VyprVPN Review 2023:- Before You Buy, Is It Worth It?

Hello, readers. 

We are back with this vyprvpn review article where we will talk about one of the most used VPN services worldwide, what it is made up of. 

Lastly, they have employed the features and encryption systems to deliver the fastest speeds and smoother streaming experience to all their customers.

Talking about this VPN Service, we are reminded of Switzerland, which is well known for its political neutrality, chocolates, cheese, snow, and VPN services.

Yes, you get that right, a VPN service based in Switzerland. 

Say Hello to VyprVPN, A Switzerland-based virtual private network service, and we are going to review this blog and will take certain tests to make it clear for you that it is what it is or not.

VyprVPN is one of the most renowned, and we can say an all-rounder VPN service that has become more attractive since the time they have revised their logging policy.

You can use this VPN for unblocking huge numbers of streaming channels even if they have geo-restriction from anywhere around the world.

VyprVPN was incepted back in 2009 by a Swiss company known as GoldenFrog and since then dedicated to delivering an unwavering commitment to all their clients and the internet.

Their mission is to provide their audience better security, privacy, and freedom on browsing the internet.

So without wasting any other moment, let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

Vypr Pros and Cons

Here we have got many of what we like the most in VyprVPN and what we didn’t.


  1. Not a part of Five Eyes: 

VyprVPN is based in a popular political neutral country, so they can be forced to share the customer’s data with their respective government.

2. Kill switch: 

A kill switch is the most important tool that closes all your tabs of the web browsers you are browsing to keep your web activity private and secure.

3. Torrenting: 

When you don’t find anything on Netflix to watch, you can always move to torrenting to protect our activities with VyprVPN.

4. Split tunneling on Android and Macbook:

You can save your bandwidth by directing some of your traffic to a public network.


  1. Netflix only works on some servers: 

You can only stream Netflix from the services of Germany, UK, US, and Canada, and the same is for Amazon Prime as you can watch it from Canadian servers only.

2. No multi-hop: 

Your data will only stay encrypted to a few VyprVPN servers, unlike other VPN services, which are encrypted in multiple layers.

What Features Does VyprVPN Have?

Now let’s move on to the features offered by VyprVPN:

1. Kill switch: 

A Kill Switch is like a bodyguard to your network connection which isn’t necessary to have but will bless you in emergencies. 

Kill switch ensures that if you face a power cut or fluctuation in your internet connection, it will shut down all the tabs of your web browser so that your browsing can stay private and no one can get access to it.

2. Torrenting: 

Samsung point of time, we want to download our favorite TV shows, or any match that we have missed or any latest movie without being caught, and for that torrenting is the only way which you get with VyprVPN.

3. Netflix: 

Whether it is about binge-watching or chilling, Netflix is the most favorite platform we would like to explore. 

But there will always be a time when you won’t find any content that matches your mood. So you can turn on VyprVPN and can explore Netflix of other countries. 

And not only Netflix, but you can also find other major platforms of different countries like:

Netflix: US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Amazon Prime Video: the US, UK, and Germany

Hulu: the australia, UK, Germany, and Canada


Disney +: US & Canada.

4. Split tunneling: 

You can always find yourself in a situation where you have to switch your network from private to public Wi-Fi. For that, VyprVPN provides you with the option of split tunneling that works well in Android and Mac devices. With this feature, you can easily switch between networks and continue with your browsing.

5. Multiple IP addresses: 

Another interesting feature is that you will receive a different IP address every time you connect to the VyprVPN to support you in staying invisible the whole time.

If you get a different IP address, then no system or person can track your location and infringe your browsing and device privacy.

How Does VyprVPN Protect My Data?

The main job of a VPN is to protect and encrypt your online activities and mask your IP address to keep you from the tracking of your internet service provider or a hacker who is looking to breach your privacy.

Let’s have a look at how VyprVPN keeps your data safe.

Switzerland headquarters: 

For many big countries like the UK, US, Canada, they are a member of International Surveillance Alliances. 

It includes Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes and is bound to share all the data collected by their users with their government, not security and privacy. 

Luckily, VyprVPN belongs to a country that is not a member of this alliance (Switzerland), and hence they will never track and share your details with anyone.

Privacy policy: 

As per the users’ reviews, they are quite satisfied with the privacy policy of VyprVPN. 

