How To Watch NFL Live Stream In Canada 2022 {Updated on January}

In this article let’s learn how to watch NFL live stream in Canada in this article.

Well, you have been waiting for a long time to enjoy the next super ball in Canada. Just being a die-hard fan of football, you will always find a way out to stream in Canada in one or another way.

As we all know, the NFL is accessible to the boundaries of the USA only after the update in the privacy policy and geo-blocking rules from the government.

If you can’t keep yourself away from watching your favourite matches in the NFL without a cable so in that scenario, VPN is the only help that you can get to never miss out on a match from the series.

Like we all have known that the NFL 2021 season is approaching, but unfortunately, the game passes for the NFL won’t let you watch all the regular matches in any other country except the US.

Additionally, VPNs also let you browse NFL content. Whether you are traveling on a business tour or a vacation with your family, you can carry on with your usual streaming without interruption.

The good thing about VPNs is the encryption of your connection and data and providing you with the privacy and security of your device. 

VPNs make sure that your traffic stays encrypted, and nobody can ever read even your ISP, including any third-party hacker or the network administrator also.

How to Watch NFL Live Stream in Canada

If you are a US-based NFL lover, then you are the luckiest person as in the US, it is free for the viewers to watch all the games online for free.

Unfortunately, it isn’t free for any of the people living outside the USA, including the Canadians. 

But when you have a VPN Service on your side, then you can easily bypass all the restrictions and enjoy the content whenever you want to.

To get started with the article initially, we have selected a few streaming options that will let you bypass all the geo-restriction policies, and you can carry on with the NFL Game series.

But before that, here are 5 simple steps that you need to follow to watch NFL in Canada with a VPN:

  1. First subscribe for a VPN Service (in our recommendation, go for ExpressVPN)
Buy expressVPN
  1. Then download the VPN application on your device.
Download expressvpn
  1. Sign in with your login credentials on the applications.
expressvpn signin
  1. Go through the list of servers and connect your device with the server based in the US for better connectivity.
Select us Server
  1. Click on “Connect.
  2. Now start watching your NFL without any restrictions.

How Do VPNs Help Watch NFL Live Stream in Canada?

In this world of internet dependency, every single user is identified by their IP address. An IP address is a unique number that differentiates you from other users on this planet.

This IP address also gives away your exact location and lets the tracking authority know where you were exactly browsing from.

A VPN acts as a mediator between the browsing authority and your device.

Once you get connected with a US VPN server, it immediately gets masked along with your IP address before browsing your favourite content.

That’s how you become capable of accessing those restricted and not accessible content in your regional territory.

Although it is a non-technical overview of the working of a VPN service, what service you can go for is yet to be discussed.

But being a customer, you must have a question in your mind that whether it is possible to watch the NFL games series in Canada free of cost?

Can I Watch NFL Live Stream in Canada With a Free VPN?

Unfortunately not.

No matter which streaming options you are selecting, free VPNs are usually so less when it comes to performing and providing high encrypted security to the device, web traffic and connection of the viewers.

Free of cost VPNs usually are not good at blocking sites as they have a large number of yours from the same IP addresses, which makes it even harder to bypass the content restriction without charging you a penny.

Moreover, when you use a free VPN service, it is considered as you are not aware of your security as they don’t have a guarantee that they will protect your data from every edge.

But it was great to select a premium VPN Service where the subscription fees are quite affordable, and you can easily access almost all the streaming platforms you love to watch.

Best VPNs to Watch NFL Live Stream in Canada Online

To make your hunting job easy, we have shortlisted the top 5 VPN services.

You might come across hundreds of VPN, but searching each of them could consume lots of days, and you might miss out on the whole NFL Game series in that.

So here are the five VPN services which we have tried and tested on every parameter, and as a result, we found them capable of working perfectly and accessing all the content on different streaming platforms.

They are:

ExpressVPN (Recommended)

The list might convince you, but the question remains how these VPNs are good enough for all the users residing in Canada.

