How To Watch Sling TV In Canada 2023 {Updated on September }

Hello, readers. in this article let’s learn how to watch sling TV in Canada without any issues.

The reason you are here is the updated copyright policies and geo-restriction rules implemented by the government of the USA, where some broadcasting authorities have to finite their broadcasting range to their regional territory only.

The same case happened in Sling TV, which is why you are here for the solution to start streaming with your favourite shows and other content.

Unfortunately, their services are not accessible in Canada, but every problem came into existence with its solution also.

And in this case, the solution is the VPN, or we can say Virtual Private Network can be a medium through which you can bypass all the restrictions and acquire access without even getting noticed.

You can find almost every possible piece of information you are looking for in this article. 

So to know more in detail, stick around and get all your queries solved.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is an America-based streaming platform aimed towards the cord-cutting concept and to promote OTT service platforms worldwide.

People can watch Disney, ESPN, ABC life, TBS and TNT, and many other channels on Sling TV.

Their plans start from $20, available only in the United States, not in any other country.

If you already have a live TV subscription, then these packages are going to be super amazing for you. 

How to Watch Sling TV in Canada

In all of the possible ways available, VPNs are the best and easiest way to cross all the geo-restrictions of these streaming platforms.

VPNs are completely capable of changing your IP addresses and giving you the accessible ones and which authorities won’t suspect.

Here are some simple 5 steps that you need to follow to Watch Sling TV in Canada:

  1. Initially, Subscribe for a VPN service. (Mostly, We recommend ExpressVPN).
  1. Then, Download the application of that VPN service and log in with your credentials on your device.
  1. Now, browse the list of servers and pick a US-based server for establishing a connection.
  1. Next, Click on the ‘Connect’ button and browse the official website of Sling TV.
  1. Lastly, start browsing your favourite content.

Sign Up for Sling TV in Canada without US Payment Method

To get Sling TV in Canada, you are definitely in need of American Payment methods, but it’s not a piece of cake to get it in Canada.

Fortunately, we’ve got some ways through which you can sign up without using the payment method of the US.

Following are the best possible way to sign up for Sling TV without a US payment method in Canada:

1. Use PayPal Gift Card

You can purchase a PayPal gift card to use for getting a subscription to Sling TV in Canada by redeeming it on their official website.

  • First, buy a PayPal gift card. And you will get the code directly to your email address.
  • Then, Connect your device with a US server by using a VPN.
  • Open the Sling TV website and enter your PayPal gift card code to get the subscription.

2. Use US Virtual Prepaid Credit Card

And In other cases, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can also use a virtual prepaid card from the US to sign up for a Sling TV subscription in Canada.

  • First, visit the StatesPay website on your device and hit the “Sign Up” option.
  • Now enter all the details ask to create your US virtual prepaid card.
  • Your account will get created, and then you can use any of your master and Visa debit or credit card to transfer the fund.
  • Then, connect your VPN Service with the US server. 
  • Visit the Sling TV website and sign up with your StatesPay US virtual prepaid card.

Best VPNs to Watch Sling TV Canada

You are here because you have become so tired of searching on Google, and you might have come across a path with thousands of VPN Service Providers. 

But the question is which one is best for your requirements and budget. 

In the practical world, you can not test each of them and find out your ideal one, so for that, we have tried and tested the best VPN services and have shortlisted some of them.

Here’s a list of the best Sling TV VPNs:

#1 ExpressVPN – Best For Sling TV in Canada

ExpressVPN Sling TV in Canada

One of our favorite and highly recommended VPN Services is ExpressVPN is fast and efficient in combining privacy and security encryption protocol with a well-designed user interface.

Their user interface is easy to set up and doesn’t take a lot of downtimes. 

Currently, the company is operating approx 3000 plus services provided across 94 countries all over the world.

They have employed 256 bit AES CBC as a default encryption protocol and HMRC authentication and perfect forward secrecy for security.

Also, they have an internet killswitch option that immediately turns off your tabs to protect your privacy and data browsing history. 

As per their statement, that doesn’t log any of their users’ data, either personal or credential.

Also get Sonyliv in Canada, Stream PeacockTVCanada, Stream YoutubeTV Canada, Stream BBCiplayer Canada, and stream VH1 canada.

Luckily ExpressVPN has an application for iOS and Android users that makes possible the streaming of Sling TV directly on your phone anywhere outside the USA.


Servers in 20 US cities can unblock Sling TV from almost anywhere

Fast downloads

Good internet connection speeds for HD streaming

Standard high-grade encryption, security, and privacy features

Unblocks Sky sports, VRV, Itv, and CW TV.


Slightly more pricey than other services

#2 NordVPN

nordvpn Sling TV in Canada

Second, we have placed NordVPN on a recommendation list. This VPN has already celebrated a decade’s birthday and created a testament in offering solid quality products to all their users.

The service is completely efficient to unlock the US Netflix in Canada VPN ban also so that you’re the axis of major streaming platforms like eurosports, French TV, Syfy and more.

The company is currently operating 5,500 servers in about 50 countries, and about 1,700 of them are planted in the United States only.

For streaming the content available on Sling TV from Canada, you can pick one of them as it is one of those rare VPNs specializing in bifurcating servers as per their specialties.

The company also follows a strict zero lock policy to ensure you do not retain your information relating to web traffic, browsing history or time stamps.

The company has a really good quality of encryption standards to match up to your expectations. 

They have deployed 256 bit IAS protocol in their default protocol combined with 2,048 bit SSL keys. Also, they have DNS leak protection enabled all the time.

The company has already launched an application for both Android and IOS mobile devices. Also, they have a desktop version that is supported in macOS and Windows.


