How To Watch ESPN+ In Canada 2024 {Updated on May}

We bring you an ultimate guide to discussing how to watch ESPN in Canada or any country in the world. 

It’s been so long since streaming services occupied the irreplaceable place on everyone’s television. 

They offered limited live coverage of various sports and some on-demand sports due to exclusive broadcasting rights and low demand.

But, there comes a time when everything has changed in the roadmap of various sports and television networks. 

About two years back, Disney launched a new sports-specific OTT streaming service known as ESPN+ in the United States of America.

Many sports fans had to cut the everlasting cord with the channel due to this service and have to go for a subscription-based streaming service to enjoy their favourite sports.

Even though ESPN+ is quite popular among Americans, it is yet to launch the same service in other countries officially.

There are still some restless Canadian Sports fans who can’t wait for this to happen and then watch their favourite sports. 

For them, we have compiled every possible and relevant information in this guide to watch ESPN+ in Canada.

How to Watch ESPN+ in Canada

Despite geo-blocking outside the US, Watching ESPN+ is still possible in Canada.

Stay tuned to the article to know more about it in detail, and soon you will get to how to make it work.

Those people who are accustomed to Onboard streaming services and geo-restrictions might know about VPNs. 

A VPN is a service that helps you create a Virtual Network that establishes a fully secured and encrypted connection between the Local Network and Privately Hosted Server. 

All the data sent and requested by you is transmitted through a separate DNS server except for any Public or ISP’s DNS Server.

Based on the gap between the server and your location, if you use a VPN, it might affect your internet speed.

Though, your real IP address stays safe and secret until and unless you decide to over VPN browsing session.

As long as your location has a loose connection to your IP address, it is relatively easy for a geo-blocker to identify your location and block you from accessing that particular service.

Changing the IP address also changes your location metadata virtually, which can fool the geo-blocker, and he’ll think that you are at some other location.

We can do the same thing in the case of ESPN+. We can connect to a VPN server in the US. Doing so will change your location to access ESPN+ anywhere and anytime in Canada.

How to Watch ESPN+ in Canada [Step by Step]

Below are few essentials that you need to keep to follow to Watch ESPN+ in Canada: 

  1. Firstly for this, you need a trustable and safe VPN client. You can find it on Google, and select from hundreds of options whichever suits you the most. 

In our recommendation, you could use ExpressVPN

It has 160+ Locations across the globe with a Zero-log policy and works exceptionally great with streaming services, and ensures unbreachable user privacy. 

Visit to get registered for an ExpressVPN subscription.

Buy expressVPN
  1. Now, Download it and install the ExpressVPN app on your mobile or computer. 

It is accessible for almost all the standard operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Amazon Fire OS (Fire TV). 

Visit to obtain access to the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Download expressvpn
  1. ESPN+ provides an option to make a payment via PayPal or credit card for getting the subscription. For that, your credit card must support International payments. 

Otherwise, your payment might get failed due to regional issues. With PayPal, it’s effortless. 

Users don’t face any problems in making any national or international transactions. Plus, they can also enable or disable auto-renewal for the subscription of ESPN+ through PayPal.

*Note: If you don’t own an account on PayPal, visit and sign up for a PayPal account.*

expressvpn payment

Step 1: Log in to VPN and Connect to a US-based server. 

Select us Server

Whether the device you are using either a smartphone or a PC for this, you must install the ExpressVPN app on it.

After installation of the app, please open it and sign in with your ExpressVPN account.

Next, search for the United States in the option of server picker, and click on Connect. In a matter of seconds, you’ll get connected to the VPN server.

Step 2: Sign Up for ESPN+. 

When connected to a US VPN server, open your preferred search engine on your smartphone or PC.

Please go for an incognito tab, as stored cookies can make your current location recognizable. Once you are done with this, carefully follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to and tap on the Buy ESPN+ option.
  1. It will direct you to a page to create an ESPN account. Proceed with that by entering your first name, last name, email address, and a case sensitive password, then click on Sign Up.
  1. Now choose the plan you want to opt for, and select PayPal for making payment.
  1. Enter the Delaware ZIp code (19702, 19703, 19706.) because of the absence of Sales tax. Your maximum payment will go to the limit of $49.99 per year for an ESPN+ subscription.
  1. Tap on the box next to “…have read the Privacy Policy and I agree to the ESPN Terms of Use…” message and tap on the PayPal logo right down there to complete payment.

What is the Difference Between ESPN and ESPN+?

You might have different kinds of theories about the ESPN app and ESPN+ being the same thing. But it’s not the same as the standard ESPN channel on your television. 

Initially, the official app from ESPN was known as WatchESPN. This channel streams thousands of live sports, shows, and events. 

