How to Watch Serie A in US ( Updated: Sep 2023)

Are you a huge football match? Have you made it a priority to watch every Serie A match streamed till now? 

Are you currently in the United States and looking for multiple ways to stream Serie A with friends and family by your side? 

Worry not because then this article is written for someone like you.

Follow through the given topics to understand and implement the step-by-step method of watch Serie A in the United States.

How to Watch Serie A football in US

The news of Christiano Ronaldo joining the Juventus team has created an upward slope of viewers interested in watching the Serie A Italian football match. 

This league is considered one of the top 10 leagues globally with its large impact and wide reach of audience.

Suppose you are currently located in the United States and want to stream the match live on your digital streaming device. 

In that case, you have to understand VPNs’ operations and have a brief knowledge of VPNs’ different services.

The next few sections of this article will take you through VPNs’ major features and the essential information for any online content streamer.

Why do you need VPN to watch Serie A Football in the US?

A virtual private network helps you connect to a host site that will provide you with a server of a country you choose. 

It will help you bypass geographical, cultural, and social restrictions of your region and stream quality content from many countries through the same process securely and effectively.

Thus, if you are a resident of the United States, installing a VPN on your device would help you connect to a server in Europe and stream the Serie A match at ease with your loved ones.

Apart from the benefit of being able to bypass limitations, VPNs are also useful in many other ways that are listed below:

1. Security and Safety: 

VPNs have high-level technology that software engineers use to ensure increased encryption levels and use protocols such as the PPTP protocol to ensure data safety. 

It ensures the security of your data and the prevention of cyber attacks on your digital streaming device.

2. No data logging policy: 

VPNs generally have a no data logging policy which is a measure that makes sure that none of the activity performed on the web is retained by the server you use to stream or browse content online. 

It prevents the leakage of information or information sharing.

3. Anonymity: 

VPNs provide a virtual network connection to a host network that links you to an autonomous server. This method ensures the anonymity of your actions, and thus you remain anonymous.

4. Torrenting quality content online:

Torrenting quality content online can be a hazardous task as there is a risk of getting logged while doing the same, and VPNs can bypass this limitation.

A step by step method for downloading and setting up a VPN on your digital streaming device is:

  1. Choose an effective VPN according to your preferences and needs, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Create an account on the official VPN site.
  3. Find the play store app on your phone and search for the VPN app.
  4. Download and install the VPN app on your digital streaming device.
  5. Sign in to your account on the app.
  6. Start streaming the Serie A championship.

Best VPN for you to Watch Serie A championship in US 2023

A secure VPN that you can install and download on your device so that you can watch quality content of the Serie A championship matches is ExpressVPN.  

ExpressVPN offers quality service in all different factions of network rate, strength, and network quality. 

Still, for you to be confident in your VPN selection for your streaming device, the next section will provide you with a few more options and brief you on what you need to know in connection with your respective VPNs.

#1 ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Serie A in US

Expressvpn Serie A in US

ExpressVPN is known for the unique chance of privacy it offers to all its clients.

ExpressVPN has an advanced network lock policy that makes sure that your identity always remains secure. 

In addition to this, ExpressVPN also has a no-logging policy, which makes it easier to maintain privacy as this feature makes sure that none of your online activity is tracked by the server you install and your location remains private.

ExpressVPN also offers a feature of split tunneling, making sure that the server knows which devices to protect if you have multiple connections to the server. 

It also contains government-grade encryption with a choice of multiple protocols to choose from that ensures your data’s security and safety.

#2 NordVPN

nordvpn for Serie A in US

NordVPN is majorly known for its first-class privacy features, which contain a kill switch that prevents the client’s loss of information or data or the information being browsed or streamed online using the NordVPN servers.

NordVPN also can handle and prevent any DNS leaks in an operating system.

It consists of the feature of having double-grade protection with double VPN available. 

It is one of the world’s VPNs that provide fast and stable connections maintained throughout the globe at an average limit. 

