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Founder & Author


I love watching movies on weekends with friends and family. After discovering plenty of channels and streaming services that are not available in my place due to its geo-block, I researched a lot.

I discovered how to watch my favourite show in Canada without any issues. Then I started this blog to write about my experience to help my fellow Canadians.


Patrick, a tech admirer, had a lot to share concerning tech but didn’t know how and where. He found this platform quite apt to spill his understanding and specialty while learning furthermore. Patrick considers this a tool to share and gain knowledge while he sure knows tons about his tech field.

Patrick Anderson
Author & Co-Founder
Joseph Aden


Joseph is a tech enthusiast who loves researching and reviewing anything and everything around tech. Researching can take a lot of time, so Joseph does the work to make it less time-consuming. His fondness for the field led him to jump into tech research and review, hoping to share his expertise.


Linda enjoys movies, shows, series, and everything fun. The film industry is the biggest entertainment level. Linda being a fanatic herself feels it’s not wide enough as it can be out of reach for many fellow fanatics. For this exact reason, she drove herself into researching and finding ways to make it available for everybody.

Linda Barrios
Ronald Griffin


Ronald is a master in getting around with accessing any entertainment piece anywhere. Being a huge movie addict, he decided to help others maneuver to do the same. Ronald dived in to put his research and knowledge into use.