How to Get Unbanned from Minecraft server {updated on September 2023}

If you got banned by Minecraft and don’t know what to do next. Then, this article is for you. Learn how to get unbanned from the Minecraft server here. Let’s go.

Did any message pop up mentioning that you have been banned while playing on your favorite server? 

Don’t worry about it as we have got your back.

If you’ve been banned for hacking, being disrespectful to the community, or simply confusion, the forces that forbade you possibly believe you’re an insane guy who can’t contain you. 

Also, the only choice is to state your case reasonably and kindly to the people in charge.

Read this entire article learn how to get unbanned from Minecraft server and some tips.

How to Get Unbanned From Minecraft Server [Step by Step]

Getting your banned Minecraft back is quite time-consuming. So I will suggest you create a new Minecraft server with a New IP Address in order to get unbanned from the Minecraft server.

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Create a new account on the Minecraft server and start paying.

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About Minecraft Servers: Best Servers to Join

Minecraft servers differ significantly from one another, even though the entire game mode will be the same.

With hundreds of Minecraft servers available today, it could be a difficult choice to search for those who are worth it.

The following list discusses some of the very best Minecraft servers regularly proven to have the highest quality over the last year. 

The parameters used to decide the best entrants in this category include, but are not restricted to, unique gameplay elements, stunning graphics, success, and, most notably, the ultimate thrilling gameplay style for the gamers.

Try out the popular Minecraft servers below for an exciting gaming experience.

1. Server: Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a wonderful server for all Minecraft players at every experience level to play. 

The idea is set inside a futuristic prison environment, where gamers must mine and battle their way through multiple prison ranks to make progress. 

They can also demand land plots, make in-game stores and engage in the server’s regular activities.

The Purple Prison Minecraft server has thousands of players returning every day, and several extremely big YouTube names have already been played before, including Mr. Beast and Skeppy.

It is also a vibrant and supportive community, evidenced by the close-knit community of 23,000 strong Discord users. 

The Purple Prison Minecraft server also has a huge moderation team that keeps it secure and acceptable at all times, making it a no brainer for all gamers to check it out.

2. Server: Jartex Network

Jartex Network is also another outstanding Minecraft server providing a range of common, diverse game modes for players to select from. 

Some of the most common modes on the network include factions, jail, and kitpvp. It’s got hundreds of Minecrafters coming back every day, a testimony to its fun factor.

Nevertheless, what puts the Jartex Network Minecraft server apart from everyone else is the inherent nature of the gameplay modes, with both facets providing a highly polished and well-refined design right from the joining moment.

3. Server: Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart is a wonderful server that explicitly introduces the beloved Grand Theft Auto into the game with no modifications to be installed to the Minecraft client.

On the Grand Theft Minecart server, gamers can use more than 35 firearms, like machine guns, snipers, shotguns, and handguns. 

They can even drive aircraft, boats, and even tanks, all inside the Minecraft blockade world. The server is an utter pleasure to play from beginning to end and will certainly cater to the GTA series lovers.

4. Server: Hypixel

Hypixel is a Minecraft server which most gamers must have come through at any point in life. 

Hypixel is perhaps the largest Minecraft server globally, with over 100,000 online players at peak hours of the day.

Its popularity is the creativity and non-stop search of excellence seen in its game modes over the last few years. 

Hypixel provides hundreds of exclusive game modes. Some of the most common are Bedwars, Skywars, Skyblocks, and TNT tags. 

Hypixel is so far ahead of other competing Minecraft mini-game servers that it’s almost ridiculous. 

The server is so deep inside the culture of the game that it can indeed say that all Minecrafters need to learn it before they can even start to dream about considering themselves skilled in the game.

5. Server: Minemen Club

Minemen Club is leading other Minecraft servers despite everything relevant to PvP in the community. 

It is commonly considered as one of the best-customized anti-cheat methods, making it the ideal server to learn PvP skills without thinking about possible cheaters comfortably.

Minemen Club is a high skill hurdle Minecraft server and is primarily based on 1v1 matchups between teams.

It provides graded and unclassified play for different dual types, with the most common dual types, such as no debuff, debuff, sumo, archer, and refill.

Most group players know this Minecraft server from invitations to compete here from other servers to resolve future abilities and supremacy feuds, PvP-wise. Minemen Community is used in the forum as yet another Minecraft server for all PvP based games.

How to Join a Server?