You can avail the below-given advantages if you are going for these 5 VPNs:

  1. Super Fast and reliable connectivity all over the globe
  2. Security and privacy are the main concern of these VPN services
  3. Thousands of servers available for instant connectivity with the streaming platform.
  4. Capable of bypassing all the geo-restrictions of almost all the streaming platforms such as getting american netflix in canada, hbo max in canada, Amazon Prime, and access Hulu in Canada.
  5. Compatible with all the leading device types and operating systems.
  6. Helpful and sincere customer support to entertain all your technical and non-technical questions.

Excited to know more in detail, so without wasting any other second, let’s get started.

1. ExpressVPN : Best Watch NFL Live Stream In Canada


So first on our list is ExpressVPN, which is the top choice for the viewers who like to stream content from different platforms.

Thanks to the high-speed connections, strong encryption, expensive, super networks and ultimate unlocking capability of ExpressVPN that made it the first choice of the customers out there.

ExpressVPN is one of those VPN services you can rely on and always satisfies you by unlocking those stubborn due restriction policies.

It gets you access to major streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ITV hub, and the NFL Game series 2021. The VPN boasts about its security feature.

They are offering 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, a kill switch that immediately pauses the data transfer if you lose your connection, and DNS leak protection to provide all-around security to your connection as well as your device.

Express VPN doesn’t keep any of your personally identifiable information and the activities you have done while browsing with the VPN Service.

They offer user-friendly software for some devices like Windows, Linux PCs, Android, iOS and Mac OS. Also, you have the option to install it on the compatible network routers manually.

The company is also offering 24/7 customer support via the live chat option. If you have any queries regarding browsing or anything technical or non-technical, you can directly contact their staff and get your query resolved.


Operates servers in 18 US cities

Unblock geo-restricted content from almost anywhere

Superfast servers for streaming HD content

Powerful encryption for solid security and privacy

Fantastic 24/7 customer support


Slightly more expensive than other providers

It doesn’t offer much control over advanced features

2. NordVPN


Second, we’ve taken NordVPN as they have a huge network size compared to the other VPN services in the market.

NordVPN is alone offering 1900 servers in the US, and some of them are optimized for streaming HD content online, so you can easily stream the NFL game pass with this.

Additionally, this VPN can unlock different streaming services such as Voot Canada and Stream BBC iPlayerVudu canada and more. And according to our tests and experiments, almost all the servers are the fastest and safe.

Not BP and also offers so many ways to create a highly customized security atmosphere for the device and connection by using 256 bit AES encryption along with DNS and IPv6 leak protection by default.

And you can also select the kill switch option, make a combination of two VPNs at a time, connect to Tor over VPN, or you can block ads and malware automatically.

They don’t log your personal information, and also, you have the option to make payment with Bitcoin that you can stay anonymous at that side also.

NordVPN has applications for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux. Also, it works with certain internet routers, but manual configuration is still required there.


Fast speed to stream HD content without buffering

Over 1,600 servers in the US

Top-tier encryption standards with DNS leak protection

Has Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps

Able to simultaneously connect six devices at once


The desktop connection can be slow

3. Surfshark


Next, we have listed SurfShark in our list. With 3000 servers spread across 60 plus countries worldwide.

SurfShark has taken over the attention of so many users by providing high speeds, the ability to unblock different major streaming platforms, inclusive of NFL Game Pass anywhere in the world with unlimited bandwidth.

The best thing about this VPN service is that it lets you have unlimited connections at a time so that you can enjoy your favourite content with so many people on various devices.

As per our information, the company takes the security of the users very seriously, and for that, they have employed a kill switch, a 256-bit AES military-grade encryption system, and protection against DNS web RTC leaks and IPv6 to keep your traffic away from any possible threats.

Also, they don’t keep a record of your personal information and keep your identity unknown for the rest.

The company is also offering a 24/7 customer support option over live chat to resolve their queries at the time they occurred. 

Surfshark has applications for Linux, Android, Windows, iOS and macOS, and it also works with some home routers, but the manual configuration is a must.


Decent, reliable speeds

Unlimited device connections

Great at unblocking popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer

Keeps no logs and accepts three kinds of cryptocurrency

24/7 live chat support


Some slow servers

4. CyberGhost


Fourth we have placed CyberGhost on our list. The reason behind this is CyberGhost is a fast and user-friendly service that has 800 Plus servers spread across the US.

