How To Watch NFL In Australia 2024 {Updated on May}

Despite all of this covid pandemic, lockdown, delays and other restrictions, the NFL’s new season is coming with a great Bang in 2024.

NFL as popular as National Football League or an American Football League that comprises around 32 football teams from America.

The NFL is a popular sports league in North America and every country that has football lovers.

The NFL’s duration is approx 17 weeks, which starts in May and ends in December after Christmas.

Many people out there are so excited to see the matches and those unexpected records to get on board. The NFL is that one thing that brings us together and keeps the spirit of sportsmanship alive in us.

So if you are not from the US, and are worried about how you will watch NFL matches on your device or at your location, do not worry. 

This article will talk about getting access to NFL matches from anywhere worldwide.

So it’s not easy to acquire access to the restricted content within the country’s authorized boundaries. 

For this, you need a virtual private network or VPN that helps you and bypasses all the geo-restrictions on the streaming channel.

If you are traveling for some purpose, on vacation, or on a trip outside the USA region, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to stream NFL matches. 

Apart from bypassing all the geo-blocking, it also ensures the safety of your data, improves your privacy, and makes sure that your online traffic isn’t interrupted by Internet Service providers (ISP), government authorities, network administrators, or hackers. 

Stay connected with the article on knowing more about how you can watch NFL in Australia with the help of a VPN, why you need a VPN to stream NFL, what are the best VPNs to watch NFL in Australia, and a lot more. 

How to Watch NFL in Australia

Before starting, we would like to mention that you can watch the NFL on so many devices. 

You can also download them from Apple Store or Google Play store on your respective devices.

If you register for the first time, you will get a seven day free trial for the app.

And the regular game pass price of the pro-level annual subscription will cost you around $149.99.

To watch the NFL game by using the game pass and VPN Service, follow the simple instructions given below:

  1. Download and subscribe to the best VPN service on your device to watch NFL with the game pass. (We usually recommend ExpressVPN because of its services and features.)
  2. Now log in with your account details and wait for the connection.
  3. After it gets auto connected, opt for a country from the list given there, which is offering NFL coverage without blocking your access.
  4. Open your NFL app or sign in on their official website to start streaming the most exciting match of the day.

By the end of this, you have access to so many games compared to Live TV, and not only NFL games, but you also get complete access to NFL Originals, NFL RedZone, and so much more. To watch NFL playoffs take the help of the TV help book.

Why is a VPN required to stream NFL matches?

Because of licensing and broadcasting prohibition, you cannot find the whole season of the NFL on TV.

Still, after so many attempts, you will only face blackouts on your device’s screen. 

But you can always find every match that happens in the NFL on their streaming site, Game Pass International, and then you can watch around 250+ playoffs & games. 

But is it available everywhere around the world? For this, you don’t have to worry about when you have a VPN subscription. 

RVPN is a virtual private network that helps you access the official website or official app of a streaming channel no matter where you belong.

The main role of a VPN is to assign you a new IP address with your old one and channelize your online traffic to fool the tracking software and let them think that you are in their country only.

It is the most frequently used tool to bypass the geo-blocking on the streaming platform and enjoy whatever your heart craves to watch.

There is one more advantage of a VPN that people mention. VPN also encrypts your online traffic and protects your device, account, and personal details from hackers. 

They don’t store your logs or any browsing history, so it remains only up to you and secured.

Another interesting fact about a VP and discovered that they could also help you get a cheaper Game Pass Pro subscription to the NFL games. We found that the annual subscription fee differs in every country.

The question is which VPN service is ideal and secure for you in every term and lets you browse various streaming platforms from anywhere around the world.

We’ve got you an amazing easy step guide that you can follow to watch NFL in Australia using a VPN Service:

Best VPNs to Watch NFL Live in Australia

Searching for a good VPN Service in Australia might be a cumbersome task for you, and it’s not confirmed that you will find the best one.

Here we’ve got you the three best VPN services that will deliver you the best experience speeds, reliable connection and buffer-free streaming of your favourite content.

Please have a look at them.

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN For NFL in Australia

expressvpn For NFL in Australia

Key Features

3,000+ servers in 95+ countries

AES 256-bit encryption

30-days money-back guarantee

Automatic kill switch

Compatible with macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Routers, iOS, and browsers

30-days money-back guarantee

First on the list is ExpressVPN which will offer you an excellent VPN Service for streaming NFL games live from anywhere around the globe.

They have got lightning-fast servers to let their users watch all the NFL matches at high definitions without any buffering issues.

You can also use their Smart Location Feature to automatically connect you to the best optimal servers available with them. 

This feature measures your distance in latency to provide you with the fastest connection when you log in with your account.

ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and data to provide high-quality streaming and fast download speeds. 

Because of this, you can download large files and watch the extras or highlights of NFL matches at the same time while you are connected with an international server.

Also, it’s easy to access other famous services like CW Australia, Crackle in Australia, and iWonder in australia.

They have 3000+ servers in around 95 countries so you can watch NFL League from anywhere with the fastest servers. And it also successfully unblocks other popular streaming sites like ProSieben, Plus4, NFL Game Pass, and more.

Last but not least, you can go for a 30-day free trial of ExpressVPN services as they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you like it, you buy it and later don’t, then bail.