The company claims that they don’t keep a log of clients’ web activity, IP addresses, timestamps, and other VPN usage information. 

But they do keep some basic information like the client’s name, email addresses, information of the payment, and phone numbers.

And once you cancel your subscription, that parent company will delete all your basic data, which is great.


For encrypting our data, VyprVPN has employed to security options which are:

  1. WireGuard: 

It is open-source software that is popular for its superfast speeds with modern protocols.

  1. OpenVPN: 

It is one of the gold-standard software used by government agencies or defense mechanisms of a country. 

It is popular for being an ideal combination of security, performance, and speed. 

The best thing about OpenVPN is that it is crowd-sourced to keep away surveillance agencies from tampering with the company’s data.

After thorough checking, we are satisfied with the privacy policy, jurisdiction, and the employed encryption systems of VyprVPN, doing it a reliable and trustworthy VPN service.

Now let’s take two more security test to ensure that along with privacy, they are also concerned about the security of the customers browsing session and their data:

DNS leak test: 

Just as every lane has a different house number like that, every website has its unique IP address. 

A VPN must be capable of hiding the actual one and changing it with some other IP address that goes through an encrypted tunnel so that no one can track you down. 

We conducted a DNS leak test from our very reliable website DNSleaktest.com and didn’t find any leaks with VyprVPN. 

WebRTC leak test: 

The next test is WebRTC. It is a technical function used for live streaming video chatting file sharing. 

It also allows multiple devices to communicate with each other directly while going through an intermediate server. 

But it is good in terms of speed and not for security, and to secure a device, you need another private IP address. 

That’s why we took a WebRTC leak test and figured out that private IP addresses remain private and masked with VyprVPN, and on display, they will assign you a different IP address whenever you connect with their service.

In a nutshell, VyprVPN has proven itself that it is capable of protecting and safeguarding our data while keeping our browsing session private.

How Fast is VyprVPN?

You might have heard the line that Slow and Steady Wins the race, which is a contradictory phrasal in the case of VPNs.

We all want fast connections while we are at the climax or the beginning of the next season of our favorite shows, or when our favorite player is about to score, we don’t want to face any buffering.

So we tested VyprVPN on Macbook Air- High Sierra Version 10.13.6 and Acer Aspire 5 with Windows 10. 

It showed a decent speed on the Macbook but a lot of latency on Acer Aspire. So, according to our recommendation, it is great for Mac users only.

Macbook Air- High Sierra Version 10.13.6Acer Aspire 5 (Windows 10)
Ping without VPN (in ms)325
Ping with VPN (in ms)5294
Ping Difference63%1780%
Macbook Download Speed without VPN (in Mbps)3224.28
Download Speed with VPN (in Mbps)1221.95
Download Difference-63.00%-10%
Upload Speed without VPN (in Mbps)2219.19
Upload Speed with VPN (in Mbps)214.36
Upload Difference-5%-77%

How Much Does VyprVPN Cost?

VyprVPN offers three different pricing plans, which are quite affordable as the lowest monthly plan will cost you $2.50 only if you go for their two-year plan.

Otherwise, you can also opt for their free service, which will have limited access to the streaming channels and fewer features than the paid ones.

1 Month1 Year2 Years
Monthly Cost$12.95$3.75$2.50
Total Amount Billed$12.95$45$60

What Devices Does VyprVPN Work On?

Here is the list of devices on which VyprVPN works:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Smart TVs
  • Routers
  • Anonabox
  • QNAP.
  • Blackphone

This list is covering almost all devices and also has one unusual device, which is Blackphone.

The Final Words

We’re done with this article, and you have now acquired almost all the things about VyprVPN that the user must know before buying a VPN Service for streaming restricted content.

Well, after studying a lot, they are offering you great privacy and security. 

They are completely capable of hiding your original IP address to keep your device and browsing safe from government agencies, hackers, and other third parties.

Another great thing about VyprVPN is that they will not report the data collected to their governments as the mother company belongs to Switzerland. 

As it is not a member of International Surveillance Alliances, and that’s how you got one more reason to go for it.

And the prices offered by them are also worth it, so if you are looking for an affordable and safe VPN Service, then VyprVPN is a good choice to opt for. 

Till then, Happy Streaming!