How to Watch Italian TV in UK online 2023 {Latest Guide}

Italian TV is a public media company in Italy that offers several of the most notable radio and television content.

Italian TV is indeed not just seen in Italy. 

Still, it is also seen in surrounding countries, namely Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Iceland, Uruguay, and plenty of others, generating a large viewership for Italian TV throughout Europe.

For those hoping to play Italian TV from somewhere outside of Italy, then perhaps there is wonderful news, premium VPN can help everyone access those favorite programs and safely safeguard their data and assets.

Throughout this post, you will learn how to watch Italian TV in Italy or elsewhere with a VPN’s aid.

How to Watch Italian TV in the UK?

Streaming sites are accessible to everyone these days. Sadly, however, owing to license limitations, some services are only accessible in selected regions. 

It is indeed a problem, for example, for those who are traveling overseas but do want to stream Italian TV channels like Canale 5, La 5, ItalianPlay, or TV8. 

Fortunately, there may be an easy, seamless route to reach those normal streaming sites from just about anywhere globally: link to an Italian VPN server.

Then why does this function? Essentially, some cable channels search the user’s IP address to see which country those individuals are in. 

When attached to a VPN, these providers only see the IP address of the selected server. In other words, if someone’s server is in Italy, that’s where people happen to be trawling from. 

Also, as a side benefit, VPNs further hide your IP address and stop it from being studied by peeping toms like your employment contract, authorities, or internet provider.

Step by Step guide to watch Italian TV in UK

  1. You can start by getting a subscription to a reliable VPN service. (we strongly recommend ExpressVPN)
  1. Download and log in to the app on your smartphone: Remember, most services let you connect about five devices at a time, so feel free to install the app on any phone you use to watch.
  1. Link to any of the Italian VPN regions. It will provide you with an Italian IP address that will allow users to access the localized Italian services overseas.
  1. Eventually, try out your favorite channel. You ought to be able to do it now as if you were already in Italy. 

If not, we suggest that you clear your web browser cache and reload the tab. If it doesn’t work yet, attempt another Italian server or email customer service for more assistance.

How to pick the best VPN for Italian TV?

It’s easy to get frustrated by the large number of VPNs on the internet, particularly when it seems that every network promises to be the finest in a certain way.

Usually, however, experts consider using a flexible service rather than one that shines in one specific area like pace or security. So it is the reason why all of our suggested VPNs have the following features:

  1. Data rates are quick enough to watch video HD without delay.
  1. It offers connections to several servers in Italy.
  1. It helps to keep you secure with state-of-the-art security options.
  1. It does not log any detail that it can use to classify you.
  1. You can unblock a wide variety of streaming channels from Italy.
  1. Requires multiple devices simultaneously and has implementations for all types of devices.

Best VPNs to watch Italian TV in UK

#1 ExpressVPN: Best VPN For Italian TV in UK

expressvpn For Italian TV in UK

Key Features

Privacy is their real concern.

It comes with leak protection and a built-in kill switch.

It aims in keeping your data safe and secure.

Compatible with macOS, Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android users.

ExpressVPN also protects user anonymity and holds no records of your operation or IP address. 

DNS leak security is integrated into the VPN, ensuring that hardly anyone or no one online, not even Italian TV or your ISP, will recognize the users or the actual IP site. 

Whenever it comes to streaming certain popular online video services, ExpressVPN offers you more than enough options. 

The massive network of over 3,000 servers in 160 server locations in 94 nations lets you unblock pages, including NBC live UK, ABC live In UK and Indian channels live in UK etc.

Native VPN applications are eligible for Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Amazon Fire TV, Desktop and Android TV. 

Chrome and Firefox browser plugins are also authorized, as is assistance for various adapter brands and models. 

Subscribers will concurrently link to the VPN with five separate devices on a single plan.

There is no free trial for ExpressVPN, but there is a 30-day “no-hassle” cash back guarantee.

#2 Surfshark

surfshark For Italian TV in UK

Key Features

Can connect unlimited devices without any interruption.

It is a small network of VPN servers.

Good for families.



Surfshark delivers its premium service at a low sum, rendering it an ideal choice for consumers on a budget. 

The service provides secure connectivity to Italian TV kudos to its rapidly increasing global cloud network of 1,700+ multiple servers in 60+ nations. 

The network has servers based in 2 cities in Italy, Rome and Milan.

If your ISP-provided links are up to watching Italian TV as well as other streaming services, Surfshark will be able to accommodate everything. 

Online games and document management are also ago. 

The operator never ruins the game by implementing data limits or bandwidth restrictions.

Your cyber operations are rendered hidden through banking-grade encryption and a kill button. 

Ad blocking, tracker obstructing, and spam and malware safety is ready to develop leading online coverage. 

A MultiHop alternative routes one’s internet connection via two VPN servers, doubling any connection’s security and confidentiality. 

No service logs and a cryptocurrency payment method secure you on the security end of that spectrum. 

Surfshark provides native software access with most streaming computer formats, including the iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS and Fire TV systems. 

Chrome and Firefox extension plugins are authorised for in-browser browsing. 

The operator also provides router connectivity. Surfshark’s limitless synchronised connectivity allocation makes it an ideal choice for big numbers of gamers.

#3 PrivateVPN

privatevpn For Italian TV in UK

Key Features

256-bit data encryption.

It doesn’t keep any logs.

Good unblocker.

Built-in kill switch and leak protection.

Can connect up to six devices.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

PrivateVPN is among the selected few elevated VPNs which still operate with Rai TV in 2020. 

PrivateVPN’s web chat assistance was able to direct us on how to link to their portal in Milan, and a user was able to obtain Rai Media content. 

