How to Watch Bigg Boss in USA 2023 (Latest Guide)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could watch Bigg Boss from anywhere in the world?

The truth, therefore, is that it is not available worldwide anywhere other than India.

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way, and you can stream it in any nation by using VPN software.

Bigg Boss is an Indian television show modeled on the Big Brother English game show format, in which a group of individuals are chosen as housemates and are removed from the program based on viewer votes.

If you’re a fan of this show or reality TV in general and want to watch the new season but don’t live in India, you’ll discover that the show is banned in the rest of the globe.

Don’t be scared! Continue reading this article to learn how to bypass the blocking and watch Bigg Boss in USA.

How to Watch Bigg Boss in the US

You’ll find that setting up a VPN is a breeze. You’ll get it set up in seconds if you take these measures.

  1. Go to ExpressVPN, and choose the plan you like. Keep in mind that the annual bundle is less expensive.
  1. Build an account using your email and pick your preferred payment method. It allows a variety of payment methods for your ease.
  1. Just go to the “Products” tab to get the software. There, you’ll notice the software for all platforms and operating systems.
  1. If you are using an Apple or Android iOS phone, you can check for the app in the mobile app.
  1. Sign in with your profile, which you created in phase 2, once the app is installed.
  1. Now would be the place to check for a suitable connection point. It will be India in this situation.
  1. Select “Selected Area,” then “All Areas,” “South Asia,” and finally “India” from the drop-down menu.

Your VPN is prepared to use as though you were in India, and now is the time to start watching Bigg Boss on Voot.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Bigg Boss?

Outside of India, Bigg Boss is geo-blocked. You will be restricted if you attempt to access the streaming platform from a US IP address.

Your information is routed and redirected through a secure network when you use a VPN. If you link to an Indian server, you’ll be given an Indian IP address and be able to view Bigg Boss in the United States.

Simply because a VPN has databases in India does not mean that you will watch Bigg Boss. Since not all VPNs can efficiently circumvent geoblocks, it’s important to select a premium experience.

Many streaming services have anti-VPN technology that detects when you’re using a VPN to access information, causing your VPN to be blocked. 

By using a VPN with obfuscated databases, you can avoid this risk. This server hides the fact that your information has been protected using a VPN. 

As a result, Bigg Boss and other streaming platforms cannot differentiate between data and VPN data.

Using a VPN has several other advantages in terms of being able to circumvent geoblocks and gain unlimited access to global content.

By protecting your data and impersonating your IP address, a premium VPN maintains your online activity private and stable.

Best VPNs to watch Bigg Boss in USA

#1 ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Bigg Boss in USA

ExpressVPN  for Bigg Boss in USA

Because of its great applications, ease of use, superior speeds, outstanding 24/7 customer service support, and wide mobile compatibility, ExpressVPN is the best VPN accessible. 

The service is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Apple, Linux, and BlackBerry, as well as on your Android TV, games console, or home network.

Your information will be secure with a kill switch, split tunneling, DNS leak security, and military-grade authentication as usual, and the no-logging policy guarantees your privacy in any case. 

If something goes wrong, Express’s excellent 24/7 live chat service can come in handy.

And if you aren’t interested in all technical jargon, Express is suitable for both novices and experts. You can even alter the settings and also get going with a single tap.

Do you want to watch Netflix from the United States when you’re on vacation? 

Express will help you with that and any other local library in which you might be involved. Toonami, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, Sky Go, and Disney+ are all included.

We can go on for pages praising Express, but the bottom line is that it’s the best VPN option offered for almost any reason. 

If you’re still not convinced, the 30-day money-back policy gives you plenty of time to try it out to make sure that’s correct for you. If it isn’t, you can receive a full refund with no question posed.

#2 NordVPN

NordVPN for Bigg Boss in USA

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with NordVPN, and yes, the security behemoth is one of the best VPN services available. 

Although it doesn’t quite match ExpressVPN’s all-around excellence, it’s close behind and offers a seriously stable, privacy-focused interface.

Military-grade encryption will secure you, along with all the standard extra features such as a kill switch and a selection of protocols so you can choose whether you want extra power or extra protection. 

