How To Watch BBC IPlayer In Canada 2024 (Updated on May)

Let’s learn how to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada without any issue. But before that, let’s see a short about “what is BBC Iplayer.”

BBC iPlayer is a video-on-demand streaming service. It lets you watch BBC programs from any device that can come in handy.

BBC iPlayer is a UK-based platform with no commercial ads, which is now only available in the UK.

You can watch live BBC TV channels on the BBC iPlayer, including the programmes and shows you miss and exclusive contents.

To watch or download BBC programmes on iPlayer or to record on any channel, you need a TV licence without which it will be considered a criminal offence. 

It contains live TV content letting you live stream BBC channels like BBC News, BBC Parliament, S4C, BBC Alba, CBeebies, CBBC and BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3 and BBC 4.

They also offer BBC archives, live events, and online exclusives. Being an expat or a Canadian, you will find it difficult to get your hands on it.

To access BBC iPlayer, as said before, requires a TV licence, so UK TV users are pushed to get one which is why it is restricted to UK citizens.

This article will help you get around this issue so you can enjoy it not just in Canada but anywhere in the world.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada

Follow this 5 simple steps below to Watch BBC IPlayer in Canada

Purchase ExpressVPN (Recommended)

After Purchasing download the app and login into your account

Connect to “UK” Server from the list

After selecting the server click “Connect” and you’ll be connected to the best server in the UK.

Then, visit bbc iplayer in canada to watch your favorite shows

features Of BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer has many great features to make it stand out among various other streaming services in the UK. We are going to have a look at some of them in this part of the article.

One noticeable but mostly missed feature is the benefit of creating and signing up for a BBC account. Though it might seem like a tiny step, doing this can easily help you access BBC’s additional features. 

You can get it to work to your preference, like syncing your favorites and getting recommendations based on what you might like. 

Its user interface is also one of its greatest features. The interface is very easy and understandable to access all the navigating categories.

BBC iPlayer also offers to choose and change your local UK location from the app settings. Not just the location but also the local language can be chosen using the same method. 

Isn’t it a great advantage to be able to watch live TV online? BBC iPlayer offers just that. From the TV channels section, you can choose the required channel to view live TV on any of your devices with the iPlayer. 

It comes in helpful when you want to pause or rewind your show, so you don’t miss any part of it. You can even restart a live program.

BBC iPlayer’s series record is one of the biggest features as you can never miss your favorite show ever with this. Turning on the series record from the settings will automatically download your selected programs.

BBC iPlayer does have its specialty in many ways. Now to determine the ways to experience its fullest capacity in Canada, read further down the article.

The Most Effective Way To Watch BBC Iplayer In Canada

We already know that there’s no possible direct way to access BBC iPlayer in Canada due to geo-restrictions. BBC iPlayer can find if you’re based in the UK or not because of the unique IP address. 

Any internet-enabled device will have a unique IP address that can expose you, ultimately showing your real location.

So the right way to go without getting caught is by hiding your IP address and disguising it with an IP address based in the UK. That way, BBC iPlayer will be forced to think that you are actually from the UK and not elsewhere.

But, how can we do that? Here’s where VPN comes into play. A VPN can disguise your local IP address into a UK IP address to fool BBC iPlayer into thinking you’re in the UK premises.

Any streaming service can detect your IP address assigned to your device, so by using a VPN, the IP address that is being detected will be the one that the VPN gives you. 

So, the most effective way to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada is by using a VPN to connect from a UK server. 

Additionally, there are blocks against VPNs by the BBC iPlayer that unblocks it. So, the biggest task is to find the right VPN that won’t get caught red-handed.

What Reason Should A VPN Be Used For?

Your ISP can see and track anything and everything that you do on the internet. Possibilities are that they sell to advertising companies for profit. 

Advertising companies can use your browsing data and hit your browser with ads depending on your browsing habits.

It is one of the reasons you need a VPN. Other than that, it can be useful while using public WiFi, and hackers can easily get into your browsing even if it’s password protected.

If you are a traveller, you might not be able to access services from your home company. In that case, it can help you get it through geo-restrictions.

So, VPN does not only let you access streaming services it also protects your data from breachers.

How To Choose The Best VPN For BBC iPlayer?

To get the best VPNs in the market, you have to figure out your unique needs. Every VPN has its plus and minus. You have to figure out what’s more important to you.

Some of the points that you might have to consider to choose the best one out there are:

Decide on what you need a VPN for.

