How To Watch Zee5 In US 2022 {updated on Jun}

Are you a huge buff for shows like the State of Siege: 26/11, Kaali 2, Lal bazaar, and multiple other gripping TV shows? 

Do you like to watch various movies and play games that ease your mind on a busy day? 

Are you an avid consumer of the content on ZEE5 but don’t know how to watch it as you’re in the United States of America? 

Worry not, because this article will teach you how to watch Zee5 in us with just a few easy steps to keep in your mind.

How to Watch Zee5 in US

Here are some things you need to have in mind if you are wondering how to watch Zee5 in the USA.

One of the major reasons why the Zee5 digital streaming site is blocked or inaccessible to you if you live in the US is the channel’s limitations set.

The content displayed on Zee5 is largely limited to Indian audiences alone and region-based; thus, it is a culturally limited streaming site. 

Making it available in the US would not be a smart move for the profit heights different streaming services generally aim for. 

Thus, the app you will need to download on your laptop or your phone is ExpressVPN.

How to install ExpressVPN on your Streaming device 

  • A ExpressVPN subscription is the first towards the installation of ExpressVPN on your streaming device.
  • Next, Pay a small Visit to the google play store.
  • Download the VPN app on your streaming device.
  • As a next step, download the Zee5 app on your respective streaming device.
  • Go to the VPN app and launch it.
  • Under the option of the desired location, choose India as the server location.
  • Start your adventure of streaming entertainment content on Zee5 with no disruptions. 

Why is ExpressVPN Advisable to Watch Zee5 in US? 

So a major question to ask at this point of your journey in trying to find effective options is to question 

The two major reasons people generally tend to choose to use VPNs are due to a concern of the web streaming or web surfing being too slow or concern of safety and to upgrade the security status of their laptop or their phone. 

Any VPN that is confirmed to correct one will not perform at its full strength to correct the other, so VPNs that focus on giving your network speed might not essentially be the best if your concern is safety. 

The VPNs that have embedded software make your streaming device function with extra security might not essentially help you with a concern of speed. 

ExpressVPN is a selected choice for a safe and fast streaming VPN, a privately managed VPN with priority given to PPTP protocol for high-speed streaming and the highest proven security protocol feature. 

Being established in over 160+ countries, ExpressVPN also has built a foundation of trust and concrete proof of giving the viewers the luxury of watching their favorite shows no matter the region of their presence. 

ExpressVPN Also unblocks : BBC iPlayer in us, IPL in us, F1 in us, voot, la liga and more

What is VPN?

Due to conditions such as the requirement of sites to be wide-reaching in terms of population and culture of the respective cable providers of that locality, it causes multiple websites and streaming services to be blocked or inaccessible in that specific region.

VPNs are a part of advanced software that helps you unlock the network of blocked or inaccessible sites due to these cultural and population-based restrictions. 

It allows multiple minority groups to watch shows or movies on their favorite streaming sites just like they used to watch from their hometown or home country, depending on where they are from.

VPNs provide access to multiple sites, but certain VPNs and the software embedding in them make it easier for the user to protect information while browsing sites blocked or inaccessible in the user’s locality. 

If you are in the US, you can procure an Indian IP address that will help you unlock content in blocked sites. It can be done using VPNs or otherwise called Virtual Private Network. 

What is Zee5? 

A digital platform that was founded in India is Zee5. Today, Zee5 is one of the most popular platforms used by India’s population to stream their favorite shows and movies.

From small blockbuster regional films of a specific region to big hit Bollywood films, Zee5 caters to a huge population of Indians worldwide, making it a platform almost every Indian subscribes to. 

Zee5 offers content that spans over 90+ live TV channels with different categories on the platform to meet different needs under the umbrella needs of entertainment.

Categories of the Entertainment Content on the Zee5 Platform

The different categories of entertainment available on the streaming platform Zee5 are given below for your reference:

TV for kids: 

  • Popular animated shows like Chotta Buddha, Cinderella, Bal Kahani, Mighty Raju, Krishna & Balaram, and many more are available to kids of all ages.
  • Top Adventure shows like Jungle Book, The Adventures of Pim and Pom, Eena Meena Deeka are available to kids of all ages.
  • Top animated movies like Mahabharat, Monsters, Pirates, Ramayana, and welcome back Pinocchio are available to kids of all ages.
  • Fun DIY channel packages for channels like science with brain cafe, The art room, eduauraa are available for your kids to be entertained by Zee5 and learn useful skills and experiments to enhance their knowledge at a very young age. 
  • All-time favorite nursery rhymes in shows like Nyra’s world nursery rhymes are available to children to make children learn rhymes for school but in a fun and entertaining manner. 
  • Classic fairy tales like Robin Hood, Cinderella, Princess Moon, and princess sun, conspiracy at the emerald castle are available to kids of all ages.

