SurfShark Review 2023:- Best Budget-Friendly and Secure VPN

Do you belong to that community who loves to binge-watch their favorite TV shows, drama, reality series, movies, news, and sports both at 3 a.m. and 2 p.m.?

You can always find millions of people who not only love to binge-watch but also download their favorite content in advance to watch whenever they want to.

But sometimes, you might not be able to access the content that belongs to some other country where geo-restriction policies are established, and due to that, you will always see your error on your device. You will never get access to that content.

That’s where we talk about VPN services, and today in this article, we will talk about a highly popular VPN service that you can use for watching blocked content from anywhere in the world. Yes. You got that right. 

Surfshark is a VPN service that is highly used and popular in the market.

You can watch BBC, HBO in UK, US Netflix in Canada, Hulu in Australia, and Amazon prime and content from so many streaming channels at a very impressive speed.

You might have heard that you can have a scary experience while surfing online because of so many issues like hacking, data breaching, spying, location tracing, mishandling of personal data, and so on.

VPN services are always there, so you can browse privately and safely to protect yourself and your device. 

And SurfShark is one of them, which is a good option available and also capable of encrypting the web traffic. 

So let’s discuss SurfShark in detail and figure out what it has to offer you and how ideal it is for you and your requirements in this surfshark review.

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About SurfShark

SurfShark was founded in 2018 and has become quite popular for its high number of servers in so many cities and its great service quality.

SurfShark offers 3,200+ servers in around 65 locations worldwide, and their home town is based in New York City.

SurfShark is a British Virgin Islands-based VPN company that has created a strong place in the market in just 2-3 years after launching.

SurfShark has gained popularity as it’s not a member of International Surveillance Alliances. 

They are not abiding to collect all the client’s possible information and sell it to some advertiser government agency or any third-party partners.

And that’s how they keep your data browsing session and search history safe and secure so that no one can tamper with your privacy and you can stream without having any stress.

Surfshark Pros and Cons

When we talk about a service or a company, we can always find some positives and negatives after good research and testing.

And here we get you some pros and cons that we have figured out in the case of SurfShark.


Netflix and torrenting access: 

We all love watching TV shows, movies, Sports every time we get free from our work and other home stuff, and Netflix is one of the most popular platforms for binge-watching. 

SurfShark lets you watch Netflix right there from your place and expands so many entertainment options for us by giving torrenting access.

Based in the British Virgin Islands: 

As we all know, it is not part of International Surveillance Alliances, so it can never be forced to share data with the US Federal Government, and hence you can browse safely and freely.

Split tunneling: 

You might come across a situation where you have to switch your internet connection from the public to private or private to the public network. 

In that situation, split tunneling is the only way that works for you, and SurfShark is offering it.


Static IP address: 

You might not like the issue of the static IP address as to why you browse in SurfShark. 

You will always get the same IP address which ultimately makes it possible to track you down and find out your actual location, which is not good when you want to browse privately.

No support over the phone: 

Though they offer you customer support by email and live chats, it will become easier to provide you a phone call service to get your queries resolved.

Surfshark Features

Alright, so the basic feature offered by Surfshark is to mask your actual IP address and alert you to some other so that you can bypass the geo-restrictions and get access to the prohibited content.

Now let’s discuss some other features apart from that:

1. Torrenting: 

Regardless of how much or how long a list we get of different shows, movies, or sports, we still get some names that are not available on our streaming channel, and for that, torrenting is the only way we can go for and that is available on Surfshark.

Now you can easily download your favorite content with Surfshark.

2. Netflix: 

Undoubtedly, Netflix is one of the most popular and loved streaming channels throughout the world. The main issue with this platform is that you can only access the content available only in your country. 

But SurfShark lets you watch shows and movies from other countries also as they have servers in so many countries to get you your favorite shows and movies.

3. Kill Switch

For instance, you are streaming one of the most favorite shows or episodes, and suddenly power goes off. 

It doesn’t sound as terrifying, but only this time, there are very high chances that your data and privacy get tempered by some hacker or any other third-party agency. 

For this, the company is offering a kill switch to avoid this kind of situation. 

When you accidentally get disconnected from the VPN service, it automatically closes all the web browsers to keep your browsing safe.

4. Split tunneling: 

Usually, this feature is known as Whitelister, which helps you switch your network connections from the public network to the private network or vice versa. 

This feature is so helpful as it helps you in changing your network without causing any harm to your connection and device.

How Secure Is Surfshark?

Enough speaking about the features now, let’s discuss how secure services a user can get from SurfShark.

All the users who are using VPN Service are concerned about the security of their data, and a VPN is doing it, then it will state the situation as “the call is coming from inside the house.”

