How to Watch Premier League in USA {Updated: Jan 2022}

Gear up in your seat, folks, because in this article, we’re going to teach how to watch premier league in us.

What is the Premier league? 

With nearly 5 billion viewers, the Premier League or EPL (English premier league) is an English soccer league with the title of being most watched all over the US.  

Almost every weekend, Americans can access almost 10-15 live soccer games through the NBC network, which has tallied its total viewers to around 831,379 for every live game season. 

As of 2020, the English Premiere is a contestation between 20 English clubs like Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, New castle, Norwich, Sheffield United, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, West ham and the wolves. 

25th June 2020 was a big day for Liverpool fans. On this day, Manchester United lost to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with a 2-1 score and automatically rendering Liverpool as the English Premier League 2020. 

In the 29th season of the English premier league, Liverpool will stand to be the defending champions as they won their 19th trophy for competing in the league games last season. 

The answer to the question of “who will the next English premier league trophy belong to will be given to all the fans by September 2021. 

The three teams promoted from the championship to compete in the English premier league 2021 are:

  1. Leeds United 
  2. West Bromwich Albion 
  3. Fulham

These teams replaced a few teams that were present for the 2020 season but are relegated for 2021.

The Teams that are relegated from the English Premier league in 2021 are:

  • Bournemouth 
  • Watford 
  • Norwich City 

The latest guesses on who will win the English premier league 2021 are Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Leicester, Chelsea. But the guesses could be proved wrong by the multitude of teams playing alongside the given clubs.

How to Watch the English premier league

One of the main things you need to watch the English premier league online on a streaming device is ExpressVPN.

Though ExpressVPN is widely marketed in England for secure connections and unblocking sites, it also works very well in the USA. 

ExpressVPN also helps to watch  vootUKTV in the USZee5BBC iPlayerF1 raceLa LigaIplBigg BossSerie AFifa World Cup, and Europa League.

A simple explanation of Express VPN is that it is an advanced technology with high-end encryption to prevent attackers from hacking into your system or steal your data as you browse different sites that might not offer quality security. 

One of the main reasons why VPNs are installed by many worldwide is the tech’s ability to turn blocked websites into usual coverage ones to watch shows or sports that might not be available in your cable regions.

Express VPN has around 3000 servers that are spread across the globe in 94 countries, including the United States of America.

How to Install ExpressVPN?

Here is a step by step method for you to install the Express VPN technology on your phone to ensure premium security.

  1. Download Express VPN on your Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system as this software supports all the three widely used operating systems. 
  2. Create an Express VPN account.
  3. Go to the dashboard of your ExpressVPN account and download the Express VPN app for Windows, Linux, or your Mac operating system. 
  4. Set up the Express VPN app on your operating system by referring to the guidelines of your operating system or directly contact the Express VPN team for direct instructions from professionals with years of work experience to avoid any disruptions to your league watching plans.

Express VPN is a top pick among others mainly because of its speed, data security, and compatibility with all the online streaming devices such as Amazon, Apple TV, Playstation, and Xbox.

Where to Watch the premier league in US?

Two of the major networks that will be streaming the English premier league games in the US are NBC sports and Peacock TV.

The NBC sports channel holds exclusive English Premier League rights till the 2022 season and thus air every match live on the platform.  

CNBC is another channel that airs the English Premier League live, whereas channels such as the NBC broadcast channel air the English Premier League at noon on Saturdays during each season.

But for the 2021 season, there is news of being able to watch the English premier league on NBC’s paid subscription channel called peacock premium

Peacock premium’s subscription is free for Xfinity subscribers. Xfinity is a digital cable TV that offers over 1000 channels without any subscription fee for each channel. 

 The subscription fee for peacock premium for the general public is 5 dollars. It is worth the exclusive streaming during the season of almost 175 games.  

1-2 games are streamed by the platform Telemundo on Sunday mornings, and you can see translations of the game on various multilingual channels. For example, you can see the Spanish translation of the English premier league on the Spanish channel Universo. 

You can also watch the English premier league on apps like FuboTV and Sling Blue. 

A few other channels or apps you can watch the English premier league are given below:


 – For the best and affordable price, watch all your favorite leagues compete in the English premier league.


– ESPN + channel should be one of your go-to sports channels as it has the ESPN original sports content along with a multitude of other sports .