All in all, the company provides 150+ servers in 60+ countries across the globe, which is an amazing option if users are interested in watching other prominent media pages, such as BBC, Netflix or Prime Video. 

Upon choosing and attaching to the appropriate PrivateVPN server, our tests permit connections to any of the data streaming sites mentioned earlier.

PrivateVPN provides unrestricted bandwidth for its network, which again is perfect for watching HD content. 

Streaming frequencies are also strong, and customers get an option between such various VPN protocols to satisfy their requirements to discover the perfect combination between safety, confidentiality, and pace.

Confidentiality is valued with a no-logs agreement and 256-bit encryption, which is the exact standard of authentication as the US military and administration utilize. 

The company is also user-friendly, with a clear layout enabled on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android apps. 

There’s also coverage for Linux and routers, but the users will need to install those manually. Up to 6 devices will concurrently link on a single set of login accounts.

#4 Hotspot Shield

hotshield For Italian TV in UK

Hotspot Shield provides connectivity to over 3,200 servers in 80+ countries like Italy. 

Its traffic volumes are outstanding, so clients should not have any problems while streaming big live videos. 

Additionally, this VPN thrives at unblocking geo-blocked channels from overseas; users will be eligible to obtain facilities of channels like La 5, ItalianPlay, and Canale 5 wherever they are in the globe. 

Up to 5 synchronized linkages are allowed per account.

This system utilises 256-bit encryption, a shift interlock, and security from DNS and IPv6 leaks to guarantee that the data is kept secret from hackers. 

It can also be programmed to link instantly every time anyone uses an unprotected wireless router. 

Hotspot Shield doesn’t retain any identification data until that session has finished, which implies clients will only be truly anonymous when surfing. 

If anyone bumps into any difficulties, they can get support 24/7 through live chat or mail.

Get Hotspot Shield Now

#5 SaferVPN

safervpn For Italian TV in UK

SaferVPN offers powerful link rates from a worldwide system of high servers minus rerouting, access restrictions, security, and compliance. 

SaferVPN has 1,300+ servers based in 50+ countries, with several designed particularly for streaming Television and video materials.

The platform also has servers located in Italy, which will enable users to watch Italian TV. 

Still, even the live communication platform on the SaferVPN website did not tell the user the exact number of domains located in Italy. 

There is also positive news about protection and privacy with SaferVPN: 

  • It offers all of the optimal functionality of a VPN.
  • It involves a no-logs provision and the possibility of several VPN protocols, such as OpenVPN and also IKEv4 that enables authorized clients with both quick and stable service.

Some vital aspects feature military-grade 256-bit encryption and a VPN kill switch, which effectively ensures that if a user loses access to the VPN accidentally, the provider can also kill that internet service to guarantee their security is not violated. 

SaferVPN offers clients many options for linking to the VPN from different devices, including various applications for all the key sites, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 

There are extensions for Chrome and Firefox, too. Help is provided for various routers brands and models.

There’s coverage for five concurrent connections for the Personal payment package, and it’s feasible to trial the product threat free with a 30-day money-back policy.

Get SaferVPN Now

Importance of VPNs

There are tons of applications for a VPN beyond the unblocking streaming pages. Let’s presume a user flying, for starters. 

They may discover that Facebook and WhatsApp are restricted, making it nearly impossible to reach family members at home, based on where they are global. 

They may also be in a place where the authority controls the internet habits and the substance of their communications. 

A VPN will support either unblocking the formerly unavailable site or accessing the data and rendering it indecipherable for either of the instances mentioned.

How many of you have attempted to log in to their online banking or PayPal account while they were overseas and discovered that an automatic scam prevention mechanism blocked their connection? 

VPNs will decrease the risk of this occurring. If users link to a portal in their home country before trying to log in, it is somewhat less likely that the provider would know that the visitors are in a different nation.

Can I watch Italian TV in the UK with a free VPN?

Designers highly warn against the use of free VPNs in particular, and they’re a terrible option for someone seeking to Livestream. 

It is because, considering their large number of customers, these providers typically only have a couple of servers. 

It creates extremely slow speeds, which implies any video would almost inevitably have lag, buffer for long periods, or fail to play. 

There’s still no assurance that the preferred VPN will have an Italian server. And if users find one with good resolutions, they will still not be able to view much.

Compatible Devices for Italian TV

  • Amazon Fire Devices
  • Android Tablets and Smartphones
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Chromebook
  • Chromecast
  • Google Nest
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • LG TV
  • Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Oculus Go
  • Portal TV
  • Roku
  • Safari Browser
  • Samsung
  • Windows 10+
  • XBOX
  • Xfinity X1

Popular Channels on Italian TV

When an individual has linked to an Italian VPN database, they should be allowed to use all of those regular services overseas. 

Below, we’ve highlighted several of the most prominent TV channels and online services users will be able to watch outside of Italy:

  • La 7
  • Italia 1
  • DMAX
  • Cielo
  • Rete 4
  • Rai Play
  • Netflix Italy


  1. Can I watch Italian TV in India?

Yes, you can. With a VPN, you can easily duplicate your location and watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the world.

  1. Can I watch Italian TV in the UK with a free VPN?

Yes, BUT there are some major problems. By using a free VPN, you might compromise your data and the security of your device.

  1. Which is the most famous Italian TV show?

Il Commissario Montalbano.


You don’t have to worry about your favorite Italian TV shows if you are visiting another country. 

Using the help of a reliable VPN service provider, you can bypass the geo-blocks and stream your Italian channels easily. 

But do keep one thing in mind: Don’t use a free or cheap VPN as they are not reliable and can compromise your data and security. 

We recommend ExpressVPN out of all the VPN service providers.

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