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IPVanish is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider based in Florida. NetProtect, a division of J2 Global, owns the company, which was founded in 2012. 

J2 Digital and NetProtect are dynamic corporate organizations with a diverse portfolio of industry and pharmaceutical journals and other VPNs, cloud computing platforms, internet fax providers, and a diverse portfolio of industry and pharmaceutical journals. 

The IPVanish app connects users to VPN servers in the US and worldwide, allowing them to access geo-restricted content and use peer-to-peer (P2P) databases. 

IPVanish VPN runs on Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chromebooks, and adapters. IPVanish has fast networking as well as a slew of groundbreaking security tools.

Continue reading to find out exciting deals and features of IPVanish.

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IPVanish Deals

  • IPVanish VPN for one month is $4.99 with a discount of $5.
  • IPVanish VPN for one year is $44.49 with a discount of $69.89.
  • IPVanish VPN + storage for one month $5.49 with a discount of $5.50.
  • IPVanish VPN + storage for one year $49.99 with a discount of $76.39.

IPVanish: Is it Good?

It’s an excellent VPN for streaming, in contrast to all the features listed above. 

That means you’re more likely to watch geo-restricted Netflix, Livestream, and Hulu content no matter where you will be. 

However, it is also useful for torrenting, making it suitable for those searching for P2P operation.

You have an unlimited number of concurrent links so that you can do it on all of your machines at the same time. 

Customer support will also help you get online quickly, no matter where you’ve been or what problems you’re having.

IPVanish Pricing and Features

IPVanish has just three options, all of which have the same requirements. The monthly fee is $10.00, or $77.99 a year. 

Alternatively, you will pay $26.99 for three months. It, like most VPN services, has a variety of special deals and deals.

That is slightly less than the current monthly VPN price of $10.10 and slightly more than the estimated annual cost. 

Many services will charge significantly more than the average, but if they support the price with a range of products, it’s always a good deal.

IPVanish VPN Protocols

Among so many ways to create a VPN connection, we recommend the OpenVPN protocol. 

It has a reputation for speed plus reliability, and it is open-source, which means that the program has been carefully checked for any vulnerabilities. 

IPVanish supports both OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and IKEv2—another excellent alternative. The service also supports legacy L2TP and SSTP protocols, but we wouldn’t recommend using them unless necessary.

When you use a VPN, you have the same level of access to the internet as your ISP. That is why it is important to comprehend the knowledge that a VPN provider can receive and its use.

IPVanish Privacy

IPVanish’s privacy notice is a bit difficult to understand. It’s a lengthy read, but it’s largely understandable. 

TunnelBear needs more praise for creating a coherent policy. We like the policy’s versatility, but it lacks the level of specificity seen in Hotspot Shield or Mullvad.

We couldn’t tell from the privacy policy whether a user’s IP address is obtained or kept for an extended period. 

A company spokesperson said that the company “does not knowingly record the IP address of incoming VPN connections.” 

The company makes every effort to remove the details from every place where it might occur.

IPVanish Speed

Almost all sounds like it’s buffering. Nobody enjoys staring at a screen as a film is playing.

When you connect to a node, your transmission speed will suffer marginally because your data will have to go faster to access a distant computer. 

This lack of speed, on the other hand, should be barely noticeable. A VPN will help you gain bandwidth if your core network is crowded or your ISP throttles your link. 

The speed of your connection is determined by its ping, transfer time, and internet speed. 

Its ping indicates how quickly you can get an answer from a website after submitting a request or clicking a link. If your ping is lower, your connection will answer faster.


  1. What is the purpose of IPVanish?

IPVanish provides a safe space for normal internet use. 

As you connect to a VPN, all of your web traffic (internet surfing, video uploading, texting, file-sharing, and so on) is routed into our encrypted tunnel, whereas your identifiable IP address is secret.

  1. Can I depend on IPVanish?

IPVanish is straightforward to use and has excellent security features. It’s a strong, dependable VPN that’s ideal for surfing with protection in mind. 

Nevertheless, when it refers to streaming and web entertainment, it falls short.

  1. Is IPVanish a good investment?

IPVanish delivers outstanding value for capital. It costs an average amount, has no cap on the number of concurrent connections, and provides access to 1,300 databases with the strong regional distribution.


By reading this article, you must have known by now that IPVanish is a reliable and affordable VPN for daily usage. 

You don’t have to worry about traveling to different countries. 

Get a subscription to IPVanish from the exciting deals mentioned in this article and enjoy your shows without any interruptions.