CBS ( all access):

– The CBS channel, also known as the Columbia broadcasting channel, has CBS originals and live soccer streaming of major leagues 24/7.

B/R live:

 – A platform to watch all your favorite sports such as UEFA or The Union of European Football Associations league games, all elite wrestling, NBA games, and soccer games all over Europe, including all of Arsenal and Barcelona games.


– A platform to watch all the sports (including the English premier league), consists of a schedule page to make it easier for you to watch every game without confusion.

YouTube TV:

– The general public’s subscription is 65 dollars per month to watch shows and multiple sports networks on YouTube.

Hulu with Live TV:

– Like YouTube, Hulu with Live TV also lets you gain access to shows and sports channels online with the subscription for the general public set at 65 dollars per month.

NBC’s streaming service is also available on Roku, and thus the masses can watch the English premier league if they have a subscription to Roku.


– The subscription for the general public is 70 dollars per month.

Sky Sports:

– Sky sports bought a major share of rights to stream the 2021 premier league matches and Live streaming around 128 matches.

BT sports:

– The online streaming platform is said to broadcast a total of 52 games

Amazon Prime

– Amazon Prime is said to broadcast 20 games.

When to Watch the Premier League in US 

We are currently in the midst of the 22nd match week of the English premier league 2021,

Scroll down the article to read more about the different time zones to watch the English premier league and the different sites that offer the option to stream live.

  1. Watch Sheffield United vs. West Brom on Peacock TV at 1 PM on 2nd February. 
  2. Watch Wolves vs. Arsenal on NBCSN at 1 PM on 2nd February. 
  3. Watch Man United vs. Southampton on NBCSN at 3:15 PM on 2nd February. 
  4. Newcastle United vs. Crystal Palace on Peacock TV at 3:15 PM on 2nd February.
  5. Watch Burnley vs. Man City on NBCSN at 1:00 PM on 3rd February. 
  6. Watch Fulham vs. Leicester City on Peacock at 1:00 PM on 3rd February. 
  7. Watch Leeds United vs. Everton on Peacock TV at 2:30 PM on 3rd February. 
  8. Watch Aston Villa vs. West Ham on Peacock at 3:15 PM on 3rd February. 
  9. Watch Liverpool vs. Brighton on NBCSN at 3:15 PM on 3rd February. 
  10. Watch Tottenham vs. Chelsea on Peacock TV at 3:15 PM on 4th February.

Apart from the streaming channels mentioned above for the English premier league games, 

Sling Blue also has an on-demand live version of the matches, which is listed below:

  1. Watch the English premier league games live on NBCSN at 2:45–4:45 PM ET on Fridays.
  2. Watch the English premier league games live on NBCSN at 7:45–9:45 AM ET on Saturdays.
  3. Watch the English premier league games live on NBCSN at 10:am-2:00 pm ET on Saturdays.
  4. Watch the English premier league games live on NBC at 12:30- 2:30 PM ET on Saturdays.
  5. Watch the English premier league games live on NBCSN AT 8:30–10:30 AM ET on Sundays.

Radio Broadcasts of the League matches 

If you miss the live broadcast in any of these channels due to some salient circumstances, you can rely on the Goal Zone, which is broadcasted by the NBCSN, which will consist of the multiple highlights you might have missed in the show. 

 If you cannot find a screen to watch the soccer league, then various live radio broadcasts like TALKsport relay the match for you on their website. 

There is also the sports world program that airs on BBC with the sports commentator Alan Green where the league games are broadcasted live.


A few key points that the reader can derive from the above article are that an easy fix to watch the English premier league match live is to own a cable. 

Owning a cable can instantly get you access to the live streaming channels that display various sports on an everyday basis following an annual subscription. 

However, if owning a cable connection is not in the reader’s cards, then do not worry, as the different online streaming platforms and online streaming apps will have you covered. 

Knowing about VPNs and installing the right VPN for your operating system is essential for the reader to be secure while traveling through many online streaming sites as the high network increases a lot of attackers in the specific IP area. 

Suppose online streaming services are something you cannot consider when watching your favorite teams play. 

In that case, there is always the BCC radio broadcasting service and the ones mentioned in the article that you can use to get the coverage of the match lives. 

So choose the best option suitable for you and make ready to watch your favorite sports right now.

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