How to Watch Eurovision in US {Updated: Sep 2023}

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) started a song festival known as the Eurovision festival to bring multiple European associate countries collectively come together after the countries’ disruptions due to world war II. 

The Eurovision festival’s theme runs parallel to the Sanremo music pageant that is conducted annually in Italy.

The Eurovision contest is well known worldwide for giving rise to multiple artists like Celine Dione and ABBA. 

This contest shone a light on their musical talents, just like the famous TV shows like X-factor and American Idol, and is compared to the worldwide pageants like Miss World owing to its wide-reaching capabilities.

It can introduce the viewer to a different lifestyle of music choices that do not necessarily have to be pop or jazz music and has a deeper depth with each performer and their acts in the festival.

One of the Eurovision music festivals attributes that makes it stand out with individuality compared to other television show contests to even billboard pageants is its ability to take a viewer back in time with its aura of antiqueness.

Magnificent cultural pieces and ballads are so ancient and vintage compared to the loud, jarring music we listen to. 

Thus, the annual Eurovision content comes as a soothing yet competitive festival for the viewers.

If you have been a huge admirer of the Eurovision music festival till now, you know that this is a festival that you should at least adorn once in a lifetime.

 If you have not seen the Eurovision contest because the contest does not stream in your region and you are unaware of how to use VPNs to stream content, stay tuned.

This article will give you insights and tips and tricks to watch the Eurovision contest from anywhere in the US.

How to Watch the Eurovision Festival in US

A grand music festival website originally founded for the masses, typically from all the European and European countries, is the Eurovision festival. 

Due to many limitations posted on mass media of any country that is not part of the European associates’ treaty, the Eurovision music contest’s entertaining content has always been either inaccessible or blocked in the US.

Though the Eurovision music festival’s quality content is either blocked or inaccessible in the US, it is not impossible to bypass these restrictions in a secure and cost-friendly manner.

A virtual private network, or more commonly called a VPN, will help you access content blocked in your region due to cultural, geographic, or social restrictions.

Why Do You Need to Use VPN?

VPNs use advanced software protocols to effectively increase your network strength by establishing the following structure on your digital streaming device:

  1. Online on a streaming platform, several geographic limitations can be bypassed using a really good VPN while streaming your favorite quality content.
  1. Cyber attackers pose various threats online, and streaming without a well-protected server can cause your computer to be a very easy target. 

A VPN increases your digital streaming sites’ security, protecting you and your device from any form of cyber harm.

  1. While torrenting, you tend to log in to different sites to watch your favorite content. 

Suppose this is done without a well-protected browser with a reliable VPN installed as an extension. 

In that case, it can cause cyber attackers to steal your information easily and pose as you, which can be highly dangerous.

  1. Streaming websites typically save the information of your IP address for various safety reasons. 

To be a tad bit safer, installing a VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, etc., can help you keep your IP information safe as and a VPN does this by providing an IP address of the country’s show you want to stream at home.

Improving network strength, improving network speed, and improving the security of your operating system or digital streaming device are the three main key factors that fuel the software of the VPN.

But it is important to note that each VPN selectively improves one aspect of the key features mentioned above while moderately working on the other two.

For example, if a VPN works incredibly well in establishing a secure connection to a specific server, the speed and quality of streaming will be average and vice versa.

When you are on the lookout for a VPN because it is not only important to use a VPN that is compatible with your operating system, it is also important to choose one that meets your needs on what you plan to do with a VPN. Thus it is important to choose carefully.

Best VPNs to Watch Eurovision Festival in US 2021

It is required that you know the dimensions of the basics of the most used and the most popular VPNs have proven to do to select the best VPN so that you can get and install it on your operating system.

Several of the highly recommended VPNs that you can watch the Eurovision music festival if you are situated in the United States are:

1. ExpressVPN :- Best VPN For Eurovision Festival in US

ExpressVPN For Eurovision Festival in US

One of the most popular VPNs by the citizenry of the planet is ExpressVPN

Having an expert embedded software that gives it the ability to unblock almost all inaccessible sites makes it quite easy to watch the Eurovision music festival on a streaming service of your choice in the US.

