ExpressVPN Review 2023:- All Rounder VPN to Unblock Geo Restrictions

While watching content or looking for something that you want to watch for a long time, you might have seen a message that states, “This content is not accessible due to copyright issues you are geo-restricting policies.”

It happens due to the contractual agreements and geo-blocking policy on which the telecasting authorities have agreed.

And if you want to watch that particular content, then you must have a VPN Service to bypass all the restrictions and get to watch what your mood is asking for.

Today we have brought you the ultimate review of one of the most frequently used Best VPN services, ExpressVPN. 

It is one of the leading VPN Service providers with an immense reputation in the market.

As per the research, ExpressVPN is one of those VPN services that take care of every aspect related to the streaming of geo-blocked content.

And by the end of this article, you will get an idea why this statement is so relevant, and all the contents that we will be discussing will be the almighty proof for it.

This ExpressVPN review article will discuss a nice introduction of ExpressVPN, its pros and cons, its features, its performance, all the information related to the subscription, the customer’s support, and we will wrap it up in the end.

So without wasting another moment. Let’s dive in!

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About ExpressVPN

As we all know, ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands-based VPN Service that was founded in 2009.

And by the time they have explored the market very well, they currently have 2000+ servers in about 94 countries worldwide.

They provide you with an unbelievable number of servers so that people from any country can connect to their server and stream whatever they want to watch without any hurdle.

One of the biggest advantages that ExpressVPN has is that they are based in the British Virgin Islands, which is not a part of International Surveillance Alliances. 

They have their personalized law regarding the streaming of visual contents.

ExpressVPN is not bound to all the surveillance laws, and they can’t be forced to share all the customer data collected by them with the intelligence agencies. 

So, this way, all the data of customers associated with ExpressVPN is safe and secured with the company only.

ExpressVPN Pros and Cons

Now to the Pros and Cons of ExpressVPN.


No data retention laws: 

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which isn’t a member of The International Surveillance Alliances. So they’re free from all the Surveillance laws propounded by International Surveillance Alliances.

Zero logs Policy: 

It is kind of a promise that a company makes to ensure you that they won’t keep any of your data, and if they collect some basic details of yours, it will stay encrypted forever.

Split tunneling: 

Here you can connect with both private and public networks at the same time.

Good ratings: 

users are happy with the services of ExpressVPN, and both iPhone and Android users have given around a 4-star rating to it.

Can access Netflix: 

ExpressVPN has often proven itself by providing you access to so many streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Stan, ESPN, NBA, and more.

Exceptional customer support:

Almost all the users who use ExpressVPN things that ExpressVPN has got the best support service in the VPN industry.


Internet speed won’t bother you so much if you connect with ExpressVPN to watch your favorite shows.


Only Five simultaneous connections available with one account:

ExpressVPN only allows you to have five simultaneous connections with one subscription account, which is comparatively less than some other VPN services in the market.

No customer support over the phone: 

ExpressVPN’s customer support is only available for live chat or email services, but it can be great to have a phone call option.

ExpressVPN Features

Now we will discuss some of the best features that ExpressVPN is offering:

1. OpenVPN

It is one of the VPN software which comes in the list of standard gold VPNs and is used by government agencies for top security.

In the words of ExpressVPN, an OpenVPN is the ideal combo of security, speed, and performance. 

This software is overloaded and updated frequently to avoid tampering with the data collected and stored by all the surveillance agencies.

But for getting OpenVPN, you first have to download a third-party application to access OpenVPN.

2. Zero Data Log Policy 

Before subscribing to a VPN Service, every user’s first concern will be the safety of their data and protection from hackers and government agencies.

ExpressVPN understands this very well and never lets any third party access your data. 

Before you go for their service, they vow to you not to log your data or any information that can influence your privacy.

On their official website, you can find the proof for the same as in current. It does not log any IP address, traffic destination, browsing history, DNS queries, or meta-data of any user, even in the future.

They only collect some basic information like:

  • Which version of the app you are using, your server location choice
  • The date when you use their service
  • The total amount of data used in MB through ExpressVPN
  • Your email address just for some security purpose.

