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SurfShark is a VPN service that launched in 2018 and has rapidly become one of our favorites. 

SurfShark is a VPN with good security and easy-to-use applications. 

SurfShark is an impressive VPN because of its low rates and ease of use. 

Without a doubt, this newcomer is already on par with long-standing pioneers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

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Benefits of SurfShark VPN

  1. Quite easy to use and set up.
  1. You can see it on an unlimited number of computers.
  1. There are only reliable protocols available, and no records are kept.
  1. Quite a low cost.
  1. Netflix is used on all continents.
  1. Downloading torrents is permitted—excellent speed when using the internet daily.
  1. Excellent customer experience.

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Privacy with SurfShark VPN

A VPN provider may easily spy on your traffic, monetize your operation, or hand over your details to law enforcement. 

So, it is important to consider the company’s privacy policies and the legal system under which it works. SurfShark seems to be doing a decent job of maintaining consumer privacy based on our observations. 

However, protection is only efficient when trust is present. If you don’t trust an organization, look elsewhere.

Surfshark’s Privacy Policies and Terms of Service are highly readable, with break-out pages that clarify definitions in plain English. TunnelBear takes a similar path, and other businesses will do well to follow suit.

Surfshark emphasizes its policy statements that this does not log IP addresses, search history, bandwidth use, traffic patterns, or even link system logs. That is what you’d like to hear from a VPN provider.

Is SurfShark VPN secure?

Surf Shark has a Whitelister board that allows you to build whitelists of applications, IP addresses, and sites that you can use to bypass the VPN. 

This technique is close to split tunneling, and if you discover that the VPN is interfering with an app or web, whitelisting it should address the problem.

You may also use the Whitelist to ensure that only your preferred applications and websites are routed into Surf Shark. 

It succeeded after we put it to the test. We were relieved to see this capability in a web app, as many VPN providers only have it for smartphone devices.

Surfshark’s CleanWeb function blocks ads, inappropriate activity, and web trackers. Nevertheless, we gave it a shot and were underwhelmed by the results. 

Using a specialized app, such as uBlock Origin, helps you block more content while retaining better action control.

There is an alternative to unlock the VPN immediately when Windows starts, and you can also switch between various protocols based on your security requirements.

The kill switch is the most critical security feature on Surf Shark. It allows you to immediately reconnect from the internet if your VPN link is lost. And it has a few problems with it.

For starters, there is no such thing as a middle ground. Unless you are wired to a VPN, the kill switch completely disables internet access. 

In other terms, you won’t be able to reach the internet until Surf Shark is going. A safer choice will be to terminate the link only if lost when surfing through a VPN. 

It is the basic approach used by VPN providers, allowing a user to begin searching while the VPN is not allowed.

Streaming using SurfShark

Surf Shark is fantastic for unblocking streaming websites. Many other VPN providers make this point but fail to deliver; Surfshark is different.

Surf Shark is a very comprehensive Netflix VPN. It not only unblocks Netflix in 15 jurisdictions, but it also lists the ones where it runs. 

Such nations include the United States, Australia, Italy, France, and Japan, among others.

We had no trouble accessing US Netflix from five different sites in our checks, proving that the claims weren’t empty. But the good times didn’t end there. We were also impressed by its other unblocking skills.

While this is the easiest block to access, we could view content from US YouTube with convenience. 

We had no problem playing BBC iPlayer as well. Our experiments from three different locations in the UK were all successful.

What is the price of Surfshark VPN?

The Surf Shark VPN subscription costs $12.95 a month, which is higher than the average price of $9.96 per month among the providers we reviewed. 

This price places SurfShark one of the most expensive VPNs we’ve yet tested, far above Mullvad’s price of $5.54 per month request or Mozilla’s $4.99 per month VPN.

Surfshark, like other VPNs, offers steep discounts in exchange for long-term agreements. Unlike many other VPNs, Surfshark no longer needs an annual membership. 

Instead, it costs $38.94 for a six-month subscription and $59.76 for a two-year subscription. It’s worth noting that the two-year contract would automatically renew at the same price after the first two years. 

If that’s a little perplexing, it’s still far less than the $72.33 total of the VPNs we’ve checked.

These contracts would undoubtedly save you money, but we also suggest beginning with the shorter subscription period possible. 

So, you can ensure that it fits you and then increases to lengthy subscription periods if you feel you like the package.


  1. How can I tell if my Surfshark VPN is up and running?

When your VPN is turned on, there are a few ways to check if it’s working – and testing if your Surfshark VPN is working, is easy. 

Check for icons in your dock, toolbar, menu bar, and other places. You can also verify the status of your VPN by clicking on Settings > VPN on any system.

  1. How many devices can I use Surfshark on?

Surfshark’s best feature is that you can add as many devices as you want with only one subscription. 

Other VPNs usually restrict customers to five devices, but Surfshark allows them to add as many as they would like.

  1. On Surfshark, what does V stand for?

Virtual Servers.


You must have already learned a lot about this amazing VPN service provider. 

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