To enter a Minecraft server, first select a server you like, like any of the servers mentioned above, and get an IP address. Enter the game, select ‘multiplayer,’ and then ‘add the server.’ 

Then, drop in the IP address and name the domain. Next, please ensure you press ‘done’ before you go back to the server list and select the server you want. 

Hit the ‘enter server’ tab, and you’ll find yourself in a new, fantastic world of blocks and users who like those blocks.

Other Steps to Get Unbanned from Minecraft servers

Contact the Minecraft server: Request Method

1. Find the website of the server

Often, attempting to login into the server will show a page that indicates where you can ask for a ban. 

Alternatively, a simple online search for “Minecraft” with the server name will always lead to the server’s site and forums. If it doesn’t work, then ask friends.

2. Knowing the rules

Very possibly, you were banned when someone mentioned you breaking the server rule. Seek the server rules on the homepage. 

Read both of them and figure out whether you broke them. You can claim that you do this more easily if you know the rules.

3. Look for instructions 

Check the “Unban Request” and “Ban Appeals.” websites. It is really necessary to read all “stickied” articles created by the admins in these articles. 

These blogs also contain guidance on the style which you must formally establish. One will need to build a profile in the community before they can see such updates. 

4. Track down the operators

If you couldn’t locate any directions for unbanning your message, search for connection details for network controllers. They’re sometimes called Ops, moderators, or administrators. 

It could be a complicated operation. Implement all directions in the request to maximize the probability of a reply. If no directions have been posted, post them on the websites asking for assistance. 

When there are no platforms, ask your buddies who could still reach the portal and ask the administrators for communication information. 

If the developers are not talking to you, try to find someone who plays on the server. Press him to bargain on your behalf, please.

5. Use complete sentences

Be certain to make the most of learning pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Administrators are far more inclined to take demands strictly when they have been well crafted. 

If users know a colleague who is excellent at blogging, ask them to read through your articles before submitting them.

6. Explain what happened

Tell the dispatcher all that has arisen, and be nice about all of it. Behaving rudely or threateningly is certainly not going to help the odds. 

Don’t miss anything out of any narrative. Don’t render arguments regardless of them being real.

7. Apologize for your actions  

If you have broken a policy, face the fact and apologies. In case you have hurt other participants, give them an acknowledgment, or ask the server to deliver an apology to them for you. 

When you did anything against the server’s law, but you didn’t realize it was the policy, gather proof or witness statements that you didn’t even know. Address it in a respectful, simple option.

Convincing the Server to Unban you: Request Method

1. If necessary, post a screenshot

If you have any photos or screenshots describing what happened, attach them to the forum or send them with your contact. 

It’s usually a smart idea to take a snapshot of the ban screen since it tells why you’ve been barred and occasionally responds from the individual who ordered the ban. 

If you have been unfairly banned for “flying” or other hacking, take a screenshot of another server that shows a significant delay causing this result.

2. Try to compromise

If you’re good at talking, you may be able to make a compromise. Try to volunteer for any of the following:

  1. Helping others to create, gather, or focus on other ventures.
  2. Trading of low-value products only.
  3. Staying away from those regions.
  4. Stop talking to several other players.
  5. Compensation of other teams for a broken property.

3. Wait for a response patiently.

The operators will take a close look at your submission. They can interview witnesses, make copies, check your account records, or ask a question. Wait anxiously for a decision. 

Based on the server, it will take anything from one day to multiple weeks. You will join in the discussions while awaiting and could take compliments, suggestions, or inoffensive thoughts into account.

4. If your request has been denied, stay humble.

If you’re doing the right protocol and they’re somehow not going to add you in, be polite. 

Don’t behave abusively or give the server a negative press, or you can find yourself on a registry that blocks you from several other servers. There are several servers out there. 

It’s crucial to pursue another one. Keep calm for at least two to three weeks to pursue another appeal again. Check the laws of the server and see if they have clear rules for repeated attempts to appeal. 

Any bans are only brief, usually between one day and one week. As long as you don’t violate any more laws, you will be allowed back after a provisional ban has expired.


So, did the list of the best Minecraft servers make you as pumped as it has everyone else? 

Wonderful new worlds mix with enjoyable and diverse activities, but ensure you look at the new server you find with the finest Minecraft items. 

Further, please don’t fail to make Minecraft even greater with our list of the best Minecraft modifications. 

You’ll never think back after you’ve added all those nice tweaks and upgrades. 

Always avoid bad behavior to prevent bans. 

Strive to create a good and healthy gaming community.

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