You can also access a huge range of applications for just about every smartphone you can think of.

However, those apps highlight one of Nord’s flaws: the map-based interface is very useful on a computer and wider screens, but it’s much more clumsy on mobile devices than a server list. 

We’d want to see one right now, even though it’s just a tap away. That’s a slight quibble, though, since NordVPN is otherwise fantastic service. 

You’ll be able to watch BBC iPlayer in us, IPL in usF1 in usvootla liga and more from outside the United States, and you won’t have to worry about buffering thanks to the special link rates.

Nord was the victim of a well-publicized data breach in 2017. Still, it has undertaken major measures to rectify the situation, including a second full forensic audit of its internals and no logs rule in 2 decades. 

All of this adds up to an effective VPN service that barely misses out on a top place due to several app problems – and the fierce rivalry.

#3 SurfShark

surfshark for Bigg Boss in USA

SurfShark, for example, provides a genuinely strong VPN for less than half the price of some rivals. 

No, you won’t get every bell and whistle, but it has everything you need for those who want stable internet protection and streaming speeds.

Surfshark’s apps look fantastic and are simple to use, even though they aren’t particularly in-depth. 

Now, tap the fast connect button to get started. Apps will be available for a range of platforms, including Android, windows phone, Ios, Linux, and Mac.

On that topic, Surfshark allows you to secure all of your devices with a single subscription because it allows for unlimited devices simultaneously. 

It implies you can manage up to 50 devices with a single plan. With a safety feature, split tunneling, and AES-256 protection, Surf Shark is no slouch when it comes to privacy. 

It’s likely not for you if you’d like a VPN with a lot of configuration options, but it will keep you safe – it would not be on the page if it didn’t. Surfshark, on the other hand, shines because of its value. 

For now, if you sign up for a 24-month contract, you’ll get an additional three months free, which averages out to just $2.21 per month – and you can protect all of your belongings with just this plan.

#4 CyberGhost


The Windows client app for CyberGhost has a feature-rich, user-friendly design with simple live streaming buttons, creating the project files, securing your Wi-Fi transmissions, and avoiding censorship.

Those viewing and youtube music features are extremely helpful because they remove the need to test individual databases to see how they operate with Netflix and other services. 

Although ExpressVPN seems to always function, many other carriers’ servers will lose Netflix support if they are identified, so CyberGhost makes it incredibly simple to get watching.

On that topic, there are about 6,100 CyberGhost databases in over 100 countries worldwide, so there’s still plenty of options.

CyberGhost is also open about its business structure, publishing everybody’s photographs and bios from the CEO to the cleaning lady’s website. 

Privacy advocates can appreciate that the company is headquartered in Romania rather than the United States. 

You don’t even need a real identity to register – all you need now is a functioning email address, and you can transact in Bitcoin to stay nearly anonymous.


  1. Can we watch BiggBoss with a free VPN?

Yes, you can. But it is not recommended because a free VPN comes with a lot of risks related to data privacy.

  1. Who owns BiggBoss?

Bigg Boss is an Indian reality tv game show broadcast on Viacom 18 and Star India by Endemol Shine India. It was then syndicated globally and made available on the OTT networks Voot and Disney+ Hotstar.

  1. Who gives the voice of BiggBoss?

Bigg Boss voice actor Vijay Vikram Singh says projecting his voice for the first time on television was unreal. 

For the past ten years, voice actor Vijay Vikram Singh has been the protagonist of the successful reality TV show Bigg Boss. 

Nevertheless, it is only now that one must learn about his or her own identity.


Bigg Boss is the most famous and profitable of the seven reality shows based on the Big Brother franchise. 

It will be broadcast until at least 2023. It’s available on Voot, but it’s banned outside of India.

The solution is simple, as I’ve demonstrated throughout this guide. With a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can bypass the blocking and watch Big Boss from anywhere in the world. 

Best of all, you’re not limited to just the current season; you can use this tool to watch all upcoming series as well! 

All you have to do now is sit in your favorite place and watch the show from wherever you are.

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