Plus, the Audience can watch the real-time scoreboard and sports news and a massive collection of highly demanded archive sports, highlighting moments, replays, events, and analytics made by experts. 

For all this, users have to Sign in with a Cable TV to obtain access to the ESPN app. 

But there is another way to sit and enjoy live and on-demand sports content, without having any cable or subscription right there on ESPN+?

ESPN+ is not an app. It is a subscription that telecasts exclusive sports that you can’t watch on general TV channels. 

The addition of ESPN+ Originals, 30 for 30 documentaries, and exclusive PPV events are exceptional for a sports service channel costing $4.99/month. 

But remember, paying for ESPN+ doesn’t let you enjoy content from ESPN and ESPN2 channel live streams. 

This feature is only limited to cable TV providers. On the other hand, users can’t get access to ESPN+ service with a TV subscription.

It’s more complicated because both services are available through the similar official ESPN app and the official website,

Why Can’t You Watch ESPN + Outside of the US?

Many people have asked this question why can’t they watch ESPN+ in any other country than the United States. 

For this, I have one thing to say: it’s a result of Disney’s Dominance in the Broadcasting market, which has also affected the other streaming services, Disney Plus and Hulu.

To avoid the contravention of Contractual rights among Sports Content Distributors and Disney, ESPN toughens a strict geo-blocking protocol for its content.

Service becomes exclusively accessible in the United States, but not approachable in North American regions or other continents yet.

Content Licensing issues have become a catastrophe for primary on-demand broadcasting services, even the streaming giant Netflix. 

It’s not a new thing that ESPN is going through with the same problem, considering how costly sports content licensing has gotten in recent years.

How Do VPNs Allow You to Unblock ESPN in Canada?

Though we’ve provided you almost every crux of getting a VPN connection, there is a question that may arise: 

How do you watch ESPN in Canada with a VPN’s help?

As ESPN is tracing your location with your IP address – a VPN quickly changes that. 

When you tap on the connect button, a session starts between the US-based server and your device and another server from ESPN. 

This way, you can hide your IP address (you’re now the VPN server), and ESPN allows you to access all the programs as whatever you watch is passed off to ESPN like the VPN server is doing that.

Though it is a non-technical definition of VPN – this is how a VPN works on the back-end practically.

Hiding your location is often missing in free VPNs as well, which gives you away.

Our well-tested VPN services are: 

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PrivateVPN are all great. You will never face any problem or issue with off failed server to display your modified IP address.

Can I Watch ESPN Plus Canada with a Free VPN?

Unfortunately, no. There is a 90% chance that you won’t get access to the free VPN for watching ESPN in Canada. Why is it so?

Free VPN servers don’t have any incentives to ensure their masking works (that’s the way a VPN works) and help you visit and watch ESPN programs.

Now let’s talk about hundreds and thousands of people doing the same thing at the same time. It will look fishy when so many people try to watch ESPN from the US with the same IP address.

ESPN strikes the ‘banhammer’ and poof so that the VPN server will never grant access ever again.

Premium VPN service providers have lots of servers in the same location to distribute the load coming simultaneously. Not to mention, new servers keep generating to avoid any issues with websites.

Talking about free VPN services, so for that, they don’t have ample funds to sponsor service ever since then.

With this comes our next point; how do they earn money with that? They sell your data, simple. They don’t try to maintain your privacy and your data stays unencrypted.

You need to be more careful while using a free VPN if you want to safeguard your data and information.

Best VPNs to Watch ESPN+ Canada

There is no concurrence on which VPN Service is significant to opt for and watch ESPN plus in Canada. But we have got you a few good ones which insurance to give you access to ESPN, unlike free ones.

We have verified them entirely, and the list is given the best VPNs to watch ESPN+ in Canada: 

  1. ExpressVPN: Top Recommended VPN to Watch ESPN+ Canada.
  1. NordVPN: One of the popular VPNs to Stream ESPN+ Canada.
  1. SurfShark VPN: Pocket-Friendly VPN to access ESPN Plus Canada.
  1. PrivateVPN: Trustable VPN with ESPN+ in Canada.

Now, what is so good about these VPN services? Except for the successful uplifting of geo-restrictions, you will get plenty of benefits with this subscription. 

There are so many to list, but we have shortlisted them to show why these VPNs are the best ones:

  1. Fast connections with fast speeds to connect anytime and anywhere in the world.
  1. Unblock popular streaming services such as HBO Canada, and watch vudu in canada.
  1. Hundreds of servers have spread around the globe for easy and quick access.
  1. Security is the priority as neither your data nor the VPN servers stores your logs.
  1. All communication is safe and encrypted, and no one can access it.
  1. Support all types of devices and OS to set the VPN service.
  1. The helpful customer support team, is there 24*7 for global support.
  1. Refunding money surety in case you face an issue that’s not resolved.

