expects you to be able to access their PSN if you have a subscription to it.

How to get unbanned from PlayStation?

Now we understand the various forms of account and device bans and suspensions, and we’re going to explore ways to get unbanned from the PlayStation network.

The first thing you need to do to get unbanned from the PlayStation network is speak to customer support. 

If you believe the ban is irrational and unjustified, you can still email PlayStation with your questions and concerns and expect that they can remove the ban for you.

A permanent ban on PlayStation would mean all your achievements and subscriptions would be revoked and will be a big disappointment to you. 

Nevertheless, even though the restrictions are lifted, there is already a risk that you will not be able to restore your subscriptions.

Beyond calling customer service and hoping they’ll overturn the suspension, there’s not much you can do except finding a new system or account.

Many people have claimed that upgrading hardware within their Playstation has encouraged them to use the same system again, but for most users, the money and time to do that is more than just purchasing an unbanned system instead.

Why would your account or system get banned?

There can be several reasons why your account or device is prohibited. Many of them include breaking the rules and the code of ethics of the Playstation Network. 

Instances of the reasons why users have been banned are:

  1. Accounts get banned commonly because of ban behavior and racist comments, or if you bully someone online.
  2. You can also get banned if you try to hack someone else’s account.
  3. You might get banned if someone had hacked into your account.
  4. You can get banned if a lot of users reported your account.

Nevertheless, if you’ve not done all of the above, or if there’s a risk that your account has been compromised, then approaching the Playstation Support Team is your best option to get your issue resolved.

If you consider yourself trapped in this case, you can still send a thorough email to PlayStation by heading to their help page and telling them to check into it asap. You can also message them through live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is PlayStation Network safe?

Yes, it is safe. Your credit card company protects you, and the PlayStation Network stores internet traffic.

  1. How does PlayStation Network cost you monthly?

Your monthly membership fee renews automatically, and the $9.99 plus relevant tax will be subtracted from your PlayStation Network (PSN) account every month until you deactivate it.

  1. Which is better, PS Plus or PS now?

PlayStation Plus is something you get to play online for PS4 and can play free games each month that’s worth purchasing. 

Whereas PlayStation can stream games over point, and it seems like a great deal if you have a reliable internet connection.

  1. Is PS Plus worth it in 2021?

PS Plus is profitable if you’d like to play multiplayer games on PlayStation 4. Having to pay for this element is fairly typical now. 

But if you have a PS4, you’re only going to get a few games for free each month, and you’re not going to be able to play each one of them.

  1. Is Netflix free with PS Plus?

No, you don’t get a free Netflix with a Playstation Plus. Netflix necessitates a Netflix subscription to the PS4. 

Nevertheless, if you have a Netflix subscription, you don’t have to have Netflix admin rights to Playstation Plus.


If you have completed everything you can and still find your account/console blocked, you will sadly have to create a new account or purchase a new Playstation.

Be always cautious when you purchase a second-hand PlayStation, and if it’s a blocked one, you can never be allowed to access anything online because of the former owner’s acts. 

Just purchase the used Playstation console from retailers with a decent refund policy or a friend or relative to get back to if you have trouble with the prohibited system.

At the end of the day, if you reviewed all the terms of service, making sure that you paid all the fees and complied with all the other laws and regulations and that your profile is still blocked, then you may pursue legal action. 

With the best evidence and a great message, you might be unbanned.

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