These are very basic information that every VPN Service provider collects, so you can stay assured that your data is safe from online traffic, hackers, and other agencies.

3. A Kill Switch

There is always a situation when you are smoothly streaming your most loved show, and the connection just gets lost.

At that time, there is a very high probability that your data and privacy can be compromised or attacked by some cyber criminals.

But when you have a subscription to ExpressVPN, you don’t have to worry about it because they have a kill switch option which is also a so-called network lock feature.

If you lose the connection, then the kill switch will automatically get activated and help you exit from the platform you were using to protect your privacy.

4. Split Tunneling 

Split tunneling is one of the most loved features of VPN services.

Split tunneling enables you to use a VPN service with the local network simultaneously so that you can easily stream on a lower bandwidth also.

With the help of split tunneling, you can also connect your device with private and public internet connections to get a smooth streaming experience.

While watching your favorite content online, some part of your traffic goes through the ExpressVPN tunnel, and the rest of the part directly gets connected with the internet. 

Thus, it is great to have access to private and public networks simultaneously as it provides flexibility in terms of connectivity.

5. Binge Netflix

Using the ExpressVPN network, you can easily watch Netflix of any country and torrent files by downloading an app that is uTorrent.

It sounds like a perk for a binge-watch lover who wants to watch shows available on Netflix or some other country and loves to download movies on it.

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6. ExpressVPN Encryption

To toughen the privacy and security of user’s streaming and their data, ExpressVPN uses AES-256 bit encryption. It is one of the modest and broadly used Advanced Encryption Standard. 

With this, your connection will get its very own privacy, an anonymous IP address that is rotated constantly, and an encrypted domain name server.

Following are the methods through which it will encrypt your data on the ExpressVPN platform:

  • IKEv2

Internet Key Exchange version 2 is the highly used VPN protocol that reestablishes your internet connection automatically with your VPN even if you get disconnected from the network.

This encryption system helps those who have to switch the network connections between private mobile hotspots to public Wi-Fi.

  • IPsec

It stands for IP Security which is coded to secure all the internet connection and is often used with many protocols to enhance browsing online content.

It employs only one mode out of two: A tunneling Mode to encrypt the entire data packet or a Transport Mode that only encrypts your data packet message.

7. ExpressVPN Protocols

Next on our list is Internet protocols to check the process of dispatch of data packets across the network.

With the term data packet, some people think you receive it via courier or mail or buy it independently.

Certainly, that is not really what we heard about or think about the dispatch of data packets.

Data packet is one of the most sensitive things that your connection must have, and it should be untempered; otherwise, it will reach your privacy at some point in time.

ExpressVPN provides your data packets directly to you only to safeguard your streaming experience and your data.

So they use the following VPN protocol for this: 

  • SSTP

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol is popular for its speed & performance and is compatible with all Windows devices.

It’s also well known for easily bypassing restricted content and providing a very safe connection to all users.

  • L2TP/ IPsec

The Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol perfectly blends with IPSec to build a secure VPN client. 

Whenever the L2TP connection builds the tunnel itself, IPSec takes care of the channel security and encryption to ensure that the data privacy is not compromised in any situation.

  • PPTP

It stands for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol that creates tunnels to enclose the data packets.

Though, this method was popular back in 1990. It’s not the safest method to go for.

And if you try to cross the radar without being captured, then ExpressVPN has TOR for it.

  • UDP

A User Datagram Protocol sends messages that don’t require any virtual circuits to transmit data.

The good thing about using UDP is that it only takes lower bandwidth not to wait for too long to watch your favorite content.

And the sad thing is that some of the data packets are out of order or maybe lost.

  • TCP

TCP, briefly known as Transmission Control Protocol, is created with seven layers to transport data and ensure that it is sent to the right place by dividing it into smaller packets.

It makes a great pair with UDP and assures the users the data is placed back in the right order.

How We Test ExpressVPN

Before recommending ExpressVPN, we have tested it at various parameters to check out how it works.

