How To Get Unbanned From Okcupid in 2021:- Quick Guide

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OkCupid (OKC) is an American-based, universally functioning web-based dating app and an informal communication site and application. 

It involves many decision checks for coordination of people. 

Enrollment is free. OkCupid is a web-based dating application that encourages you to rely upon a match for who you are and what you like. 

Internet dating is customized and fun with OkCupid. Sentences and perfect dates come out of Responsibility Company. 

That’s why OkCupid flaunts what you’re doing past an image.

Depending on match and love depending on what makes you, you – on the basis that you merit it. 

Meet singles who share your desire. 

Because of Cupid’s special survey, we connect you with singles that we think you’ll be together. 

Date or to meet new people and find the Indian dating scene on the web.

OkCupid is a web-based dating application that tells your character and interests that care about you the most. 

Match and depending on your interests and key issues together to connect on what makes the difference.

In-depth conversation through matches, travel, or our unique live talk and the system and spotlight focus on the company and connections that you are not.

Meet new people and start a feeling for whoever or any relationship you are looking for. 

Whether it is sentimentality, dating, or marriage, OkCupid can help you get someone unique.

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Features Of Okcupid App You May Need To Know

  1. Gather a web-based dating profile that matters to you.
  2. Match with your close ones who share your leanings and interests.
  3. Swipe to find mates and matches and check the top to bottom profile on the same dating app.
  4. Mail and meet with someone you are viable with.
  5. Local dating highlights help you meet people close to you.
  6. Online travel to meet people and schedule an appointment for a date.
  7. See who likes you without enjoying them.
  8. Search with cutting-edge channels.
  9. Enjoy OkCupid ad-free.
  10. Search for nearby singles who share your interests and interests.
  11. Dating with locals that are perfect for you.
  12. Plan a night with your match.
  13. Set a dating bent whether you are straight.

What Are the Benefits Of Membership Plan On OkCupid?

Advanced Integrated Checkout Way: 

You cannot zero in and invest in the site. Similarly, OkCupid gives a decent number of search channels, so I don’t particularly appreciate that they hang you in ambiguity. 

The Peruse profile is not a creeper. If you are worried that someone has visited you on your profile in the past week, then at that time, you are behaving very badly at any time.

A profile must be an intense journey to read the profile, see the photos, and experience the questioning of equality that you seek. Now, you can choose if you need to send a message to that person. 

See who likes you: 

If someone likes you, it is perfect. But on the other hand, this person can be one of those who do not use the site properly. Probably “like” hits because they want a more great way to send you a valid message. 

Or on the other hand, they are “liking” everyone’s profile, believing that they have someone who gets greed. If someone enjoys you, the person in question will send you a message.

Message Channel: 

You have to get the job done. Fortunately, OkCupid gives a message review. You are getting messages like ‘want to meet?’ Try and do not try to open them. 

Go down and look at the checkmark close to their message and mass erase.

Understand Why OkCupid Banned Your Account?

If your OkCupid account was suspended, you might not do much about it. You would not know why it was suspended. 

OkCupid has some exact guidelines, and If you have not followed them, they cannot reactivate your details.

You can present a part of your suspension to OkCupid. Still, before you do so, you should check OkCupid’s rules and try to find out why it suspended your details.

Check out the OkCupid Community Guidelines

  1. Here is a detailed description of the things from which you can suspend your details.
  2. Spontaneous unequivocal messaging.
  3. Neglect and many types of provocations.
  4. Violation discourse.
  5. Creating multiple profiles.
  6. Making phone details.
  7. Creating a shared service.
  8. Posting contact data of other persons.
  9. Posting your contact data.
  10. Making details on a closed or under 18 years of age.
  11. Very improper offsite action, which is not still banned to following, inciting, misuse and assault.
  12. Posting images containing bars or other sexual substances.
  13. Posting rough or concocted photos.
  14. Posting copyrighted photos.
  15. Posting photos in which you cannot be considered.

Instructions To Appeal Your Suspension And Withdraw Your A/C

If you are required to claim your suspension, you should contact OkCupid’s support body and request that they check your time. 

You can search for the help meeting here. Disclose all of which you may think the suspension was inappropriate, although you can expect a lot of detail.

You will likely not find them responsible. However, the arrangement is never to convince people why it suspended their details. 

They do this to secure the personality of people who have exposed your action for violations of the principles.

If they choose to unban your details, they will send you an email saying your profile has been restored. 

If you have grabbed your details, you can reactivate your details of choice. To do this, sign in to OkCupid with your email address and secret word.

It will give you a brief to confirm that you want to reactivate. Snap and yes on OkCupid, and your profile will be dynamic and clear. 

If you have deleted your details, you cannot reactivate your details. The cancellation is permanent.

Even, you can create another detail with the same email address if you want. Please note that our privacy policy means that it closes the details after a time of inertia. 

If you have not entered your details for over a year and cannot sign in, this may be why.

If yes, then you will have the option to create other details using the same email address.


  1. What happens when you interrupt OkCupid?

Interrupting and unmatched, blocking is equivalent so that you won’t see them anywhere by a single token. Affected people cannot also message you. If you have loved someone still, rethinking, you can unmatch.

  1. Will you be able to hide your account on OkCupid?

Incognito helps you to keep a working profile on OkCupid while covering 100% of someone on a site that you have not previously reported or enjoyed. 

If it is not too much of a hassle, Incognito is a separate subscription from Basic or Premium and excludes the same token highlights.

  1. Is there a limit to the number of likes on OkCupid?

There may be no limit on the number of profile A list people every day. Even for the best results, you can send some great messages to the people you want.

  1. How do you stop OkCupid?

Contact their customer service and clarify. They will probably enlighten you to keep your profile about yourself and to exclude personal messages to someone else in your profile. You are probably not banned forever.

  1. Does OkCupid give fake preferences?

OkCupid pays honey to give them phone preferences. Not different destinations do it, and OkCupid continues to inch more like a hookup site If it’s not one still.

  1. Is it payable for OkCupid?

It is not worth paying for OkCupid on the regular off chance that you do not sign regularly. 

Instead of paying a month-to-month fee for a dating site, you no longer have the way to check in every time, spend cash on dating apps. All things are happening. 

You will go on a date with breathtaking, attractive people without the problem of finding yourself.

Final Words

One of the central reasons that makes OkCupid stand apart from other dating applications in the market is that it works for people searching for a real and important relationship. 

Besides, you will notice it – Even in every component of the application during the transfer of information.

The application needs to know you, your desire, and tilt in a person, rather than basically to allow people to connect with you that you remember. 

The calculation can also narrow down the right match depending on the data you have placed on the application.

It seems that by thinking about the variables that go into the context of your age, desire, region, interests, and earlier, the application asks you funny inquiries plugged by calculations to find someone just like you. 

Being online lets you search for people on the web, so they are grateful to react.

New people will show you people who have recently joined OkCupid, and the match shows you the actual rate. 

Overall, it controls your understanding of who you need to lean on. 

Although an important thing in the realm of connection, dating applications is that potential partners need to be depending on each other.

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