How to Get Unbanned from Kissanime 2023 {Updated on Sep}

Anime is the type of animation that originally comes from Japan. 

Anime is the word used to describe any cartoon animation in Japan. 

In the World, Anime has become popular with a unique animation form. 

Anime may also be called a different type of animated material.

Are you having issues with Unable to access 

Is your IP address forbidden on You can try to use the tips and tricks to unblock or bypass the ban with a web browser.

This article will show you how to get unbanned from Kissanime and some tips which will allow you to bypass the Kissanime ban.

How to Get Unbanned From Kissanime

The simple method to get unbanned from kissanime is to get a new account with the new IP address (Yes, New IP is needed). If you use a new account in your old Ip, then your new kissanime account also will get banned asap. So, Follow the instructions carefully.

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Download and install it on your device

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Now visit kissanime and create a new account and enjoy watching anime

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What is Kissanime?

KissAnime is a popular site for anime lovers. This awesome website offers you easy access to several anime series. 

You will watch any of these free shows in excellent image quality that will offer the audience something beautiful. You can watch video quality episodes from 240p to 1080p. 

This genius website offers the finest English subbed and dubbed anime series in High definition. It has many sections to choose from, including Humour, Horror, Love story, Fighting, Journey, and more. 

On other internet sites, you have to pay so much for watching a single scene, but you can watch the same for free on Kissanime, which is why KissAnime is recognized as one of the finest free alternative sites to high price anime webpages.

Kissanime Categories

If you believe that kissAnime is restricted to drama or simple anime, then you’re mistaken. 

KissAnime is the largest anime portal, all about limitless anime in the Sci-Fi genres, horror, romance, humor, action, sports, and many more. 

Here you’ll find many movies and series dubbed in your language so that you can enjoy them easily. 

KissAnime has every anime series and movie you want. You’ll see a lot of new uploads in various categories every day.

Is Kissanime legal?

There is no denying that KissAnime is one of the largest anime streaming platforms. Still, there is a query that emerges in any KissAnime customer’s mind, whether it is a legitimate platform or not. 

The response is no, and it is not a legitimate website because the material displayed on the website is not supplied with the official means adopted by other apps. 

If you were viewing something on the site, you wouldn’t be arrested. 

It is analogous to streaming platforms, where streamers are people who do illicit activities while you, as a watcher, don’t do something wrong, so don’t think about using this tool. 

It’s illegal to download stuff from the internet, but there’s nothing to deter you from seeing anything on the website you choose. It may not be legitimate, but it is a very valuable source for anime.

Is the Kissanime website legal?

There have been reports that Kissanime is not a stable website; it holds a virus that can destroy users’ computers and equipment. 

According to several customer reviews, Kissanime is secure to use without any viruses associated with its use. The official website does not contain any viruses. 

Nevertheless, several pages have been replicated by the official site, full of fraudsters and hackers. The official Kissanime is not a scam and does not produce any form of malware or other spyware.

How to use Kissanime?

KissAnime is a great platform that acts as the perfect thing for anime spectators. Few people don’t know how to use this website, so we’re explaining how to use KissAnime. 

You can pick your favorite anime from this category. Next, click on the title to be guided to a page with a list of seasons the anime includes, and click on the episode you want to see. 

It’s going to bring you a streaming player, but that’s not the point you’re going to have to reach. Scroll down till you see the Download option and download by pressing the Save Link button as the pixel size you want. 

In the last step, click on the quality you want, save the connection and choose the location to save the video. 

Many who have a downloader can quickly press and pick a copy of the connection address and paste it to the current download manager. 

Your anime download is now completed so that you can watch the episode without loading. If you’ve taken all the steps right, it’s easy to import KissAnime clips.

Steps to download an episode

  1. Look for a sequence using the search bar or groups.
  2. Tap on the name to be guided to a website containing a list of episodes that the anime contains.
  3. Tap on the episode you want to view.
  4. It would show you a streaming player, but that’s not the target right now.
  5. Move down and stop when you see ‘Mobile Download (save link as…)’ with pixel parameters.
  6. Right-click on the quality you want and pick ‘Save link as,’ and choose the place to save the video.
  7. If you have a file manager, right-click and pick ‘copy connection URL’ and then paste it to the latest download manager.
  8. There you’ve got it! If you observed all the steps as they were, you downloaded a single episode seamlessly!

Why does Kissanime ban you?

Many users of have raised complaints about their accounts being banned out of a sudden. 

Well, these bans can be temporary or permanent, depending upon the type of ban. Here are some possible bans that often occur.

1. Adblock blocking

If you are not a premium member of Kissanime and try to enable ad blocking, your account can get a ban. 

It often happens when you turn on Adblock in your browsers. Disable the ads block option if you are using browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

When you visit the Kissanime website by turning on the ads block, a pop-up message will display on your screen. 

This message will ask you to disable the Adblock option to continue watching your anime series. You might ignore these messages unintentionally, but this can cause a ban of your account on the website.

2. Filtration of unblocking links

A Kissanime user told us how he was banned from filtering the latest unlock root URL. This situation also leads to a ban on the website. 

Users of Kissanim are always urged to be careful of the connections they add to the web since this could lead to a ban on Kissanime. 

Other bans may arise from irregular practices, such as the use of unofficial software and the use of a banned third-party application on the web.

Other Ways to get unbanned on Kissanime?

Yes, it’s time. You will know the ways and tips to get unbanned or bypass the unban on Kindly focus on the following point below

  1. Don’t use forbidden third-party programs

Kisssnime always monitors the login behavior of its users on its website. Your ban can be a cause of your third-party program use. 

The third-party apps or programs give you access to the site but by illegal means. This behavior is caught by the website resulting in a ban

  1. Avoid unofficial applications

Kissanime is strict about its content accessibility. They don’t allow any unofficial apps to access their content. 

The reason for this is that the servers of these apps are overloaded, which can cause complications in their website

  1. Disable Ad Blocker 

As mentioned above, if you turn on Ad Blocking in your browser without having a premium membership, your account can get a ban. Disable the Kissanime website

  1. Use a new browser

Trying a new browser can get you through the ban, so use new browsers like firefox or chrome by disabling the VPN in it

  1. Clear all cookies

Another method that can work is by clearing the cookies in your browser. You have to go to your browser setting and click on the clear all cookies option. Close and reopen the browser after that

  1. The last trick

If nothing of the above works, the last thing you can do is to create a new account. You might lose some history and data, but what else can you do if the above tips didn’t work.


  1. Is Kissanime free?

Yes. Kissanime is well known for its free access and selections. This website provides a wide range of anime series of all categories for free. You can watch online or download in simple steps

  1. Is my Kissanime block temporary or permanent?

Your ban can be either temporary or permanent. It depends on the type of ban you received. Avoid using third-party apps and disable the Adblock option in your browsers to prevent bans

  1. Can I watch Naruto Shippuden on Kissanime?

Yes, of course. You can watch or download every single episode of Naruto Shippuden from Kissanime. It has all the episodes aligned in a user-friendly manner so that you can download them in simple steps.

Final Words

Are you an otaku searching for the best site on the internet to watch or download anime from? 

If yes, Kissanime is the right site for you. 

Kissanime is the most popular website to watch or download your favorite anime series. 

We hope this article helped you out with its information and the tips for bypassing the Kissanime ban.

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