Typically the average speed of ExpressVPN comes out to be a striking 54.99 Mbps with a video streaming quality that has a 4K UHD with government quality security. 

The most typical online loading services that the masses use Convey VPN to watch their favorite content are BBC iPlayer in us, IPL in usF1 in usvootla liga and more.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn For Eurovision Festival in US

NordVPN has recently scored a spot on the list of 2020s best VPNs for digital streaming devices. With 59 countries hosting its 5500 servers, NordVPN has established its strong stand in the VPN game. 

NordVPN is a private network compatible with multiple mobile operating systems like Android, Ios, Blackberry, and Windows phones. 

NordVPN’s average speed comes out to be around 98 Mbps, which is a huge reduction of streaming buffers. 

Still, since it contributes so much to reduce the buffer time while streaming, the privacy concerns are relatively greater than the ExpressVPN.

3. SurfShark

surfshark For Eurovision Festival in US

Growing because of its budget-friendly bargains and incredibly cost-efficient offers, the VPN used by a majority of the population is the SurfShark VPN. 

This VPN has almost 65 countries’ internet hosting their server, which relates to 3200+ servers. 

The average speed of the SurfShark VPN is 48 Mbps on the digital streaming platform. 

One of SurfShark’s major features is offering browser extension cables to firefox and various other browsers to make it easier to search online without being concerned about security, signal strength, or network speed time.

4. PureVPN

purevpn For Eurovision Festival in US

Pure VPN is considered to be much more established compared to the other VPNs on this recommendation line. 

It has its servers hosted by multiple countries worldwide but is quite low on solving security concerns.

5. VyprVPN

vyprvpn For Eurovision Festival in US

Popularly utilized in China, VyprVPN is known for its progress in unblocking several inaccessible sites in regions because of plenty of geographical and multiple cultural restrictions.

VyprVPN is estimated to have an average day to day speed of 44 Mbps with every streaming content with a video buffering reducing quality that contains a 4K UHD. 

The most typical online streaming services that the masses use VyprVPN to watch their favorite quality content are Amazon perfect video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO, and Sky Proceed.

Certain cons of VyprVPN comparing the other VPNs on this list would be the problem of network speed. 

The network speed is very slow, and Vypr VPN’s network is significantly low compared to ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or even Pure VPN.

So grasping the basic requirements of what you are searching for and appropriate with your buffering content style will allow you to determine which VPN you need to choose to watch your preferred quality entertainment by watching the Eurovision music contest.

Popular events that you can stream on the Eurovision film festival

Given below is the list of the major events watched by millions during the commencement till the end of the Eurovision Music festival:

  1. Melodi Grand Prix
  2. Melodifestivalen 
  3. Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 
  4. Samanta Tina documentary
  5. Eesti Laul
  6. Festival da Canção 
  7. UMK – Grand final
  8. Senhit’s song release
  9. “El Diablo” release
  10. Jendrick’s song release
  11. EMA – Grand final


  1. Is it possible to watch the Eurovision music festival by using a Free VPN?

It is possible to watch the Eurovision music festival online using a free VPN, but security is a major concern in using free VPNs. However, they use the same PPTP protocol used by paid VPNs, and there is a risk of your information being stolen.

  1. Is every device compatible to watch the Eurovision music festival?

Yes, you can use almost all devices to download and install the VPN app to get European IP addresses to stream your favorite content with the highest quality as long as they have android or Ios software embedded in them.


The information in this piece articulates how to watch the Eurovision music contest if you are anywhere in the United States. 

A few points for you to keep in mind are knowing your priorities regarding what you want while streaming, which will give you an insight into which VPN to download. 

Now that you have all the information in your hands, what are you waiting for? 

Download a VPN of your choice and start streaming the Eurovision music contest right now.

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