And results are discussed below:

Speed Test

When you are streaming online, then internet speed is very important. 

While streaming, most of the VPN slows down the connection to create more internet protocols and check that this doesn’t happen with ExpressVPN. We have taken a speed test.

But before that, you must know that the internet speed is checked on a few factors like Internet Service Provider, the browsing time, hardware, software, location, what VPN server you are using your device, and more.

We’ve tested it on Windows Vivobook and Macbook Air with an Optimum Wi-Fi network.

First, I tested the difference of speed in both the devices in MB per second. 

After the test, ExpressVPN shows a similar decrease speed on Windows is slowed down by 37%, and on Macbook, it slowed down by 39%.

Secondly, we tested the upload speed with a VPN or without the VPN. It performed well on MacBook as compared to the windows. The decrease in speed in Macbook is 14 % as compared to 23% in the windows.

DNS Leak Test

DNS leak tests are also very important as a device will either use the VPN tunnel to connect with a third-party server or send DNS traffic outside the VPN tunnel.

This situation can also occur if you configure your VPN manually or go for a manual DNS setup or if a hacker gets access to your router.

ExpressVPN is providing a DNS leak test on their webpage. You can run it by turning on your VPN and clicking on the button for searching leaks. And in a couple of minutes, you will get the results on your screen.

When we took the DNS Leak test, we didn’t find any DNS leak, which is a good sign.

WebRTC Leak Test

WebRTC or Web Real-Time Communication Test is a solid collection of standardized technology that enables web browsers to communicate directly instead of connecting with an intermediate server.

It builds faster speeds specifically for live streaming, file transfers, and video chat.

There is a fair chance of a security issue that can arise in WebRTC, which needs a private IP address. It uses a private IP address which makes it important to go for a test of WebRTC leaks. 

The point is that Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are all the default browsers to WebRTC.

ExpressVPN also provides a WebRTC leak test on their website. You can take it by turning on your VPN and then click on the Detect WebRTC links button.

Luckily ExpressVPN is free of all the web RTC leaks and offers a faster connection without putting in danger the user’s private IP address.

ExpressVPN Subscriptions & Other Features

Subscription fees are also one other aspect that matters a lot when you are going for online streaming.

ExpressVPN offers you three options of term contracts of their services: A month, Six months, and one year. 

One interesting thing we find in all the VPN services subscriptions is that your monthly expenses will go lower as you go for a longer period.

For one month, your fees will be $12.95. It will cost you $9.99 a month for six months, and for a year, it will be $8.32 a month.

Also, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you want to try out their service for a month, then it is a great deal to go for as it won’t cost you even a single penny.

Simultaneous Connections

With all the subscription plans, you can have five simultaneous connections with one single account and Switch between an indefinite number of servers.

Compatible devices  

ExpressVPN works perfectly with Chromebook, Linux, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation 3 & 4, and Wireless routers like DD-WRT, Sabai, Asus, and more.

Browser Extensions

You can easily stream ExpressVPN on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.

Customer Support

When customers face any trouble or have some query regarding ExpressVPN, the company has a very great customer support team that is very polite and knowledgeable.

They are available 24/7 via email and live chat options. 

But their services lack a phone line option which could enhance their quality of service as many people freak out when their screen starts displaying a big error, and they can’t wait for a reply on chat or email.

But more or less, when you contact their customer service agents, they will help you with every query you have and resolve it in a couple of minutes.

The Final Words

Here we have covered everything you must know about the most popular VPN Service in the market, ExpressVPN. 

So this Ultimate guide is designed to answer every possible question you are looking for on the internet.

And the most amazing thing about ExpressVPN is that it is based on the British Virgin Islands, not a member of International Surveillance Alliances.

So you can rely on ExpressVPN for a smoother streaming experience, fast internet connectivity, greater download speeds, security of your data, and complete privacy of your browsing session.

And in our recommendation, it always comes on the top, so without any doubt, you can go for it.

Thank you for staying with us. 

Happy Streaming!