CyberGhost Review 2024:- is it actually good?

Hello Readers, We have come up with another VPN review on CyberGhost. 

Many people have asked very specific details on the Internet about CyberGhost and wanted to know more about its features, pros and cons, subscription plans, and customer support.

This Cyberghost review article will cover all of them so that you can have a clear picture of what CyberGhost is made up of, and you will get the answer to the question of whether you can go for taking the subscription of CyberGhost or not.

So without taking your one extra moment, let’s get started with this article.

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About CyberGhost

As the name suggests, CyberGhost is one of the most popular and stealthiest VPN Service Provider companies founded in 2011 by IT specialists in Bucharest, Romania.

Almost all their software development experiments are based in a German location.  

And the great thing about the company is its mission which is very crystal clear from the top: “Protecting privacy and digital citizens must become an ambition as well as a responsibility,” in the words of the co-founder of CyberGhost, Robert Knapp.

According to them, security and cyber privacy are considered basic human rights, and every person is eligible for this right without any age-bound.

CyberGhost is carrying around 5,554 servers in approx. 112 locations in 90 countries so, with this quantity of servers, the company already looks like one of the most promising VPN providers.

So, no matter whether you are on vacation or a business trip or going abroad to visit a relative, you can always rely on CyberGhost for a private browsing session.

The ideology behind inputting the roots of CyberGhost is that all Romanian citizens can use the internet without any restrictions or without being monitored by any superior authority. 

Also, the company wants people to watch whatever they want to watch telecasting throughout the globe.

But a few sites that are restricted to browse with the help of CyberGhost are related to pornography, pedophilia, and gambling. 

The icing on the cake is that Romania is not part of an International Surveillance Alliances, which directly means that CyberGhost cannot share the basic data collected to enhance services with any intelligence agencies belonging to International Surveillance Alliances.

Based on that, we all can now say that CyberGhost is worth our trust so far.

CyberGhost Pros and Cons

After digging a lot about CyberGhost and testing out their services and all the features, we’ve found the following pros and cons in their services:


  • No data retention laws: 

They are not a member of any surveillance agencies. They cannot be forced to retain any of your data that can breach your privacy.

  • Expansive international network: 

Their services are highly enriched with thousands of services all around the globe.

  • Excellent customer service: 

All their customer care representatives are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly with the customers,

  • Affordable: 

They are providing the cheapest monthly subscription for just $2.50.

  • Kill Switch: 

Kill Switch is the must-have feature that protects your web traffic in the situation of VPN failures.


  • Logging-policy: 

We couldn’t understand why they’re keeping records of the IP addresses, the time you spend browsing with the VPN, and the country you belong to.

CyberGhost Features

No other matter is what else you receive with the CyberGhost subscription.

CyberGhost has apps for many devices like Android Windows, iOS Linux Max, and so many routers. 

You can browse VPN through LTE, 3G, 4G connections, and WiFi. But before moving forward, let’s answer some of the questions about the features CyberGhost is offering:

1. Will CyberGhost Log My Data?

The company records some basic information like your name, email address, username, and payment mode to improve its quality.

CyberGhost also keeps your IP address in an anonymized format, in terms of your country’s exact location, and some anonymous information like what devices you are using, what browser you are opting for, and the time you are using the VPN Service.

But somehow, it seems unnecessary to keep the data within the encrypted tunnel. 

Unless it is the information related to your account, it’s not mandatory to keep track of your device, browser, and time using the VPN services.v

2. Does It Have a Kill Switch?

Luckily Yes. 

CyberGhost has employed a kill switch in their system, so if you lose connection with VPN, your original IP address will stay anonymous, and your browsing session gets terminated to keep your privacy alive.

This picture helps break all the connections with the internet and shut down all the tabs you are browsing to safeguard your identity from various government agencies and your internet service provider.

The only problem you’ll face is that you cannot turn off the kill switch as per your needs. 

For instance, you are downloading a big file or torrenting. In the middle, your VPN loses the connection, start time. You also lose your internet connectivity, resulting in an interruption in your download.

It can annoy you at times, but it will never compromise your privacy and security.

3. What Kind of Tunneling Does CyberGhost Offer?

There is always a time when you have to switch between networks due to some circumstances, like public WiFi connection to a private Mobile hotspot and vice versa. 

It is possible with CyberGhost. All you have to do is go to the Smart Rules and then click on exceptions so that you can get access to the things in and out of an encrypted tunnel simultaneously.

4. Can I Access Netflix with CyberGhost?

Surprisingly Yes. 

Cyberghost users can binge watch Netflix US, and Netflix belongs to other countries also.

But there is always a little snag in that, which is if you want to browse exclusive content available on US Netflix, you have to pay extra with the subscription fees of CyberGhost.

The media streaming giants have recently released their new policy related to streaming their content in different locations.

You can also watch the content available on other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Hulu, ESPN+, YouTube Red, and more.