There is nothing to think so much and so far as we have done all the proverbial house checking, including every bed frame and every window, and let’s see what we have figured out at the end:

Encryption Methods

One can always find hundreds of encryption methods available in the market that claims that they will protect your data like no one else. 

After deep research and digging, we can conclude that SurfShark is using AES-256 bit as the encryption system, which is the most eligible VPN encryption system in today’s date.

Moreover, SurfShark also secures your traffic via multiple servers and hides our web traffic from getting leaked.

You can find this kind of encryption method in a VPN Service currently, so we are happy about what SurfShark offers and how it is protecting our browsing activities.

Logging Policy

It refers to a policy where a company promises the clients that they won’t record any of their data and keep it safe from any government agency’s hackers and won’t sell it to third parties.

  1. What Surfshark logs: 

They usually keep your basic account details like email address, billing information, diagnostic reports, order history pages you visit, and browsing period to improve their service quality. 

  1. What Surfshark doesn’t log: 

They don’t record your IP address, browsing history, how frequently you connected with their VPN Service, your network traffic, the amount of bandwidth used while connected, etc.

How Fast Is Surfshark?

When you connect to a VPN Service, your expectations go naturally high, but some VPN services might give you a slower speed than regular ones. 

It happens because your web traffic travels through an encrypted server along with the public network’s server. It is normal but not acceptable as we don’t like too much buffering while streaming our favorite content.

To check the speed, we tested Surfshark on Macbook Pro from Brooklyn connected with a server located in New York and Windows 10 Acer Aspire 5 from the Philippines.

Generally, speed is detected by so many factors: type and model of the device, distance from the server, browser type, operating system, etc.

We took our speed test, and we figured out that the speeds are quite faster on MacBook than the Windows Acer Aspire, which is a bit disappointing. Take a look at the table.

ParametersMacBook Pro 2011Acer Aspire 5 (Windows 10)
Ping without VPN (in ms)547
Ping with VPN (in ms)53199
Ping Difference2%2742%
Macbook Download Speed without VPN (in mbps)16.2123.69
Download Speed with VPN (in mbps)11.8719.61
Download speed difference31%17%
Upload Speed without VPN (in mbps)22.0124.09
Upload Speed with VPN (in mbps)2410.58
Upload speed difference9%56%

DNS Leak Tests

It refers to a Domain Name Server which is a common name that every IP address has.

A VPN must be capable of hiding your DNS while you are connected to a server, and we also tested whether it is working or not.

Fortunately, the test displayed a completely different IP address when we are connected and when we are not connected, which means that all the web activities were hidden when we were testing DNS leak protection on Macbook and Windows.

WebRTC Leak Tests

Lastly, we also undertake a WebRTC leak test for SurfShark.

WebRTC is a technology collection that enables your web browser to communicate with another and keep it safe from going through a middleman server. 

It also protects your web browser while you are video chatting with your family and friends or torrenting files for streaming Netflix and other platforms.

And it also helps in providing faster speeds keeps your system away from excessive lagging.

But the question remains the same: Do SurfShark leak out the original IP address?

The answer is No. No matter what you do, SurfShark always keeps your IP address safe. 

And as far as security and privacy are concerned of every account, SurfShark is rapidly moving ahead.

Surfshark Pricing 

Now let’s move on to the prices offered by Surfshark. There are various options in the category of paid subscriptions.

Generally, all the subscription plans provide the same features, but the only difference between the different subscription plans is the contract’s tenure, one month, six months, and two years.

SurfShark has also provided a 30-day free trial or money return guarantee where you can go and try other services and then if you find it useful, can purchase their subscription.

Length of Contract in MonthsCost Per MonthTotal Cost

Note: There is a Perk for registered students. Those who entered with student beans can enjoy 15% off on a Surfshark subscription. 

And in a recommendation, you must go for a two-year plan to get the lowest rates every month.

Surfshark Customer Service

Navigating to their Customer Help Centre, you can always get ample information on starting or using your device’s service. 

SurfShark has uploaded various setup guides such as Manual Connection Guide, Extension Guide, Router Tutorials, and lastly, app guides along with so many relevant FAQs.

Moreover, you can have a conversation with their customer care representatives anytime you want as they are available 24/7 on the live chat option. 

Whenever you have got a question, ping them to get convincing answers in very little time.

Though, they can work on the improvement of customer services. But it would be greater if they also provide us with the phone call option to provide ease to customers.

The Final Words

So this is it for this article. We’ve tried our best to put in every important info regarding SurfShark and hope that you must’ve known SurfShark a lot better than others by now. 

Every VPN service has some flaws, but it’s all welcome when they’re very less and the benefits derived are comparatively high at different parameters.

SurfShark seems to be an ideal match for people’s requirements with top-notch security and privacy encryption when looking for something to hide their original identity and web activities.

So now it’s up to you whether you want to go with Surfshark or not. 

Happy Streaming!