News channels:

Zee5 has an establishment of multiple live news channels like 

  • Watch live news on BBC world news
  • Watch live news on Prag News 
  • Watch live news on India Today 
  • Watch live news on Polimer news 
  • Watch live news on Republic 
  • Watch live news on Vendhar 
  • Watch live news on DD India 
  • Watch live news on NE News 
  • Watch live news on Wion 

Apart from the above mentioned News Channels, there are also multiple podcasts where you can listen to trending topics, business news, and live news.

The Food Court: 

The food court section of Zee5 offers a variety of recipes and cooking shows headed by multiple chefs. Some of the chefs on Zee5 are:

  • Watch the tasteful recipes of the chef Pankaj Bhadourea. 
  • Take notes from the talented chef Ranveer Brar. 
  • Watch the live talent of the chef Gurdip Punj.
  • Watch Marea Gorette make delicious recipes of fluffy cakes with gorgeous icing on her shows.
  • Find the show Best recipes of Rakhee Vaswani for some delicious food.
  • Watch the chef Pallavi Nigam share her secrets on her cooking show for all of us to add some sweetness or spice to our home cooking. 

The Food court section of Zee5 also has multiple culinary shows to bring your taste buds alive and make your mouth water.

Some famous culinary shows on Zee5 are: 

  • Vah Reh Va 
  • Khana Khazana 
  • Murali Military Hostel 
  • Rasoi ki Rani 
  • Apni Rasoi
  • Anjarai Petti 

Zee5 also has its own short video creating platform similar to the likes of Tik Tok and musically. The Zee5 short video creating platform is called HiPi Zone.

Zee5 also has a category of entertainment called Health and Fitness. 

Zee5 aims to provide its viewers with entertainment and promote a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle with its tips on leading a sustainable life. 

The channels that provide tips and tricks to increase your daily activities are : 

  • Got Zen – An American series that burns on its viewers’ fuel leading a life with a sound mind and body are the Got Zen TV show. 

Got Zen talks about multiple issues we face that tend to deteriorate our mind, such as:

  1. Body Image issues. 
  2. Releasing the negativity that builds up in our body.
  3. How to release our mind from the constant worry of tomorrow?
  • Good Food America – An American television series that takes you around the best local and cost-efficient culinary locations all over the united states in the foundation of the Good Food American Show.

Some of the special mentions in the show are:

  1. Philly’s cedar point bar and Kitchen 
  2. Henrietta’s table in Cambridge 
  3. Nick’s on Broadway providence 
  • Pilates: inside out – If you are looking for a show that will help you attain the body you want with hard work and yet limited sweat, this is the show for you.

Some of the key points this show focuses on to help you develop a healthier mind and body are:

  1. Finding your breath 
  2. Perfect your posture 
  3. Getting to the core 
  4. One muscle at a time
  5. Flex the body 
  6. Stretch the legs 

Online games 

Zee5 has a category called Online gaming, which consists of multiple games that children and teenagers can play. 

The games fall under various genres and are also games that provide rewards when passing through multiple levels. 

Some of the popular game categories and the respective games played by the population are: 

  • Under the games category’s top challenging section, you have games like fantasy skydiver, Fantasy Sushi diver, Sky Bridge, Urban stack, and Ludi bubbles. 
  • Under the games category’s Aim and shoot section, you have interesting games like moonlight pool classic, Fierce shot, bubble bash, and Bubble block breaker.
  • Under the Puzzle games section of the games category, you have Fashion Holic, match 3 of the west, words detective: bank heist, Urban stack, and bubble block Breaker.
  • Under the sports games section, you have Nitro Street run 2, midnight pool classic, fierce shot, and Nitro Street: drag mode.

The Display languages for these different categories of entertainment choices are: 

  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Hindi 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Marathi 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Malayalam 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Telugu 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Kannada 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Tamil 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Bengali 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Gujarati 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in Bhojpuri 
  • Watch multiple entertainment choices in English 

Zee5 also has its features distributed to a list of channels around the media and the entertainment network. 

The set of Zee5 channels are: 

  • Zee TV HD
  • Zee News
  • Zee Marathi HD
  • &TV HD
  • &Prive HD


Since you have arrived at the end of your journey in discovering the most effective way to stream Zee5 in the US, a few key points from the article briefed in this conclusion section are the importance of understanding the use of VPNs. 

Zee5 is a virtual streaming platform for Indians which distributes content in almost six languages and a culturally prevalent platform with multiple categories that display entertainment. 

The article describes the importance of different VPN forms and curates a detailed plan on developing an easy step by step process to download and install VPN for you to enjoy streaming on Zee5. 



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