If you are a traveler and use public WiFis, you need a VPN that ensures maximum protection.

If you need it for streaming services, you need the one with high speed and unlimited bandwidth. 

You might want a VPN that allows a certain number of device connections minimum and much more similar requirements. So, decide on what your preferences are.

Analyze the qualities of each VPN.

Each VPN has different features, so research and find the ones that suit your requirements. VPN has different main priorities and specializes in it, like speed, protection, unblocking geo-restrictions, encryption, OpenVPN, Kill Switch, etc.

Device Compatibility.

Each VPN allows certain devices or all. Some might support Linux, and some might not. If you have a Windows OS and need a VPN that is compatible with one, look for those that go by it. 

You might even need connectivity to different devices. Some VPNs are compatible with multiple devices or all possible devices. 

So, make sure that the VPN lets you connect to the number of devices you want. The number of devices to connect your VPN with differs from VPN to VPN.

See if the locations you need are available.

The number of servers and locations available differ for each VPN. If you’re a traveler, you will have to make sure the VPN you choose has enough servers in your local locations. 

If the VPN does have servers in your home country, you need to worry if you go anywhere in the world. 

Decide on your budget.

Having a set price point can make it easier to break down your VPN options. While choosing a budget, make sure you figure out which payment plan would be best for you.

Look for the best customer service and money-back guarantee.

Customer service can be a very important aspect while choosing a VPN, as you might need it frequently. Many VPN service providers offer 24/7 customer service, while some don’t. 

If a VPN is based in a different country and the customer service provided is based on their local timing in a different time zone, you might find it harder to get your issue solved right away when you need it.

The other aspect that might prove helpful to you is a money-back guarantee. Many VPN service providers provide a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service. 

It will ensure that you are not forced with something that is not worth your time in money.

What Are The Best VPNs That Work With BBC Iplayer?

To view BBC iPlayer outside the UK, we suggest using one of the following VPNs:

1. Express VPN: Best VPN For BBC iPlayer in Canada

ExpressVPN For BBC iPlayer in Canada

It is one of the fastest VPNs and is ideal for streaming BBC iPlayer in HD. 

ExpressVPN is now one of the finest VPN services available though it is the most costly VPN on the market. But, it delivers the best service one might require.

It helps you to watch BBC iPlayer Canada and also other helps you to access iTV hub in Canada and you can easily access CW tv in canada.

2. NordVPN:

nordvpn For BBC iPlayer in Canada

NordVPN is outstanding among other VPNs to watch BBC iPlayer abroad. 

NordVPN is the most popular VPN service with a well-designed interface that provides easy connectivity.

NordVPN can easily help you to access French TV in Canada and you can able to watch eurosports streaming in Canada with the help of nordvpn.

3. Cyber Ghost:

cyberghost For BBC iPlayer in Canada

A simple to use VPN for BBC iPlayer streaming. CyberGhost is a popular VPN service with several servers that are well established.

Its one of the best vpn to watch US netflix in Canada.

4. Surfshark:

surfshark For BBC iPlayer in Canada

Surfshark VPN for BBC iPlayer is full of respect. You can unblock iPlayer and Stream in HD without burning all available resources. 

The VPN allows peer-to-peer file sharing and has servers that are configured for torrenting so you can share and import large files.

Surfshark is not only best VPN for BBC iplayer it also helps you to watch syfy in Canada and other similar services.

5. Private VPN:

privatevpn For BBC iPlayer in Canada

A low-value VPN for BBC iPlayer that’s quick and easy to use so you can unblock BBC iPlayer and stream in HD in no time.

How VPN Helps Other Than BBC Iplayer?

VPNs have become the best way to watch your best and most popular shows from abroad. 

It opens up a new world of amazing shows and movies to watch on BBC iPlayer. Likewise, it can unlock many more streaming platforms so you can enjoy it from your home.

So, a VPN can not only unblock BBC iPlayer but many more such streaming sites for your entertainment.

So if you’re wondering how to watch vrv outside the us or how to get sky sports in Canada then VPN is the right choice.

Download BBC iPlayer to view content abroad

Although some BBC services accessible from outside the UK like BBC Sounds, BBC Podcasts, BBC News, BBC Sports, BBC Three Youtube Channel, some specific content still might not be available from outside the UK.

So, to access it all completely, you need a VPN. You can download BBC iPlayer as an app on your mobile phone or tablet, or iPad. 

The BBC iPlayer’s specialty is the ability to download videos from BBC iPlayer onto any of your devices with storage. 

