How To Watch BFI Player In Australia 2023 (Updated on September)

BFI Player is a British internet streaming service with a fantastic selection of vintage films to suit your binge-watching needs. 

This English video service provides 1000 hours of complimentary content to view and premium and rental options that provide access to more content. 

Unfortunately, due to content geo-restrictions, BFI Player is only available in the United Kingdom. However, by getting a UK IP address, you may stream BFI Player in Australia. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to watch BFI players in Australia step by step. So, let’s get started.

BFI Player restricts access depending on the IP address of the customer’s country. 

If a user attempts to stream BFI Player material outside the UK, the service will instantly ban them due to content licensing difficulties.

However, you may fool the BFI Player into thinking you’re in the UK while being in Australia by getting a British IP address. 

You can accomplish it by utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) (Virtual Private Network).

How to Watch BFI Player in Australia (Unblocking Steps)

Once you have your VPN on your selected device, accessing BFI Player from outside the UK, regardless of geographic location, is simple. Here’s how to watch BFI Player in Australia:

  1. We propose ExpressVPN as a VPN to download and subscribe to.
  1. Now login to the VPN application.
  1. Select the UK server from the drop-down menu.
  1. Continue watching in Australia by going to the BFI Player website or app, creating an account if you’ve not already.

Not all VPNs can unblock geo-restricted streaming services like BFI Player because most VPNs are primarily concerned with online privacy and do not devote much attention to unblocking capabilities.

As a result, only a few VPNs can unblock BFI Player from outside the UK. If you’re unfamiliar with VPNs, don’t fret; we’ve already compiled a list of the best VPNs for watching BFI Player.

Top 3 VPNs to Watch BFI Player in Australia

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch BFI Player In Australia

ExpressVPN  BFI Player In Australia

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for watching BFI Player in Australia because of its outstanding unblocking features, ultra-fast connections, and user-friendly applications.

ExpressVPN supports all major viewing platforms through apps and web extensions, like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Amazon Firestick/Fire TV.

ExpressVPN’s live chat service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we found it to be really helpful and competent. 

And all of the customer service representatives are well-versed in all of the issues and questions.

Expressvpn can able to stream bbc iplayer in Australia and it helps to watch YoutubeTV in Australia without any issue.

2. NordVPN:

nordvpn BFI Player In Australia

You may unblock BFI Player in Australia with NordVPN, a budget-friendly VPN. This service has 5000 servers in 60 countries, with 1000 in the United Kingdom. 

This provider employs a SmartPlay technology that allows all of its servers to bypass all of your favorite geo-restricted streaming services.

Its also helps to watch Foxtel in australia, HBO Max in australia.

3. PrivateVPN

privatevpn BFI Player In Australia

PrivateVPN has preconfigured applications for geo-restricted video providers, such as BFI Player in Australia. 

The best part is that instead of selecting a server, you can search for the streaming platform you wish to unblock, and PrivateVPN will display all available servers.

How does VPN Work in unblocking BFI player in Australia?

Authorities have mandated that online video services adhere to streaming rights regulations. 

The streaming rights rules are permission that instructs streaming providers where they can offer their material. Authorities take strict action if they do not respect these regulations.

Because streaming services can determine a customer’s location based on their nation’s IP address, they employ an IP tracking tool to block any users who attempt to stream their material from a country without streaming rights.

However, using a VPN to get a Uk IP address may fool BFI Player into believing you are in the United Kingdom. 

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, may disguise your local IP address and replace it with an IP address from the location of your choice. 

As a result, when you use a VPN to access a UK server, your Australian IP address is replaced with a UK IP address. 

When you attempt to stream BFI Player afterwards, the IP tracking technology gives the provider the green light you are in the UK. 

It permits you to access BFI material from Australia, depending on your UK IP address. BFI Player is unblocked in Australia using a VPN.

Where Can I Watch BFI Player?

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Samsung Smart TV 
  • Roku
  • Apple TV

What Can I Watch on BFI Player?

  • Trans Happiness is Real 
  • Space/Walk 
  • Isaac and the Ram 
  • Girl Shouldn’t Walk Alone at Night 
  • The Cost of Living
  • Momma Don’t Allow
  • LifeStyle: Three Peaks Race
  • Miss Margaret Morris’s Merry Mermaids
  • Kelly + Victor 
  • Love and Death on Long Island 
  • Gomorrah 
  • The Draughtsman’s Contract 
  • The Red Shoes 
  • Metropolis 
  • The Lickerish Quartet 
  • Nightwatching


  1. How can I watch BFI outside the United Kingdom?

Outside of the UK, intelligent DNS and VPN are the only ways to watch BFI. You may fool BFI Player into believing you’re in the UK using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Smart DNS to get a UK IP address. 

You may stream BFI Player from outside of the UK using VPN or Smart DNS once you’ve connected to the UK server. It includes Australia, the United States, Canada, and other countries.

  1. Is the BFI Player part of Amazon Prime?

You can obtain BFI Player for a small fee if you already have an Amazon Prime membership. You’ll be able to view Amazon Prime material as well as BFI Player classics together.

  1. Is the BFI Player available for free?

A portion of the BFI Player’s content catalogue is available for free. Members of this English streaming platform, on the other hand, have the choice of watching their favourite vintage film for free, for a fee, or rent.


ExpressVPN is still our best suggestion for watching BFI Player outside the UK from any place since it provides dedicated servers in the United Kingdom for streaming at a low cost. Try it now.