The VPN service is also very great at unblocking platforms that have geo-restricted their content in other countries, which means that you can enjoy NFL game pass life by sitting anywhere around the world without being noticed by anyone.

One noticeable thing is that you will find they have taken the security of the users very seriously and have implemented security options.

It includes 256-bit encryption, ad blocking, a kill switch, and an anti-Malware feature to keep your network, device, and connection safe all the time.

They also claim not to log any of your information or browsing histories and also protect WebRTC, IPv6, DNS, and port forwarding leaks so that your browsing can always stay private.

This VPN brings in an application for different devices like Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS.


Over 800 servers in the US get around most geo-restrictions.

Some of the fastest servers we’ve tested

Kill switch on all apps and keeps no logs

Apps are easy to install and use

24/7 live chat support


Won’t work in China, UAE or Saudi Arabia

5. PrivateVPN

privatevpn homepage

Last but not least in our list is PrivateVPN which might have fewer servers in the US, but you will always find them with the superfast speed compared to the other VPN services.

They are quite fast enough to let you stream the live videos without buffering or lagging and are completely capable of unblocking many streaming services.

Some of them include BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime, and more, so there is no chance that you will be left out watching the NFL game pass.

In addition to that, they allow you to have six simultaneous connections for group watching and very good multiplatform support so that you can uninterruptedly enjoy the NFL match series.

PrivateVPN has employed 256-bit encryption, protection against IPv6 leaks and DNS leaks which is enabled as a default and a kill switch for providing a high level of security for your connection.

They also have a strict no-logging policy which indicates that all your activity stays private every time you browse through the VPN. It offers 24/7 customer service support with the live chat option available.

The good thing you will find in their customer care support is that a support agent is efficient enough to remotely install the software on your device if you are having trouble.

They also have Android, Linux, Windows, iOS and Mac OS devices and it also works with different routers, but manual configuration requirement is always there.


Operates servers in 9 US cities

Great at unblocking US streaming sites

Unblocks NFL Game Pass at decent streaming speeds

Strong security and privacy protection features

24/7 live chat support


A small number of servers to choose from

May need support assistance in locating the best server to choose

Best Streaming Option to Watch NFL in Canada Online

There are no such options of Cable subscriptions available in Canada.

Here are some best streaming services that you can opt for watching NFL games online in Canada.

NFL Game Pass

YouTube TV

Amazon Prime Video


Yahoo! Sports App

Sling TV

Sky TV

Fubo TV


In our experience, the easiest method from the above list is the NFL game pass. This on-demand streaming brings you access to every single match.

But you still have to use a VPN with the US-based server to enjoy the NFL matches on its official website.

And if you are not in the mood to go for the game pass, you can try out other streaming platforms, which lets you watch NFL games with an uninterrupted streaming experience.


  1. Are VPNs legal in Canada?

Yes, VPN sites are completely legal in Canada to let the public watch the restricted content of different countries.

  1. Should I use a free VPN in Canada?

Well, in a recommendation, you should never go for a free VPN as they will never match the speed, security reliability and worldwide reach of the premium VPN services.

And if you are aiming to watch the content available on all the major streaming platforms with complete security, you can go for ExpressVPN as they are offering a 30-day free trial. And still, if you didn’t get satisfied, you can ask for a refund after the expiration of the free trial period.

  1. Which Canada VPN server is best?

Our recommendation ExpressVPN is the best server that you can find to watch your favourite content in Canada. They have servers in Montreal and Toronto. 

But as per your requirement, you can always select the closest location to you. You have the option to let it automatically select the best server as per your network.


So that’s it for this article. We tried to cover almost every important topic that you need to know on how to watch the NFL in Canada with the help of a VPN Service.

The NFL 2021 League is the most awaited League to date inspected from so many online streaming platforms crowd is not allowed in the stadium to follow the covid-19 protocols and keep the public safe.

So currently, VPNs are the only way out that let you the lane to watch the NFL playoffs of your favourite teams.

This article mentioned the top five VPN services you can select from to enjoy the NFL 2021 League with super fast speed, reliable and secure connection, and a buffer-free streaming experience. Happy Streaming.

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