How To Watch US Amazon Prime In UK 2023 {Updated on Sep}

Amazon Prime Video, also branded as Prime Video, is a subscription streaming platform operated by internet mega-retailer Amazon. 

The platform is featured as a bonus in the internet shopping titan’s Prime service, which also provides 1-day and 2-day free postage.

Prime Video provides a wide selection of films and Tv series varying from vintage films and television shows to new productions. 

The option is provided worldwide, except for China, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

Although the facility is open to much of the globe, one can find that Prime Video doesn’t deliver the same quality anywhere around the globe.

How to Watch US Amazon Prime in UK?

Fortunately, there seems to be a solution for Amazon Prime Video fans who usually live in the US to have access to various shows and movies while flying or residing overseas.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables consumers the freedom to view Amazon Prime Video services centered in the US when on the coast of other nations. 

It achieves this by momentarily issuing a new IP address to clients linked devices, attempting to make it look as if individuals and their devices are situated in the United States.

Although this trick initially succeeded on various VPN operators over the years, service stations have become effective at spotting and preventing IP addresses provided by VPN companies to enable their consumers to connect web content beyond approved territories.

Whenever this occurs, the VPN people must have connections to have either the capacity or the commitment to easily establish new IP addresses whenever the old addresses are disabled.

Step by Step Guide to Watching Amazon Prime With a VPN

Follow the steps below to learn how to watch US Amazon Prime in the UK easily.

  1. Get a subscription to an Amazon prime capable VPN service provider. (We recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Login to the VPN app.
  4. Set your server to a location in the US.
  5. And it works. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

Why do you need to use VPN?

If you have an Amazon Prime profile and want to use the website while traveling overseas, you’re going to face huge challenges. 

This includes, you’re not going to be able to download TV shows and films to Prime like people usually can in their domestic world

Since Amazon requires individuals to access its streaming website in the region where they pay, people will only view a limited amount of Amazon Originals when they fly to another nation.

So, anytime individuals go on holiday or go for work in a foreign country, they tend to have much more admittedly limited experience with Amazon Prime. 

But individuals can quickly get full access to their domestic country’s Prime Catalog abroad by registering for a Vpn provider.ExpressVPN is today’s top pick. 

Once individuals register for one of these first-rate providers, all they have to do is link it to their home country on the VPN server and use Prime as usual. 

With the aid of a VPN, they can stream all their beloved TV shows and movies when they’re in another part of the world.

Best VPNs for watching US Amazon Prime in UK

We’ve put together some of the top VPNs and also listed their features. Do refer to them in detail and then choose the best VPN server. 

#1 ExpressVPN:- Best VPN for Watching US Prime in UK

expressvpn for US amazon prime in uk

Key Features

Privacy is their real concern.

It comes with leak protection and a built-in kill switch.

It aims in keeping your data safe and secure.

Compatible with macOS, Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android users.

ExpressVPN provides secure access to Amazon Prime Video material in the United States. 

ExpressVPN’s outstanding global server network and fast loading speed make it a perfect alternative for Prime Video and many other streaming services. 

ExpressVPN also unlocks other services like NHL in the UK, Hulu in the UK, And also helps you to stream IPL in uk.

#2 NordVPN

nordvpn for US amazon prime in uk

Key Features

Multi-grade encryption.

NordVPN acts as a double VPN in terms of security.

High speed and allows you to watch Amazon Prime in HD quality.

The desktop version is open for Windows, macOS, and Linux users. And its mobile applications are their iOS and Android users. 

Connect up to six devices below each plan.

This provider has the best VPN security and access to Amazon Prime Video in the United States. 

Film lovers would enjoy the provider’s outstanding multi-platform software support, as well as its customer care, all at a fair price.

#3 Surfshark

surfshark for US amazon prime in uk

Key Features

Can connect unlimited devices without any interruption.

Surfshark is a small network of VPN servers.

Good for families.



This budget-priced provider’s rapidly growing server network offers secure connections to Amazon Prime Video and other online streaming. 

Fast speeds and available simultaneous connections make this an enticing choice for large numbers of film lovers.

Surfshark is a great VPN for streaming Hotstar in the UK, NBA in the UK, UFC in the UK and F1 in the UK.

#4 CyberGhost

cyberghost for US amazon prime in uk

Key Features

Concurrently connects up to seven devices. 

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

Concurrently connects up to seven devices built-in kill switch and leak protection option. 

It doesn’t log user data.

This service could make an appealing option for new VPN users searching for an easy-to-use and stable VPN provider. 

CyberGhost’s applications provide one-click connections to streaming optimised servers based in the United States and many other world areas.

#5 PrivateVPN

privatevpn for US amazon prime in uk

Key Features

256-bit data encryption.

It doesn’t keep any logs.

Good unblocker.

Built-in kill switch and leak protection.

Can connect up to six devices.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Amid a less than impressive international server network, the provider does a decent job of unclogging streaming content in the countries covered by the network (the United States included). 

The quick pace and great customer service are included in the price of entry.

Each VPN service provider has a unique collection of advantages and disadvantages. 

While some have fast data rates, there is a lack of a cloud network. Some may boast a massive network of servers, but their app service may be less than ideal.

Why do you need a VPN to Watch US Amazon Prime in UK?

Amazon Prime Video runs for £79 per year at about £6.50 a month, close to most streaming video platforms, including Netflix. 

People don’t get a subscription plan, streaming music and the Kindle Library with Netflix, which is why so many users sign up for Amazon’s streaming app. 

Amazon Prime Video is downloadable on all Kindle Fire tablets, and much more than 600 other devices, covering nearly any device, smartphone, console, and smart TV one can think of.

