How To Watch Rick And Morty In Canada 2024 {Updated on May}

Rick and Morty is a popular animated science fiction sitcom that follows the misadventures of an eccentric scientist named Rick and his naive grandson Morty.

If you’re a fan of the show and are located in Canada, you may wonder how to watch Rick And Morty In Canada.

In this article, we’ll discuss options for watching Rick and Morty in Canada, including streaming services and cable networks.

We’ll also provide tips for accessing the show if it’s unavailable in your region.

Whether you’re a new fan looking to catch up on the latest episodes or a seasoned viewer looking for ways to stay up to date, this article has you covered.

How to Watch Rick and Morty in Canada Using VPN

VPNs are the undercover agents that help you efficiently bypass Geo-restrictions put by the countries.

Whether it is to get us netflix in canada or to stream Vudu in canada or any other channel or TV series you want to watch, VPNs are always the mood and time savior.

With VPNs’ help, you can easily enjoy your favorite content anywhere in the world with your friends and family.

Follow the given below steps to watch Rick and Morty in Canada with the help of VPNs:

  1. First, Subscribe and install a VPN (as per our recommendation ExpressVPN is assured, safe, and carries a 100% success rate).
expressvpn pricing plan
  1. Now, log in to the respective VPN application with your subscription details.
expressvpn sign in
  1. And then, Scroll down the list of VPN servers and try to find a server based in the US.
  1. Now, click on the ‘Connect‘ button to secure a connection.
connected to expressvpn
  1. At last, visit HBO Max or the Platform of your choice, grab your favorite snacks and start streaming with the one and only Rick and Morty Canada.
HBOMax Accessed in Canada to Watch Rick and Morty in Canada

That’s it. These are all you have to do to online stream your favorite animated series Rick and Morty, in Canada.

For some platforms, you might need a VPN, and for some, don’t even look for it. So let’s find out which platform requires VPNs and which does not.

Where to Watch Rick and Morty Canada Except HBO?

If you are wondering where to watch rick and Morty Canada. Let me show you a list where you can watch rick and Morty stream Canada except on HBO Max:

  1. Hulu Canada (does hulu work in canada) – With VPN
  2. Sling TV (With VPN)
  3. Adult Swim (Without VPN)
  4. Netflix (Australia) (With VPN)
  5. Channel 4( With VPN)

We all know that Rick and Morty have broadcasted on Adult Swim, the adult-based network of the most popular channel, Cartoon Network.

You can watch the series on the official website or watch it in parts on other streaming platforms like Hulu. On Hulu, you can watch it by subscribing to the Adult Swim package. 

And there is one more way, i.e. use it to stream the series and wait for the channel to upload it after waiting for a while. (Adult Swim only has the first three seasons of Rick and Morty without an additional package). 

Sling TV has many packages. Every package has a set of different channels and prices. The Orange package showcases your favorite cartoon, Rick and Morty, entirely and also offers a free trial. 

Well, it’s not directly available in Canada, and for streaming this in Canada, you’ll need access to a VPN.

Is Rick and Morty Available on Netflix Canada?

Unfortunately, we can’t hunt down the info for Rick and Morty on Netflix Canada because it’s available only in New Zealand and Australia. 

That’s why VPNs are always the best choice to access Tenplay canada and almost all the geo-blocked streaming services in Canada.

Now, let’s discuss some of the best and most trusted VPNs that you can opt for watching Rick and Morty without waiting for another website to upload it for your streaming.

Best VPNs to Watch Rick and Morty in Canada

There are thousands of VPN providers all over the internet. And you don’t have so much time to find which one is right, safe, and tested. 

And as we say We care about you in every aspect and also about your time too. 

So we’ve shortlisted some of the best VPNs which are best for streaming online content and also Rick and Morty Canada right there in Canada:

  1. ExpressVPN(highly recommended)
  2. SurfShark
  3. NordVPN
  4. PrivateVPN
  5. PureVPN

These 5 are the best and highly recommended VPNs that you can always look forward to enjoying your favorite television series outside the US.

They are well known for reliability, speed and performance throughout the globe. It’s because their servers are global, which enables users from every country to connect with them. 

Finally, their servers are completely backed up and ensure you with a money return policy and a customer care staff available to solve customers 24×7. 

The idea of a VPN unblocking websites; is exciting, isn’t it? How does it all work? Let’s have a look!

How does VPN Allow You to Unblock Rick and Morty in Canada?

While streaming content via the internet, it uses the technical identity of the user’s IP address.

The IP address is a number that helps security institutes to find and track you down with your current location. 

Now you might be thinking, is it possible to watch favorite TV series without coming to these authorities’ eyes?

Thanks to this dynamic technology, it gives us many options to hide in a shelter. It helps us watch our series from anywhere in the world.

One of them is VPN. 

Yes. You get it very right. Virtual Private Networks are the best sneaky supporters that let you watch your favorite television contact without being caught by the native government. 

They hide your IP address from that of the VPN server and keep you on a shallow profile so that you can enjoy the content of choice without any worries.

What does it mean?

Once your VPN hides your IP address, automatically replace it with one of the VPN servers’ IP addresses to show it legitimately. 

The VPN Service directs all the Internet connections, and the location will only be displayed as stated by the VPNs IP.

So, if you visit HBO Max after connecting with the US-based VPN server, it will show you as a US citizen only, and you can easily stream your online content without any interruption.

That’s how a VPN works in real-time and enables you to watch various contents from anywhere around the world.

It’s not it. Many more included technicalities like security and privacy will stop you from streaming your favorite content. 

But you can make it out with the help of the application you install after getting the subscription to a VPN Service which is USA-based.

But one question still prevails whether you can watch Rick and Morty in Canada with the free VPN or not?

Can I Watch Rick and Morty in Canada with a Free VPN?

Free VPNs do sound like a desert for a technology enthusiast. 

These free VPNs allow you to save lots of money e that you pay for the premium subscription of the prime location-based VPN and stream the content you want to watch for a long time. 

It’s still a dream to get a free VPN and watch your favorite shows online as there is no such VPN that allows you to use their services without paying any money.

Free VPNs look great just from the views of price. But in the end, you’ll get an unreliable connection, and the speed of the internet connection will slowly die and, at last, go to zero. 

And it’s not enough. You’ll also face a situation where connecting to a streaming platform like HBO Max will seem like a rocket science theory to you. 

These channels or platforms will only allow the viewers to belong in their country, and the rest are blocked. 

Why is it so?

There were times when free VPNs were available, but their user limit has extended to thousands to millions, and most of them started using them as “abusive means” all over the internet. 

And that’s the reason they vanished from the market to save the user’s privacy and integrity.

Plus, you always have an option to go and test a Free VPN. But hold on, the foremost task is to find a server that will provide you with a Free VPN to access the streaming platform of your choice. 

And there are lots of users who opt for a Free VPN which have only one IP address. So when it gets traced in times of heavy traffic, it will not do a great job of masking your IP address. 

It will also display a message, “You can’t access this error” while trying to connect.


is rick and Morty on crave

No, Rick and Morty are not available in crave tv.

Is there a Rick and Morty season 6?

Yes, Season 6 is under development and is set to release this year.


VPNs are a great relief for Canadians who love Rick and Morty and are waiting for their new Season 6. 

Everyone around the world vastly loves Rick and Morty. But due to restrictions, you can’t watch it unless you’re in the US. 

VPN servers are the only source with which you can easily stream your loved Rick and Morty canada just by getting a VPN Subscription, downloading the application, login in with it, connecting, grabbing snacks and enjoying. 

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