How to Watch the NBA in UK 2023 {Latest Guide}

Let’s learn how to watch NBA in the UK in this article. Before that let’s see a little information about NBA below.

The National Basketball Association or NBA is a pro league of basketball in the United States created in 1949 when two competing organizations, the National Basketball League (founded 1937) and the Basketball Association of America, merged (founded 1946). 

The NBA took four teams from the American Basketball Association (ABA), which had dissolved the previous year. 

The NBA was beset by money-losing chains, low attendance, falling television ratings, and minimal national exposure by the early 1980s. 

Under David Stern’s leadership, NBA commissioner from 1984 to 1996, the League quickly recovered and was transformed into an international entertainment company. 

Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and, most notably, Michael Jordan were all prominently featured in aggressive marketing. 

League salary caps, lucrative streaming rights for network and cable television, and extended All-Star Game festivities were among the other developments. 

The NBA was split into two conferences, each of which had three divisions.

How to watch the NBA in the UK?

One of the best features of American sports is that they all have premium streaming services. Subscribing to the NBA League Pass is the only way to watch all 72 regular-season games. 

It enables live coverage to be streamed on any platform. You can watch interviews, pre and post-game analysis, live stats, and news about other NBA events in addition to live broadcasts of any NBA game. 

You can also download games to watch later when they are no longer live. Different payment plans are available for NBA League Pass. 

You can watch any game of the 2020-2023 season for £25 a month or £180 per year. You can also pay £100 for a team pass, which grants you access to every single game for any given team.

It’s worth noting that the price of the NBA League Pass varies depending on where you live. 

Wet is much less expensive in South-East Asian countries, where you can subscribe for a fraction of the cost of watching it in the West.

How to Watch the NBA in UK using a VPN

The NBA League Pass, Sky Sports, Now TV, and all other networks that broadcast NBA games in the US are geo-restricted, so you couldn’t watch live NBA games unless you use a reputable VPN provider. 

VPNs operate by convincing your domain that you are in another country. This way, you’ll be able to watch content on channels that aren’t available in your country. 

Although there are numerous free VPNs available, none of them will allow you to unblock streaming services. The speed of other paying VPN services is unacceptably slow. 

You don’t want to see Giannis or LeBron running through the defense to see the buffer sign. We strongly suggest a few reliable VPN services for NBA streaming.

Step by Step Process

  1. Get a virtual private network (VPN). Choose one that has a stable server network in India (like ExpressVPN).
  1. Connect to a server in India to get the cheapest International League Pass.
  1. To get started, go to the NBA League Pass website. If you’re linked to an Indian server, you’ll be prompted to purchase the International pass.
  1. Select the League Pass option for a year. We found it for Rs 999 / USD 14.99, which is the best deal we could find.
  1. Fill in your payment details. Your exact address is not required, but you must choose the country where your payment method originates. 

The good news is that League Pass does not require an Indian credit or debit card, so that you can choose any country.

  1. To complete your order, click “Submit.” Start enjoying the NBA season without any blackouts this year!

Why do you need a VPN to watch the NBA in the UK?

The NBA International League Pass seems to be the only option to experience every NBA match of the tournament without shutdowns, thanks to television rights, but it is geo-restricted. 

It’s not available in the US, North Korea, Cuba, or a few African and Middle Eastern countries. 

Even though you come from a country available for the NBA International League Pass, your service’s cost can vary depending on where you are currently located.

You can solve any of these issues with a VPN. A VPN is a programme that sits between you and the NBA International League Pass website, acting as a type of middleman. 

It alters your virtual location to make the platform believe you’re accessing it from inside a licenced region, granting you full access.

You can use this tool to unblock the NBA International League Pass and obtain a much more affordable subscription. 

We found the cheapest subscription in India, which is 75%t less expensive than the UK League Pass and had no blackouts.

Best VPNs to watch NBA in UK 2023

#1 ExpressVPN: Best VPN For NBA in the UK

expressvpn For NBA in UK

Key Features

For lag-free sports action, lightning-fast speeds are needed.

The International League Pass is unblocked on 3,000 servers worldwide, allowing you to access it from anywhere.

Five simultaneous device connections with MediaStreamer for buffer-free video content.

Money-back guarantee for 30 days.

PlayStation, Hulu, DirecTV, ESPN, DAZN, Sky Go, YouTube TV and other services are also supported.

macOS, iOS, PlayStation, routers, Windows, Linux, Android, smart TVs are all supported.

ExpressVPN proved to be successful at unblocking streaming services during my studies. 

By connecting to a server in India, we could conveniently circumvent geo-restrictions on the NBA International League Pass. 

We also tested several other sites in different countries and discovered that ExpressVPN unblocks various other sports streaming services, including ESPN and DAZN.

