How To Watch CW In Australia 2023 (Updated on September)

Accessing the CW TV channel from Australia is as easy as utilizing a VPN, which will evade any geo-restrictions and allow viewers to watch the episodes or films they want to without fear of the online stream being interrupted due to illegal access.

When most Australians try to access Netflix in the United States, they see this message. 

Any US citizen may watch a CW stream online, which is popular because much of the material is free.

A top VPN service must provide the quickest speeds possible and ensure that the material can be viewed in the first place to avoid buffering.

However, not all VPNs are made equal, and the differences go far beyond the price. 

Each VPN has its own set of capabilities, and some even limit the scope of the service they give.

How to Watch The CW in Australia [Step by Step] Guide

Here’s a brief rundown of the full procedure, from signing up to watching CW Live from Australia utilizing the best VPN for streaming video.

  1. Go over to the VPN’s sign-up page (ExpressVPN).
  1. Set up an account and pay for your purchase.
  1. Install the VPN on your device after downloading it (PC, Mac, Android or iOS device).
  1. From the simple UI, connect to an American VPN server.
  1. Visit the CW TV website or download the CW TV app.
  1. Relax and take in the streaming stuff that is being given to you.

Best VPNs to Watch CW in Australia

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch CW in Australia

ExpressVPN CW in Australia

Because of its amazing applications, ease of use, outstanding speeds, outstanding 24/7 customer service assistance, and wide role to play in facilitating, ExpressVPN is simply the finest VPN accessible. 

The service is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Google, Linux, and BlackBerry, as well as on your Android TV, gaming console, or home network.

Your data will be safe with a kill switch, split tunneling, DNS leak prevention, and military-grade cryptography as standard, and its no-logging system guarantees your anonymity in any scenario. 

You can easily get other popular live tv shows like NFL Australia, Crackle Australia, iWonder Australia, etc.

If something goes wrong, Express’s excellent 24/7 live chat assistance will come in handy.

Even if you aren’t interested in all of that technical jargon, Express is suitable for both novices and specialists. If you wish, you may modify the settings, but you can also begin with a click of the mouse.

2. CyberGhost

cyberghost CW in Australia

The Windows client program for CyberGhost features a feature-rich, user-friendly interface with handy buttons for streaming video, torrenting files, safeguarding your Wi-Fi connections, and avoiding censorship.

Those streaming and torrenting functions are quite helpful since they eliminate the need to test specific servers to determine if they operate with Netflix and other services. 

While ExpressVPN’s servers always appear to function, many other companies’ servers might remove Netflix support if they are identified.

In case you are wondering can i watch hotstar in Australia with cyberghost. The simple answer is Yes You can.

Thus CyberGhost makes it very simple to stream.

3. Hotspot Shield

hotspotshield For CW in Australia

While its free VPN is arguably its most prominent feature, our Hotspot Shield review discovered that its premium VPN is also quite good. 

It provides very fast VPN speeds at a reasonable price, and it’s also rather simple to use.

While those top speeds come with certain limitations, such as Hotspot’s patented protocol, Catapult Hydra can’t be directly set up on routers as OpenVPN can. 

The program has significantly improved since our last testing, and now it is one of our most strongly recommended VPNs.

It has a Linux app, a nice price reduction for the yearly subscription and an increased number of countries affected (up to over 80, now). You’ll also receive various freebies, the greatest of which is 1Password.

Get Hotspot Shield Now


  1. What are the top shows on the CW Network?
  • DC
  • Arrow
  • Crazy ex-girlfriend
  • Black lightning
  • The Flash
  • iZombie
  • Roswell, New Mexico
  • Riverdale
  • Supergirl and many more
  1. Where to watch the CW Network?

The CW App

This CW app is compatible with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV & FireSticks, Android, iOS, and various other devices. 

You may watch CW flowing for free using this app, but just the past five full episodes are available.

While it may appear as a limitation, the CW Seed app allows you to view whole seasons of older series. All this is possible without the need for a membership.

CW on Hulu

While Hulu allows you to watch CW, this is only available in some locations. Changing your location to view all of the material is simple with the proper VPN.

While still not free like the CW’s official way, Hulu with Live TV costs $44.99 and enables you to watch many live TV. 

It also means you’ll be able to catch up on the most recent episodes of virtually all of today’s most popular series.

  1. Watch CW on YouTube TV

While watching the CW on YouTube TV is simple, it is only accessible in a few regions. However, with a strong VPN, this is a feasible alternative. 

However, at $49.99 a month, this is more expensive than Hulu. It does, however, allow you to view recorded shows from anywhere with an internet connection.

Other CW Viewing Options

While the alternatives listed above are the finest, there are a few others. You may buy a season of every show straight from The CW, but you’ll be limited to that show.

In the US, except for the current, complete episodes, Netflix has access to all CW programmes. 

If you have a membership, that’s fine, but with a new season of the most popular shows, this isn’t as fantastic an option as it appears.

The third choice is Direct TV, which costs $50 per month and isn’t available in all regions of the United States. 

Again, this would need the use of a VPN with a large number of US-based servers.


So, if you want to watch CW in Australia or anywhere else, you can get a subscription to ExpressVPN. 

We have tested several VPNs for the streaming, and ExpressVPN came out on top. Therefore, you can trust us and go for it.

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