All this sounds fantastic but consider for a second that not everyone is flawless. 

Envision that it isn’t all right in the country since you signed up to Amazon Prime Video to watch one program, and it’s only seen in the US version of the service. 

It’s a disturbing idea because it seems to happen very often. Luckily, there are plenty people can do regarding this irritating problem. 

People can use a VPN to gain admission to all American material from the UK, and we’ve listed the four best choices for this work. 

Since you’re trying to unlock more apps from anywhere around the globe, check out ExpressVPN-like apps.

Can I watch US Amazon Prime in UK with a free VPN?

People can, but not for a sustained period. We do not endorse free VPNs because of the lack of stability and practical precautions, and they are a big deal for anyone. 

The internet is a dangerous environment for anonymity. But VPNs do not automatically protect your information or grant you privacy. 

VPNs divert all of the web traffic from the structures of clients’ internet service providers to someone’s VPN provider’s networks, respectively.

One excuse why a freebie VPN isn’t a smart choice is the annoyance aspect. High-speed internet has contributed to an online culture of people who demand quick results. 

However, when people link to a free VPN, they may be required to join a queue of many other people till a spot unlocks on the supplier’s restricted database choice. 

Once they’re able to link, they can discover that they are faced with a small range of domains to select from, unless they’re allowed to pick. 

People do not have full rights to the Amazon Prime Video material they’re searching for.

Compatible devices to watch Amazon Prime. 

Through Amazon Prime Video, people can download videos on two to three platforms without creating separate accounts for each individual as long as they watch three different shows. 

People can’t watch the same show on more than two screens at about the same period.

  • Amazon Devices with the Prime Video App
  • Mobile Devices with the Prime Video App
  • Prime Video System Requirements for Computers
  • Set-Top Boxes & Media Players with App
  • Smart TVs with the Prime Video App
  • Blu-Ray Players with the Prime Video App
  • Games Consoles with the Prime Video App

Popular shows on Amazon Prime

The Wilds

This show follows many humans who have crashed land on an island, and there’s something strange going on. Oh no, no no, we’re not discussing the plot of Lost, but The Wilds, that – though the idea might be similar – it is heading down another path. 

A group of young girls is on their way to Hawaii for a female in authority retreat until their plane goes down and they’re stranded on a secluded island. 

They had no idea that they were a part of a larger scheme.

That being said, unlike Lost, which kept secret information back from audiences, The Wilds offers more clues, and we’re more involved in how they live to be left isolated. It is a collection of YAs to gobble up.


In another scenario, Channel 4 will already be making installments of their highly praised Utopia Sci-Fi series. Regrettably, though, we do not exist in that universe. 

Fortunately, the remake of the US looks likely to be just as awesome.

Gillian Flynn, the writer of Sharp Objects and Gone Girl, resurrected the Amazon series and did so with Sasha Lane, Rainn Wilson, and John Cusack. 

The story centers on a band of comic enthusiasts who met on the internet and connected over their fascination with a supposedly imaginary comic named Utopia.

Truth Seekers

Keep your dark visibility set: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost team up again for the Truth Seekers supernatural satire season. 

The eight-episode plot features a group of part-time supernatural researchers as they journey around the United Kingdom to locate the paranormal signs. 

But it’s all exciting and entertaining with their innovative inventions and comedic shenanigans until they tend to expose a scheme that might bring Armageddon to humanity’s future. Well, yeah!!

American Gods

Focused on Neil Gaiman’s outstandingly influential novel by the same word, American Gods is unbelievably exceptional. 

The show tells the story of the waning of old gods as they are updated with the latest gods with specialty common to us travelers of the 21st century. 

There are gods of media and technology that emerged from our dedication to the world-wide-web and unmatched access.

The mythological prophecies, though, do not depart gently. 

And when they’re portrayed by Ian McShane, who has the intellectual heft necessary to complete that part, viewers should predict sparks every moment.

The Boys

It requires a lot to break out in a culture where superheroes are everywhere. So, a big thanks for The Boys, the shockingly hilarious production of Garth Ennis’ bloody comic book. 

From the initial scene of the lightning-fast set-up of a company packed with crooked Supes to the finals of the wibbly story arc, hardly anything Marvel or DC had dreamed up on tv had captured us in the way of The Boys’ cacophony of blood, chaos, and c-bombs did.

The protagonist of the plot is Hughie, a regular person whose companion is gravely assassinated by a Supes.


  1. How many users can use Amazon Prime at once?

Amazon Prime Video releases user profiles for friends and family members who exchange Prime accounts, the platform announced. 

Up to six user profiles are allowed for each account. One account will default to the primary account, with five additional profiles enabled.

  1. What do you get in Amazon Prime?

Prime members have free distribution and exclusive access to songs, film, TV shows, original recording series, and Kindle.

  1. Can you share your Amazon Prime?

You can link your Amazon Prime Video accounts with other relatives using Amazon Household, which you can find in your settings menu. 

You should add another adult to your Prime account to want them to use your Prime Video subscription. You two would need to exchange information about your Amazon payment to do this.


The benefit of Amazon Prime membership is accessibility to thousands of films and TV shows through Prime Video. 

Never let a slight bit of any place get in the course of watching those favorite movies.

A VPN leaves your viewing choices open to the world while still preserving and optimizing all your favorite online experiences.

A VPN, like today’s top pick, ExpressVPN, offers a lot of online benefits. 

It brings new accessibility to material from almost anywhere on the planet. 

It encrypts your connection to the internet to take your focus on the top of your online activity and potentially access crucial data and protects your access from being rerouted or restricted in other manners.

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