And you can also do torrenting by clicking on the “Torrenting Anonymously” button.

5. CyberGhost Encryption

Before investing your money somewhere, we always research to know whether it is safe to go or not.

The same goes in the case of VPN. You must always cross-check the VPN services’ encryption types in their system to provide secure streaming and complete privacy to the users.

If the company’s privacy policy doesn’t satisfy you, then don’t go to that lane.

The encryption implemented for a VPN service must have been highly secured as your device or connection is vulnerable. It will become easy for hackers to crack through it and expose your privacy.

High-quality encryption makes sure that it can only transmit your data through the server and your VPN client.

Fortunately, CyberGhost uses the standard gold encryption, which is AES-256 bit encryption, along with their very own domain name server to connect you with the server of your desired location.

In this, you will not receive a particular private IP address, and you will get connected to an anonymous static IP that it will share with many other users who are opting for the same server.

It will make the identification job even harder for government agencies and hackers.

6. CyberGhost Protocols

When taken into consideration, security protocols are very important as they determine how your data is routed to the VPN server from your devices.

There are several types of protocols that A VPN company implements in their system to provide you a faster internet speed and sometimes high-graded security.

Let’s have a look at which option CyberGhost has approved for their services:


It is popular for being the most secure VPN option available in the market. OpenVPN is open-source, which generally means that users can testify the source code to know the vulnerabilities and use it for some other purposes. 

As it is crowd-sourced by communities, it constantly improves its codes all the time and is very less likely to be threatened by surveillance agencies.

This protocol enables users also to implement AES-256 encryption to bypass geo-blocking.

It perfectly works with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, routers, and even Windows and BlackBerry Phone.


L2TP (or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) doesn’t create a secure network by itself and doesn’t provide any privacy or encryption.

But when you combine it with IPSec, you can get a pretty good defense for a system. L2TP builds a tunnel. On the other hand, IPSec takes care of the AES-256 encryption, data integrity checks, and channel security.

7. CyberGhost Subscriptions

Unlike many other options available in the market, CyberGhost looks like the most affordable option if you’re looking for a long-term plan.

They are offering plans of different intervals like One-month, one-year, two-year, and three-year subscriptions. 

If you go for a three-year subscription, it will cost you just $2.50 per month. It is almost very cheap for a VPN subscription that usually ranges from $0 to $13 per month.

In case the quality is your primary concern, then you can only have seven simultaneous connections. 

And still, if you aren’t satisfied, then there is a 45-day guarantee without asking any questions.

Following is the pricing plans offered by CyberGhost:

One MonthOne YearTwo YearsThree Years
Monthly Price $12.99 $5.99 $3.69$2.75
Amount Billed$12.99$71.88$44.28$99

8. Which CyberGhost supports manual Configurations?

CyberGhost supports various manual configurations for Chromebook, Linux, and some wireless routers like TomatoUSB, Merlin Build TomatoUSB, and DD-WRT. 

You can also give a shot to firmware, but the company doesn’t promise to provide you a firm connection with that.

You can also connect your VPN with various media streaming devices and gaming consoles like wireless computer routers, mobile devices, Apple TV, PlayStation 4, Amazon fire stick, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox One.

9. Which browser extensions have support or CyberGhost?

CyberGhost has only added Google Chrome as their browser extension, which means that only Chrome users can obtain easy access to the CyberGhost VPN services.

10. Customer Support

It is the favorite part of this CyberGhost review because of their high-quality customer. 

We’ve tested other VPN services and their customer services by sending them a couple of questions and responses. They have replied very slowly, and in some cases, they didn’t respond at all.

On the contrary, CyberGhost has a super convenient live chat option available 24/7, backed up by highly responsive customer care representatives.

Certainly, you might feel the absence of a calling option as it is the super convenient way, but it will satisfy you in the same proportion when you try their live chat option.

Cyberghost also has a very detailed FAQ and blog section where you can find your query and learn about it in detail.

So, in the end, we can say that the customer support offered by CyberGhost is very much commendable, and users can rely on their customer care agents to get the answers within a blink of an eye.

The CyberGhost App

We are concluding this article where we have discussed CyberGhost in detail and found many things about it.

And according to our discussion, we can say that CyberGhost is a great option as it is a user-friendly and preferable option for those who have recently come across the VPN. 

It also has a broad reach with a huge quantity of servers all around the globe.

Being a Romanian-based company, they are not members of an International Surveillance Alliances, making it even a worthier option. They can never be forced to share the data with any government agencies or third-party partners. 

This way, they successfully keep your data safe, your identity anonymous, and your location untraceable, along with securing your device from being hacked in vulnerable situations.

The app launched by CyberGhost is incredibly awesome, especially if you are operating it on a mobile device. 

What else you can ask for in a VPN that is very affordable at the same time by providing so many features.

According to us, you can always go for it as it is a safe, secure, and reliable VPN Service.

Thank you.