Link up to 5 devices to ExpressVPN at the same time, allowing you to watch multiple NBA games simultaneously on different devices. 

Alternatively, have someone else in the house watching Netflix or Hulu as you catch up on the latest scores. 

We checked the VPN on four computers simultaneously and saw no performance degradation due to ExpressVPN’s incredible pace. 

We ran speed tests on five US servers and only saw a 40% decrease in speed, which is excellent for a VPN carrying my traffic halfway around the world. 

We could reproduce these speeds around the network, ensuring that you always have lightning-fast streaming and no buffering while watching NBA games. 

ExpressVPN also has a MediaStreamer feature that allows you to stream faster by removing encryption from your link.

#2 NordVPN

nordvpn For NBA in UK

Fast streaming speeds with no latency.

You can use your International League Pass on any of 5,480 servers.

Six device connections at the same time.

30-day money-back guarantee SmartPlay streaming feature for easy unblocking.

DirecTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, ESPN, Hulu, Sky Go, Vudu, and other services are also supported

macOS, iOS, PlayStation, routers, Windows, Linux, Android, smart TVs are all supported.

We enjoy watching NBA games online with NordVPN because it makes streaming easy. Wets SmartPlay is a streaming feature that bypasses geoblocks without sacrificing speed. 

We didn’t have to do any complicated setup because SmartPlay is enabled by default on all NordVPN servers, so we just connected to one in India and were good to go. 

We put SmartPlay to the test, and it consistently unblocked games using my NBA International League Pass. 

We also used NordVPN to unblock other streaming services such as Hotstar in UK and HBO in the UK, the only letdown is we couldn’t unblock DAZN, which is a letdown.

During the streaming process, there was no buffering or lag. NordVPN is, in reality, one of the quickest VPNs we tested. 

On one US server, we saw speeds of up to 94 Mbps, and we couldn’t tell the difference between using the VPN and using my WeSP normally. 

The speeds make streaming almost instantaneous with NordVPN – no more missed baskets due to a sluggish link! You can use NordVPN to bind up to 6 devices at once. 

We had someone else in my house stream on a few computers while we checked the VPN on three of our own – there was no noticeable slowdown in link speeds, and we could stream without buffering.

#3 Surfshark

surfshark For NBA in UK

Key Features

Streams will not load if your connection is fast enough.

The International League Pass is available on 3,200 servers around the world.

You can connect unlimited devices by using this VPN.

Money-back guarantee for 30 days.

DAZN, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Sky Go, ESPN and Hulu are also compatible.

macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, PlayStation, routers, and smart TVs are all supported..

We recommend Surfshark if you’re looking for a cheap way to watch NBA games from anywhere. 

It has some of the most affordable subscription rates we’ve seen so that you can watch NBA games for less this season. 

We think it’s also good value for money, particularly because Surfshark’s subscription includes Unlimited simultaneous connections. 

You can load the VPN on as many computers as you want, so you can watch NBA games, whereas the rest of your family watches geo-restricted TV, movies, and internet services.

You get a significantly smaller server network; Surfshark has 3,200 servers, less than ExpressVPN or NordVPN. 

We tried multiple Indian servers, and each time we were able to unblock the NBA International League Pass. 

Using the VPN, we were also able to unblock Hulu in UK or US Amazon Prime Video in the UKNHL in UK, and HBO in UK , IPL In UK, and several other sports streaming services in various countries.


  1. Is it possible to watch the NBA for free?

Technically, no, but we’ve discovered a way for you to watch it for free for a limited time.

The NBA International League Pass occasionally provides a free seven-day trial, allowing you to watch games for free for a week. 

Many of the VPNs on my list have money-back promises (at least 30 days), so you can use them to get League Pass access before getting a full refund.

  1. How do we watch NBA games if we don’t have cable?

You can watch NBA games online with the International League Pass if you don’t have cable. The NBA International Pass is one of our favourites because it gets you access to every game during the season.

  1. Is it possible to watch NBA games using a free VPN?

You can, but it’s not something we suggest. Free VPNs are inconsistent at best and never seem to operate as advertised. In the worst-case scenario, they might jeopardize data protection.


It shouldn’t be difficult to watch NBA games without paying for costly subscriptions or dealing with game blackouts. 

It doesn’t have to be, thanks to a decent VPN.

Choose a VPN with servers in countries where the NBA International League Pass is unblocked (specifically India if you want to enjoy lower prices). 

To watch the games without interruptions, the VPN should have consistent fast speeds.

We suggest ExpressVPN because it was simple to use and provided fast speeds for the International League Pass’s buffer-free streaming. 

It is packed with a one full monthly money-back policy so that you can try it out for free.

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