It allows you to watch any of your favourite programs from anywhere at any time.

The BBC iPlayer lets you download any of its programs onto your device’s storage, like the hard disk of a laptop, to watch it from anywhere in the world.

Once it is downloaded, it doesn’t have any restrictions. So even if you’re not in the UK, you can watch the already downloaded program offline without the hindrance of geo-restriction.

To download the BBC iPlayer app outside the UK, you need to connect your device with a VPN to a VPN server.

To download BBC iPlayer videos to watch them offline, you need to enable VPN and connect with the UK server to download the videos. After which, you can watch the programs offline without restrictions.

To stream BBC iPlayer channels live on any of your devices, you need to have the app downloaded on your device and make a note of the programs that are streamed live and the time difference from your local place as well. 

Some of the shows can be archived to watch later, but BBC news, live sports extra cannot be archived. 

Not all BBC iPlayer programs can download to watch it offline, and some of them also have an expiration date depending on the rights it has.

Some of the key features of downloading the BBC iPlayer app:

1. Download shows: 

You can save all your favourite programs in your device’s storage so you can watch them offline.

2. Pause and resume live TV:

With the BBC iPlayer, you can pause, rewind and resume for a better watching experience. You don’t have to worry if you have missed any part of the show as you can rewind and pause and reply as you require, even on the live shows.

3. Create a playlist of your number one projects:

You can create a program playlist, so you don’t miss seeing any of your favorite shows by just tapping on the ‘+add’ option.

4. Enjoy the benefits of marking:

You can stop and continue watching on a different device than the previous one.

Why Must You Enter Bbc Sign In To Use Bbc Iplayer?

Without having a BBC account or without singing, you can not use BBC iPlayer.

Due to rights agreements, BBC needs you to be in the UK to stream and download programmes or watch shows on the BBC iPlayer. 

Initially, you could look at all the iPlayer content without recording it, although now you need to connect and sign in to see anything.

The BBC iPlayer offers you many advantages, for example, custom-made offers, top pick records, and playback. So, to access them all, you need to create a BBC account.

Watch BBC Iplayer For Free Using VPN

It’s been reported that more than 60 million people are watching the BBC iPlayer for free from outside of the UK using a VPN.

Using a VPN will let you stream anything from Killing Eve and Doctor Who to Line of Duty and East Enders from outside the UK.

You can watch BBC iPlayer using a VPN by connecting your VPN on your device to a UK server to fool BBC into thinking that you are accessing the iPlayer from the UK.

What a VPN does here is masks your local IP address and disguises it as a UK IP address. 

Each VPN has its features, so by choosing the right VPN, you can access the BBC iPlayer in a more secure and hindrance-free way.

Even though you can watch BBC iPlayer for free, you still have to pay for the VPN. But You can use a VPN for many other purposes other than this, so it’s a Win-Win anyway.


  1. Can I get BBC iPlayer from outside the UK?

Due to the rights, you must be in the UK to download or watch BBC TV channels on BBC iPlayer, even offline. But using a VPN, you can access it anywhere from outside the UK.

  1. Can I use BBC iPlayer in Canada?

Yes, you can watch BBC iPlayer from Canada using a VPN. The article covers the information you will need to do exactly that. 

  1. How long can I watch BBC iPlayer?

You can use BBC iPlayer as long as you can use your VPN Service if you are from outside the UK. Also, some shows have expiry dates, so you have to watch it before it disappears from your BBC iPlayer. 

  1. What are some popular shows on the BBC iPlayer?
  • Killing Eve
  • Fleabag
  • Doctor Who
  • Normal People
  • Our Girl
  • Dracula
  1. Do I need a BBC account, and how?

Yes, you need a BBC account to be able to watch shows on BBC iPlayer. Setting up a BBC account is free, but you have to fill in your details like date of birth, gender, and email address, and a valid UK postcode.


BBC iPlayer undoubtedly has a lot of popular shows that can be worth using a VPN for.

You can access BBC iPlayer from any Android or iOS device, including Smart TVs and streaming devices. But you should also make sure that your VPN has the same compatibility.

Using a good paid VPN can enhance your online streaming and protect your data and keep you safe online. 

With the BBC iPlayer having many popular shows, live programs, and many more, it is worth your time and money to invest in even if you want to watch it outside the UK.

So carefully choose your VPN and who forward with it. Connect with the UK server and enjoy watching BBC iPlayer from the comfort of your home.

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