Powerful encryption

Blazing-fast servers

24/7 customer support


Bit expensive

2. SurfShark

surfshark For NFL in Australia

Key Features

3,500 servers in 75+countries

CleanWeb Feature

30-days money-back guarantee

Camouflage mode

SmartDNS feature

Unlimited simultaneous connections

Second, we have put on the list is SurfShark, has lately expanded its server networks to provide great speed. 

SurfShark is completely capable of getting you to access various sports streaming channels like NFL Game Pass, one of the world’s best and huge football leagues.

With the super-fast servers and unlimited bandwidth, you can enjoy all the series of NFL games in high definition.

And if you activate the CleanWeb feature, it will remove all the intrusive ads and give you a smooth streaming experience. Plus, it also helps you in blocking trackers and malware to keep your browsing safe.

Users can easily stream NFL games in the prohibited country with a VPN’s help in the Camouflage mode. It will show your VPN activities like the normal ones so you can stay anonymous and enjoy your favorite team playing.

You can also activate the Smart DNS feature to connect your devices with the streaming channel that usually doesn’t support VPN services like Xbox and PlayStation.

It’s easy to stream Hulu I canada without any issue.

SurfShark offers you unlimited simultaneous connections where you can connect so many devices at one time with one subscription account.

So if your football gang is away from you and wants to enjoy the match together, it is the best way to do that.


Unlimited simultaneous connections

Many advanced security features

Effective ad blocker

Compatible with all major operating systems


Slow connections speed in some servers

3. CyberGhost

cyberghost For NFL in Australia

Key Features

6,600 servers in 89 countries

AES 256-bit encryption

45-days money-back guarantee

WireGuard protocol

Tor compatibility

Split tunneling

Last on our list is CyberGhost, which is also popular for its extensive Network and around 89 countries having 6,600+ servers. 

With so many servers, you can easily watch NFL matches by sitting at any place with the fastest speed, secure connection, and safe browsing.

CyberGhost unlocks NFL Game Pass and many other sports streaming channels like ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Sling TV, Star Sports, and more.

You will wonder when you look at the high speeds of CyberGhost when you connect with the nearby server. 

Their system is backed up with some of the best privacy and security features such as AES 256-bit encryption, WireGuard protocol, Split tunnelling, and Tor compatibility.

They offer a 45 days money return policy so that users can easily test the services without investing their money in them. 

If you’re satisfied with their services, then pay for it. And if you are not happy, then you can leave and switch to another VPN.


A good quantity of server

Ensured Money-back guarantee

Unblocks NFL Game Pass


Don’t offer any ad-blocker or any other privacy features.

Why should you not use free VPNs to stream NFL abroad?

According to our advice, free VPNs sound like a good option to use but don’t go for them in any situation.

Firstly they are not so good when streaming as low video quality, lots of buffering and intermittent connections will frustrate you.

And some of the free VPN services have limits on the monthly data and speed which means that with the free VPN, you can’t watch Live HD NFL games without facing buffering issues.

Another important thing is the problem of server congestion-free VPN services. 

As they have fewer server networks available in a country, you have to wait for a long time before connecting with your favorite show. 

And if it happens, then buffering is waiting ahead in a row. 

After all these inconveniences, they do not ensure you the privacy and security features that other paid VPNs do.

Almost all the free VPN companies make money by collecting the user’s activity data and later selling it to third-party buyers. 

So you have the option to buy a safe, secured, and reliable VPN Service or go with the free one and put your privacy at stake and in the hands of someone who doesn’t care about it at all.

Streaming NFL on Different Devices

There are several devices on which you can stream the NFL 2024 League. They are:

  • Windows 
  • Android
  • macOS
  • ios
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV 
  • Smart TV 
  • Xbox

And various Browsers.


  1. Can we stream Football matches on the NFL Game Pass for free? 

Absolutely Yes. You have to sign up for an NFL game pass Pro subscription that comes with the seven-day trial. 

Remember that the NFL game pass is available only in some of the selected countries, so you need to change your VPN settings with a preferred location before getting a subscription. 

Another important thing is that the NFL Game Pass prices vary from one country to another, so try some other countries before paying to find the lowest subscription price.

  1. Which devices are good for watching NFL Games? 

Usually, the NFL game pass is compatible with almost all the devices that include Windows, Android, macOS, Xbox, iOS, Fire TV, Apple TV, browsers, and Smart TV.

  1. On which website you can stream the NFL 2020/21 season? 

For streaming NFL 2024, you don’t need to have a cable subscription. There are so many free and paid streaming options available in the market that let you watch NFL 2024 at high speed and without any buffering issues, such as Hotstar, BBC iPlayer etc..


So that’s it for this article. 

We’ve discussed almost every important topic on How to watch the NFL in Australia using a VPN.

The NFL 2024 League will be the most awaited League to date and is largely spectated via so many online streaming platforms due to Covid-19 crowds are not allowed to watch the live match from the stadiums.

And in this situation, VPNs are the only way to watch your favorite teams playing in the NFL playoffs.

This article mentions the three best VPN services that you can opt for watching the NFL 2024 League with high-speed, secure, and reliable connectivity with a buffer-free streaming experience.

And the great thing about using VPN is that they offer you multiple streaming options so that you can enjoy it with your football group, friends, and family with a single subscription account.

So you first do your homework on getting the best VPN before the NFL Game starts, so when it happens, you are all set at every place and can enjoy it with full excitement.

Happy Streaming.

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