NordVPN also accepts cryptocurrencies and cash as payment which can be beneficial to multiple clients. NordVPN has a host of over 59 countries that update all their 5000+ servers when needed. 

Updating multiple streaming platforms online is kept on a tracking tab such as BBC iPlayer in us, IPL in usF1 in usvootla liga, Bigg Boss in us and more

The major negative factor of NordVPN is that it supports torrenting only in some of its servers, and there is a risk of getting logged if the client uses servers from NordVPN that do not support the action of torrenting quality content on the world wide web.

#3 PureVPN

purevpn Serie A in US

PureVPN can bring down censorship limitations and geographic barriers.

It has a variable device connectivity option that lets you attach multiple streaming devices to PureVPN while buffering your selected content, making it a very successful and efficient everyday use VPN.

#4 SurfShark

surfshark for Serie A in US

Devised speed strength is one of the features that SurfShark VPN is known for. 

Following multiple reviews of SurfShark VPN users worldwide, this specific VPN has a really easy user interaction, making it a fairly easy go for users who will be on the look for a first-grade VPN service.

One of the drawbacks when it comes to SurfShark would be their dodgy customer care services which have been reported by multiple users which need improvement.

#5 VyprVPN

vyprvpn for Serie A in US

VyprVPN has gained popularity due to its increased usage in countries like China, where the geographical, social, and cultural barriers are incredibly high.  

The encryption of VyprVPN in terms of protecting the data of its clients is of the first class.

VyprVPN is estimated to have a speed rate of 44 Mbps jointly loading content with a brand new video buffering minimizing quality, which contains a 4K UHD. 

VyprVPN has been breaking records using its system strength.

Popular teams in the Serie A league

  • Bologna
  • Cagliari
  • Crotone
  • Fiorentina
  • Genoa
  • Hellas Verona
  • Internazionale
  • Juventus
  • Lazio
  • Milan
  • Napoli
  • Parma
  • Roma
  • Sampdoria
  • Sassuolo
  • Spezia
  • Torino
  • Udinese


This section focuses on answering some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Serie A championship match and the US’s streaming.

  1. Is it possible to stream the Serie A championship match online using a free server?

Sure, it is possible to stream the Serie A championship in the US utilizing a free VPN. 

Still, it is necessary to understand that by selecting a free VPN of your choice, you are sacrificing a few advanced protocols offered in paid VPNs that might easily cause your digital device to be accessible to cyber terrorists. 

Right now, there are multiple disadvantages to employing a free VPN. Therefore, it is always in your better interest to stick to a paid one that should not be a problem, and many VPNs are widely affordable.

  1. Where can you watch the Serie A championship matches online?

Here is a list of digital streaming services and cable connections you can subscribe to or install to watch the Serie A championship match in the US:

  • belN Sports
  • Fox Spons
  • Setanta Spons
  • CCTV
  • Fiji Television
  • Sony
  • DAZN
  • KTRK Spons
  • Macau Cable TV
  • Fox Sports
  • Sky Net
  • My Spons
  • Sky Sport
  • Fox Spons
  1. What are the compatible devices to watch the Serie A championship in the US?

Streaming quality content is not hard, but it needs to be achieved properly, or the network established-up of your digital streaming device or broadcaster station can be impacted.

Multiple devices whereby the quality matches of Serie A is distributed globally are through:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Android
  • Apple


The above information articulates the risk-free and easy method of effectively watching the Serie A championship games online. 

It starts with an introduction to what Serie A is all about.

It mentions the popular teams known and loved by us all, then an informational section on limitations is covered with a follow-up on a brief explanation of VPNs. 

It is then backed up with quality content on different VPNs that users can use to stream content, and a suggestion on the best VPN you, the user, can download to watch the Serie A championship is mentioned. 

The article concludes by mentioning the few frequently asked questions and wraps the entire topic in a neat bow for you to start your streaming Journey of watching the Serie A match with your loved ones at home in the USA.

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