Over 1,700 servers in the US can unblock Sling TV and just about anything

Superfast speeds for HD streaming

Top-notch security and privacy protection

Easy-to-use apps for all major platforms

Customer service is available via 24/7 live chat


The desktop app works fine but can do with some updating

#3 Surfshark

surfshark Sling TV in Canada

Next, we have SurfShark, the low-cost VPN Service offering a lot more than expected.

And they have been expanding their server networks and presently operating approx 3200 servers in about 65 countries. 

The great thing about this service is that they don’t restrict you from simultaneously connecting too many devices. 

When you are working with SurfShark, you get a chance to connect an unlimited number of devices with one single account.

SurfShark can easily unlock access to major streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, the BBC iPlayer, and multiple Netflix libraries.

They are well concerned about your security and have deployed 256-bit encryption military-grade protocol, a killswitch, protection against various leaks, and perfect forward secrecy.

In addition, you get split tunneling and automatic wifi protection for your router also.

It has your back regarding security with 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, a kill switch, protection against leaks, and a zero-logs policy. Extras include automatic wifi protection and split tunneling.

The application has also been launched for Linux, iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS devices.


Great at unblocking popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer

Keeps no logs whatsoever

24/7 live chat

Takes privacy and security very seriously


Some slow speeds were recorded during testing

#4 CyberGhost

cyberghost Sling TV in Canada

Last but not least, we have CyberGhost, which is based in Romania, and that means it’s not subjected to any detention law.

Cyberghost is currently operating 6500 servers spread across the globe and from which 742 are already placed in the United States. 

So if you are trying to access sling TV, you won’t be facing any problems when they have that much service in the USA.

The company is committed to protecting user security and privacy. For that, they maintain their statement of not logging the user behaviors and browsing history to keep up with the expectations of their users.

Talking about the encryption standard, CyberGhost uses 256-bit encryption, which is also standard gold encryption on their OpenVPN protocol in their default system combined with MD5 HMAC authentication and 2,048-bit RSA keys.

They also have an internet kill switch that comes into action as soon as you lose your internet connection to maintain your privacy, and your device is more threatful.

CyberGhost has made available applications for both IOS and Android devices and the desktop support version for both Windows and macOS.


Over 700 servers in the US get around most geo-restrictions and unblock Sling TV

Impressive streaming and downloading speeds

Scores highly in terms of security and privacy

Low-cost option with beginner-friendly apps


Power-users may lament the lack of advanced configuration options

#5 IPVanish

ipvanish Sling TV in Canada

Lastly, we have IPVanish, headquarter in the USA, and it is completely efficient when it is about to provide a superfast, robust VPN Service.

They’re strictly bound to a policy where they do not store any of your data on personal information.

IPVanish is popular for streaming good quality videos as its servers are optimized for stability, security and speed.

Globally, it operates over 1300+ servers, and like 650 of them are already located in the US alone.

Their encryption standards are pretty palpable as they are using 256-bit encryption in their OpenVPN protocol by default, a DHE-RSA 2,048 bit key exchange, SHA512 authentication, along with perfect forward secrecy.

An internet kill switch is also present by default for your device protection.

There are applications for both Android and iOS devices and desktop support versions for Windows and macOS.


Unblock just about any streaming site in HD speeds

Operates around 650 US servers

Allows you to connect ten devices at once

Top-notch security and privacy considerations


Claims 24/7 support, tickets can take a day or two

Rivals can unblock more streaming sites

Sling TV Packages offered by Sling TV

Sling TV is offering subscription plans which are popularly known as Blue and Orange.

Users can choose between any one of them, and they can also go for both plans, which can make the most affordable plan for you.

Both Blue and Orange plans include base packages where you get 20+ channels like Cartoon Network, TBS, BBC America, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, CNN, A&E, and more.

Devices compatible with Sling TV

As of now, Sling TV is compatible with the devices listed below:

  1. Android TV
  2. Roku
  3. Chromecast
  4. AppleTV
  5. Amazon FireTV
  6. XboxOne
  7. AndroidTV
  8. Android Devices
  9. iOS devices
  10. Windows
  11. Mac OS
  12. Some smart TVs

Channels to watch on Sling TV in Canada

Sling TV has several packages with a variety of channels and different prices. Whether you choose from them, it will be cheaper than your TV provider is currently charging you.

You can watch the content available on the following channels with a subscription to Sling TV: 

  1. NBC
  2. CNN
  3. ESPN
  4. ESPN 2
  5. ESPN 3
  6. AMC
  7. ABC
  8. TBS
  9. TNT
  10. BBC America
  11. Food Network


  1. Is Sling TV free in Canada?

Unfortunately, Sling TV is not free of cost in Canada. For watching your favorite channels and the content available on them, you have to get a subscription to a VPN Service.

  1. Is Sling TV available in Canada?

Unluckily, Sling TV is not available in Canada.

  1. Can I Watch Sling TV Using a Free VPN?

Well, as per our information, free VPNs are not safe when it comes to providing security and privacy up to a great extent to its users.

Even though they might be capable of unlocking access to various streaming platforms, they are not strongly secured and can put your privacy at risk.

Also, they are quite defamed for leaking their users’ private information in exchange for a bulk of money.

If you are at least concerned about your privacy, then stay away from this kind of free trap.


Finally, we have covered all the important topics you need to know when looking for a way to watch the content available on Sling TV with the help of a VPN Service.

It is quite obvious for the people living in Canada that they might get deprived of this service due to geo-restriction policies announced by the government of the USA.

In our recommendation, you must go for ExpressVPN as we have tested it quite often. 

We never get disappointed with their quality of service, superfast speeds, and a huge quantity of service spread worldwide.

The rest of the choice is yours for which service you want to go for and which is most suitable for you.

Happy Streaming.

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