This list isn’t the only final list. There’s so much more that we couldn’t mention here. We’ve discussed with you how to acquire access to ESPN with a few VPNs.

Give it a shot!

How to Stream ESPN+ with VPN?

How to fool ESPN+ using a VPN?

What’s a VPN service?

A VPN service can change your Internet location to recognize from somewhere else anywhere around the world without actually changing your location.

It means that you can unblock your streaming, which isn’t accessible easily, and the data you are sending or receiving stays encrypted.

There are two crucial things that VPN services can do for you to watch ESPN+ in Canada. 

It needs to work while you are watching shows on ESPN+, and if it stops working for a couple of moments, ESPN+ will find out that you aren’t in the US’s geographical location.

ESPN+ must be supported. When you connect to an American server, it doesn’t automatically mean to provide you access to ESPN+. The same thing goes with access Hulu with a VPN, us netflix in canada and it also helps yo get Tenplay in canada

Want to know why? Keep reading.

Look, guys, a Standard VPN Server is easily identifiable by services like ESPN+. And as they are detectable, you need to take care to avoid users using a VPN from accessing ESPN+, no matter if ESPN wants it or not.

Otherwise, ESPN could be breaking all the contracts signed for rights to broadcast ESPN+ content only in the United States.

One of the great examples why that happens is BT Sports in the UK. They paid £1.2 billion for exclusive rights for the Champions League in the UK. 

Now the thing is, Why should somebody pay this much money for a BT Sports subscription when they can watch the Premier League on ESPN+ for just $4.99 per month? 

That’s why VPN services usually don’t work with any entertainment platforms, and they are working on it. 

If you compare us to any other VPN providers, you will get to know that they have hundreds and thousands of servers. 

We don’t have that, and it could cause a problem for some people, but when it’s about to provide entertainment, the quality of the servers is all that matters. 

That’s why we support all the high-ranking platforms mentioned above. 


It’s not free of cost, but no other service will let you watch ESPN+.

It has a seven-day risk free trial that is very simple to give a chance by entering an email and password.

Once your trial is over, it’s a valuable service that you can get for ESPN, and many customers agree on this. 

But if you are not satisfied or have any doubts, then first go for a free trial and then think about getting a subscription.

  1. Live streaming and on-demand Sports via ESPN+.
  2. Once you successfully make payment for the subscription, you can easily log in to the official ESPN app or its official website with the help of your ESPN+ subscription and enjoy the unlimited streaming of live and on-demand sports content.
  3. You will have to use the VPN service continuously on your device to keep access to ESPN+. If you face any trouble with streaming errors, try fast to reconnect with any other US VPN server. 

What Devices Can I Use To Watch ESPN+?

  1. You can stream ESPN+ content on several systems, like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and the latest PC and Mac versions.
  2. Some devices like Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, and Roku don’t support any VPN clients. So, it’s not possible to watch ESPN+ content in Canada while using these devices.
  3. If you have a VPN-enabled router, you can watch ESPN+ on any device without facing software limitations.

What Can You Watch on ESPN+?

  1. You can watch many live sports events like MLB, NHL, MLS, Series A, Top Rank Boxing, FA Cup, Grand Slam Tennis, NCAA college sports, and more. 
  2. ESPN+ also broadcasts UFC Fight Nights and exclusive PPV event coverage.
  3. It also has original programs, like The Boardroom with JD, Ariel and the Bad Guy, More Than An Athlete, Peyton’s Places with Peyton’s Manning, NBA Rooks with Zion Williamson, etc. 
  4. ESPN has a complete library of 30 documentaries and full coverage of The Fantasy Show with Matthew Berry.


What is ESPN+?

ESPN+ is a streaming service that you can acquire after getting a valid subscription and works to add to your current ESPN content. 
It provides access to live and on-demand games, sports, videos and exclusively written articles.

Where Is ESPN+ Available?

Currently, ESPN+ is available only in the United States. If you browse the site from any country other than the US, then you’ll face a geo-blocking error.

On what devices can you watch ESPN+?

You can watch ESPN+ on any of the given devices:
IOS (iPhone, iPad).
Apple TV.
Xbox One.
Oculus Go.
PlayStation 4.
Samsung Smart TVs.
Fire TV.

What can you watch on ESPN+?

ESPN+ offers you various content like NHL, MLB, MLS Games, Thousands of Live College Games, UFC, International Soccer, PGA Golf, Cricket, Lacrosse, Rugby and Tennis.


So that’s all for this blog. I hope that you have got an idea of How to watch ESPN plus in Canada. VPN like ExpressVPN is some of the best VPNs that offer fast access and support almost all types of devices. 

All you have to do is get a valid subscription, and you can watch ESPN+ in Canada or at any other place anytime when your mood calls so.

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